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How to Delete Temp Files in Windows 11

How to Delete Temporary Files in Windows 11

Windows 11 stores plenty of temporary files, which aren’t necessary to keep. They can slow down your PC or laptop up to some extent. However, many users are aware of these temporary files (also called junk files) and their negative consequences, but they are not aware of the methods of how to delete temporary files in Windows 11. Hence, we have found easy and convenient ways to clear and remove temporary files in Windows 11. What are Temp Files in Windows 11? Temporary files are generated by…

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How to Change Account Name in Windows 11

How to Change User Name/Account Name in Windows 11

How often do you see your PC name as “Admin” while you sign in to your Windows 11? Well, that’s surely annoying when a proper username isn’t displayed. There are many reasons why you might want to change your user name in Windows 11. Wondering how to change account name in Windows 11? Here are 4 methods to rename a user in Windows 11. 1. How to Change User Name in Windows 11 (Microsoft Account Linked) If your PC or laptop is linked with your Microsoft account…

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Open APK File

How to Open APK File on Android, PC, Mac & iOS!

What is an APK File? APK file is a package used by Google’s Android OS to install the package that contains Android app installer along with images, text, videos, and complete details of the app. Now, a lot of readers on GeniusGeeks have asked us about how to open APK files on Android, PC, Mac & iOS devices. Sensing the need of an hour, we’ve curated a perfect tutorial on how you can open APK file on your respective devices by using some applications and software. Editor’s…

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pattern lock in windows 11

How to Use Pattern Lock on Windows 10/ Windows 11

The most innovative security feature available on Android handsets is now ported to work with the latest innovation from the Redmond based software giant. Yes, the pattern lock is available on Windows 10, Windows 11 systems now albeit through third party software. While Apple’s insouciance proved fatal for many users, which is often exploited by au fait developers, Android has been a pioneer in security. Per contra, Android pattern lock has provided more solid security to the end-users (even you can bypass it). Well, if you’re a…

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How to Stop Microsoft Teams from opening on startup on Windows 10

How to Stop Microsoft Teams from Opening on Startup

It is an absolutely undeniable fact that Microsoft Teams has become a boon for a plethora of organizations to run their business effectively, despite the threat of COVID-19. However, as we know that every rose has its thorns. One aspect of this app has annoyed many users, and it is that Microsoft Teams launches itself on startup in Windows 10. Hence, everyone is finding the answer for the most frequently asked question, how to stop Microsoft teams from opening on startup on Windows 10? Even the students…

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Generic PnP Monitor

7 Ways to Fix Generic PnP Monitor Driver Error on Windows 10

Windows 10 came with a lot of exciting features, which has given users an amazing experience of utilizing it. However, there are certain issues that can never be overlooked. After updating the existing operating system to Windows 10, some users are facing errors in hardware drivers. And, the Generic PnP Monitor Driver Error on Windows 10 is one of them. There’s no need to be concerned if you’re having any problem regarding Windows. Using our approaches, we will assist you to resolve any issue related to Windows.…

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Windows 11 Release Date

Windows 11 Release Date, Features, System Requirements Explained!

Ever since Microsoft has announced the Windows 11 release date, everyone is eagerly waiting to upgrade their existing Windows version with it. Windows 10 users will be eligible for a free upgrade starting 2022. With the commitment of providing attractive features, business-specific apps, and allowing the Android apps, Windows 11 has gained immense popularity. Hence the announcement of this extraordinary operating system of Microsoft, Windows 11, has become the talk of the town. Let’s take a look at the detailed information about Windows 11 starting with the…

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How to Fix 0xC1900101 Error in Windows 10

How to Fix 0xC1900101 Error Code in Windows 10

After the launch on Windows 10, there were many bugs and flaws in the Windows OS. If you upgrade to a newer version of Windows 10 and you haven’t changed your drivers yet, incompatibility problems are likely to occur. This is what happened to users who were trying to install the Creators Update for Windows 10. They stated that since a set of 0xC1900101 errors stopped them from doing so, they did not effectively complete the procedure of updating Windows 10. 0xC1900101 is the error that usually…

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How to Get Help in Windows 10

Windows 10 is the latest and most reliable Windows update that Microsoft users have been waiting to get their hands upon. The latest update has made it easy to access a lot many things at their fingertips including getting help with Windows 10. Microsoft has tried getting the interface as user friendly as possible and helps Windows with it’s own support systems. There are times when even this easy to handle operating system becomes difficult to handle and you as a user can help to get some…

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Download InShot for PC & Mac

How to Download InShot for PC and Mac – 2 Methods Explained!

InShot is undoubtedly one of the best video and photo editing on your smartphones. There are no editing or collaging apps which gets closer to the amount of comfort and choice of precise editing that is provided to the users by InShot. Using InShot on PC can be equally satisfying as you do on your smartphone. There are just so many features that you are bound to be fulfilled by it. The endless stream of features end only when you find out that your favorite editing app…

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