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How To Turn Off App Notification on Windows 10

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In reality, not all features crammed into the OS is useful to all kind of people. While Windows 10 OS does give a glimpse of the bright future, by providing not only subtle Modern UI interface but also plethora of new features. The most sibilated feature which we offer here from tech corners is live tile notifications.

Dapper notification on start screen makes it tad easy to keep tab on most of the recent happening across the various platform. For example, I personally liked Tweetro Twitter client for Windows 8, which keeps giving me information about the latest mention, so I can quickly follow up the conversation.

However, sometime people often feel that notification is unnecessarily drawing their attention to not-so-important things. There arise a way to turn off app notification in Windows 10.

Let me tell you, there is no straight forward method to achieve this. The Windows 10 ecosystem is entirely different from that of Windows 7. This is where the true potential of Windows 10 is realized.

Normal users may not be cognizant of such features or might want to suppress some of them. For them, this tutorial to turn off app notification in Windows 10 will come in handy. Instead of turning off all notification, you can selectively use certain apps.

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How to Turn off App Notifications

Step 1: Press Windows + Q from keyboard

Step 2: It will bring search bar. Click on Settings options

windows+Q option

Step 3: Now search for ‘Notification’. Click on Notification option from left pane.

search notification

Step 4: A notification area will show up like below.

notification area

Step 5: Now select turn off the applications from the options. You can turn off notification of different applications listed there.

turn off app notification in Windows 10

Remember, you may not find all the applications installed on the PC. The simple reason behind that is not all of them supports notification system.

Should you have any problem turning of app notification, comment below and let us know.

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Ricky Shah
Ricky Shah

Ricky started GeniusGeeks in 2009 and there's no turning back since then! His flair of writing Windows OS related technical articles has been his hallmark! When not writing, he's often found exploring productivity and project management tools!

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