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Pokki- Windows 8 Start Menu Replacer Takes W8 System to Whole New Level

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Ever since, Microsoft dropped its traditional and trademark start menu in Windows 8, it has been a topic of discussion, rather a sass. Microsoft received a backlash from dropping the start menu altogether, which has been one of the most used UI element to perform various errands. However, it’s all about perceptibility.

Many believed that it is just a matter of time before users get used to it and starts adopting to the change. Once a rarity, transformation packages seem to be on the rage now. In the past, we covered a trasnformation pack that gives Windows 7 a look of Android JellyBean OS.

The entire Modern UI has been built from the scratch and is somewhat different from what you have seen on Windows OS so far. Not too long ago, we covered some of the useful apps (RetroUI and Start8) that helped users to bring back Windows 7 look, touch and feel back on the Windows 8 system.

However, both of them are available in the paid form, which may be a turn off for many of us. Enter the premises a shiny new muscular application called Pokki. The Windows 8 version of Pokki is more than a start menu replacer. The hosts of other features that comes with Pokki makes Windows 8 an entirely a different beast.

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Why Pokki is okie?

Do not mistaken Pokki for next door girl. It is not just another Windows 8 start menu replacer that adds to cosmetic only. Despite of its deceptive alluring look, Pokki packs in a feature-packed client with capability install small tiny programs from its own store. You read it right. It provides a quick glance at the recent development and notifications from the start menu of its own.

pokki app store

Pokki App Store

Pokki has its own app store where hundreds of useful applications are available for Pokki app users. The applications like Gmail, Facebook lite, Tweeki quickly delivers the notification. For example, upon installing Gmail application, it will display the latest email; notifications almost instantly.

A bubble notification (they call it notification banner) will also give a glance at the email like who sent you the email, title and excerpt. Thus, you can quickly keep a tab on Gmail, Facebook, Twitter mention any many other things without checking them manually.

notification area

pokki taskbar notification

The applications are very tiny and not resource hogger. There are also many interesting games available at Pokki store, which will let you enjoy few of the finest games on Windows 8. In addition, it offers quick system wide search, application search and settings search from within its application interface. There are also subtle options provided in the application sidebar from where you can navigate to important documents, files and computer drives. On the bottom left corner, it provides a quick way to shut down your Windows 8 system. As you can see from the screenshots above, that it not only is the start menu replacer for Windows 8, but something more than that.

pokki settings

pokki settings open

Tweak Pokki Settings

Right click on the Pokki star menu icon and it will display options like About Pokki, Check for updates, Hide all banners, Settings, Tools, Helps. You can go to Settings option from there and make some necessary changes in Pokki settings.

You can choose the corner where you want notification banners to display. Besides that, you can also change some aspect of Windows 8 system like disabling hot corners, replacing Windows button functionality and many other.

For people like me who often keeps close watch on different social networking sites and emails will find it extremely useful. What more can you expect from a free application that houses plethora of useful features. Download Pokki from official website.

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Ricky Shah
Ricky Shah

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