Pokemon Go PC

Pokemon Go for PC Download Latest Working Version!

Pokemon Go for PC

Pokemon Go PC is Now Working with Bluestacks Latest Version Update. It has been a while that we saw an update to play the latest version of Pokemon Go PC with any of the emulators. But Bluestacks has finally come up with a solution. All you need to do is, uninstall the older version of Bluestacks and download the new version.

It’s now possible to play Pokemon Go on PC. To install the latest version of Pokemon GO PC game on your laptop or computer, Bluestacks is a must. So if you want to play Pokemon Go on an App Player, you must download Bluestacks Android emulator now!

If you install the Pokemon Go APK with latest version of Nox App Player from above given download link, then you can play Pokemon Go PC game without any hassles. Download it from above given link now! Pokemon Go Nox is also working as of now but Bluestacks is a better option.

Pokemon Go PC Download with Bluestacks

How many of you are those who watched Pokemon cartoon way back in 1990’s? Well, if you have landed here, you are sure to enjoy the Pokemon Go PC game. I know that many of you are going crazy by playing the Pokemon Go game on your Android and iOS devices but how about playing it on your PC? It’s possible through an Android emulator!

There are many emulators that let you play games and apps on your Windows PC and even Mac operating systems. And one of the best amongst them is Nox App Player emulator. This player is the finest of Bluestacks alternative too but not better than LeapDroid these days which is working fine with latest Pokemon Go update. Nox App Player is loved by many in the recent past due to its awesome design and simple interface which is easy to use. Well, not talking much about the best Android emulators now, let’s see what’s Pokemon Go game is all about!

Gameplay of Pokemon Go

The Pokemon Go game has already taken the world by storm with billions of downloads within a week! The real-time users of Pokemon Go are more than Twitter these days. 😮 So you can just imagine that craze in the people for Pokemon Go PC game. The gameplay of Pokemon Go game is very simple. All you need to do is Download Pokemon Go game from the official Google PlayStore, launch it and get started to find your favorite characters around you.

Pokemon Go for PC Game by Nox App Player

Pokemon Go Characters

Do you remember Pikachu, Charizard, Blastoise, Charmeleon and many more characters in the Pokemon Cartoon show? If yes, then you are surely going to love this game! Pick your Pokemon Go character around you, find someone who already have one and start battling with them to show your class. The more games you win, the more Pokemon Go characters are under your belt!

Pokemon Go Characters on Nox App Player

When you play Pokemon Go on PC, there are certain changes you need to do in the Nox App Player to run the game in a perfect manner! At the end of this post, I have provided a YouTube tutorial which will guide you the changes to be made in your Nox App Player to play Pokemon Go for PC! Check the below-given procedure to know how to download Pokemon Go PC game and how to play it without any hassles!

Download Pokemon Go PC Game on Windows 10 using Bluestacks or Nox App Player

Before playing take a note that Pokemon Go for PC is available in the selected countries. So make sure that you change the default geolocation in your Nox App Player to the USA or any other country where the game is officially released! So here’s how you can start the Pokemon Go PC download!

1st Step:

The first thing is to Download the Pokemon Go for PC file. Note that this file would work only if you don’t have latest Nox App Player version. If you already have Nox App Player or above version, you can directly download the APK file, drag into the player and get set to play Pokemon Go for PC!

2nd Step:

Once you are done with the downloading process, launch the game and change the geo-location so that there ain’t any restrictions for you if the game in not released in your country!

3rd Step: 

Once you chance the Pokemon Go PC settings in your Nox player, it’s time to get into action now!

4th Step:

Now that you have changed the location, you will now be able to find the Pokemon Go characters around you. Just pick your favorite one, find someone to play with and start the war to collect more in your Pokedex!

5th Step:

Keep moving, keep hustling around the world to get the best of fighters in your team. It’s an adventurous journey to start with.

I am sure you will have lots of fun and at times, you will remember your school days where you used to watch Pokemon Cartoon.

So now that you know how to download and play Pokemon GO PC game, it’s now time to have a look at the minimum system requirements to run the game in a smooth way!

Pokemon Go PC

Minimum System Requirements to Install and Play Pokemon Go on PC

As the game is highly graphical, tracks your location and lets you go anywhere to search your favorite Pokemon, it takes a lot of space on your laptop or computer. So to make sure the game don’t stuck in between, you need to have the below-given system requirements on your PC. And most importantly you most have Nox App Player.

  1. Make sure that the RAM in your Laptop or Computer running on Windows 7/8/10 is at least 2GB
  2. The processor must be above 2.2 GHz and it would be better if you can go with i3 or higher versions
  3. Minimum of 2GB disk space is required to store the game
  4. And last but not the least, the Graphic card must be at least of 1GB. Although, 2GB video memory will perform well!

So these are some of the system requirements to play Pokemon Go PC game by using Nox App Player!

Just hold on, it’s not over yet! There’s more to this post guys! Before you start playing Pokemon Go for PC game on your Nox Player, you need to note few points to play safe!

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Take Care of These Things While Playing Pokemon Go Nox on Your PC!

  • This game is just a trail version of original Pokemon Go game. So Nox App Player doesn’t guarantee that game will run all the time. It’s the location which you use will decide how long the game will run on your PC.
  • Don’t move too long when you are playing Pokemon Go on Nox! It may result in Ban as it might be considered as abnormal action.
  • And if the Pokemon always run away from you, maybe it’s due to ban. So make sure that you don’t get banned from it. Of course, the ban will be removed after half an hour. But still, beware!
  • As said, this is just the trial version, you just wait for the official release to get the perfect results for all countries across the globe! These points were taken from the official Twitter handle of Nox App Player. Thanks for letting your users know about these attentions.

Conclusion of Pokemon Go for PC

So, I hope that you got enough information on Pokemon Go PC game in this post. I am damn sure that you are going to enjoy each and every moment by playing this game on the best ever Android emulator, Bluestacks!

Don’t forget to share this post on your social media accounts so that you can play this amazing game with your friends or loves ones! Happy Pokemoning.

Mi Drop

How to Use Mi Drop on Windows to Transfer Files from Android!

For years now, the only way of sharing the files between devices was through the Bluetooth until many other apps like SHAREit, Zapya, and Xender came into the picture. Mi Drop is one such latest app that has been developed with predominant technology that lets you share the files across different platforms.

Apart from transferring the data between the mobile devices, Mi Drop also lets you transfer the data between a PC and the Android devices. Developed by Xiaomi, the smartphone manufacturer, Mi Drop makes the tedious process of data transfer easier and therefore if you’re confused about how to use Mi Drop on Windows, you just got the right software before you. Here, in this post, we will give you a detailed process about how to use Mi Drop for PC. Have a look!

Mi DropWhat is Mi Drop?

A file-transfer software as it is, Mi Drop is originally introduced by Xiaomi as a part of MIUI7. This utility tool has gone through several changes and got many upgrades before it is finally introduced to the latest Xiaomi smartphones as the renewed and the re-equipped version. Apart from that, the logo has also been changed and got placed on the home screen as a separate tool, after being moved out of the utility folder.

Xiaomi has also introduced Mi Drop on Google PlayStore and as a result, one can download Mi Drop on all the Android devices without any hassles. Whether you own a Samsung phone, a Moto smartphone or a Redmi phone; you can Mi Drop to transfer the files between two devices and as well as transfer the data from PC to any kind of smartphone.

  1. Mi Drop allows you to transfer all kinds of files including images, audio files, videos, APKs etc between the devices at a higher speed when compared to other kind utility tools.
  2. It has a user-friendly interface which makes the transfer easier.
  3. It also allows you to resume the transfer whenever there’s an interruption and the only requirement to use the Mi Drop is that both the transferring devices should be connected to the same network.

While transferring the data between mobile devices is easy, the question here is to how exactly use Mi Drop on Windows PC. Here’s how:

How to Use Mi Drop on Windows PC?

Unlike the Android devices, there is no Mi Drop available for the windows and as a result, you have to use the FTP source to connect your Mi Drop to PC.

#1. Start with installing the Mi Drop tool on your smartphone by searching it on the Google Play Store. In case if you have a Xiaomi device with MIUI 9+, you don’t have to install as it is already available as a pre-installed tool on your device. In the case of owning other devices, download it effective immediately.

#2. Once you have downloaded it, connect your smartphone and your Windows PC to the same WiFi. It is mandatory that both of the devices are connected to the same network and in cases where they are not, the transfer might not actually take place.

#3. After connecting the devices to the network, open the Mi Drop tool on your Android interface. Go to the home screen and tap on the three dot icon present on the top right corner and select ‘Connect to the Computer’ from the drop-down menu as shown in below image.

How to Connect Mi Drop on Windows Computer#4. On this screen, you will find a ‘Start’ option located at the bottom where you will be asked to choose the storage volume between the SD card storage and the Internal memory. Tap the storage from which you want to transfer the data. By doing this, you will be given an FTP address. Make sure you note this address or keep it in your vicinity as you will require it in the next step.

#5. Now, open your PC and load the Explorer on it. Enter the FTP address that is provided to you on your phone and enters it in the URL bar. Wait for the page to load. As soon as the page loads, you will see the mobile storage on your PC just the way when you connect your phone using a USB cord. Now, you can either copy/cut the data and paste it into the desired folder.

#6. The transfer can be done two ways, either from your Android device to the PC or from PC to the Android device based on your required. After transferring the data, tap on the ‘Stop’ bottom located at the bottom of the Mi Drop app.

#7. In order to secure your connection, you can add a password to your FTP connection. Go to the Settings icon available on the ‘Connect to the Computer’ screen and then turn the ‘Sign in Anonymously’ button by sliding it off. The option turns black as soon as you do it and by tapping on it, you will be asked to enter a username and password. Enter the credentials and tap OK to save them. Remember these credentials as each time you try to connect your device to the PC, you will be asked to enter these details.

How to Use MI Drop App to Transfer Files from Android Devices to PC

The reason MI Drop has been introduced on the Google Play Store is to make the data transfer easier between the Android devices.

#1. Just like the above procedure, install MI Drop on both the smartphones from the Google PlayStore. Connect to the same WiFi network to transfer the files.

#2. Now, open the Mi Drop tool on the device from which you want to send the data and click, ‘Send’ to send the files. As the interface of the files open, select the files that you want to transfer (you can select multiple files in a different format as well).

Mi Drop for PC

#3. Open the Mi Drop tool on the second device where you want to receive the files and select, “Receive”. The name of the receiver will pop-up on the first phone and you need to select it in order to send the files. Tap ‘OK’ on the second file when you get a notification if you want to receive the file.

By doing this, you’re successfully transferring the files between two Android devices. If you’re still confused about it, you should know that this is the exact procedure we follow while we are using SHAREit to transfer files between two devices.

How to Change the Destination Folder for Mi Drop on Android?

When you’re transferring the files between two Android devices or from an Android device to PC using MI Drop, the files are usually kept in the same folders. For example, when you transfer a file between two smartphones, the files are sent to Internal Storage/MIUI/MIDrop folder.

#1. At times, you might have your internal storage flooded and therefore receiving files might become difficult for you. Therefore, you can choose to save the files on your SD card (supported by your device) to increase the storage capacity.

#2. While you can’t exactly change the location of the destination folder, you can decide where you want it.

#3. To do so, open the Mi Drop app and select the three dot icon and go to the Destination folder from the drop-down menu.

Change Destination Folder in Mi Drop

#4. Select the option and from the pop-up choose External Storage or Internal Storage meeting your comfort.

How to Share MI Drop with Friends?

In most of the cases, one can directly download the tool from the Play store. But if any of your friends don’t have Mi Drop installed on the phone and still want to transfer the files from your Android device, you can simply share the device. To do it, open the Mi Drop tool and click on the three-dot icon. Tap on the option, “Share Mi Drop to your friends”, located at the bottom. By doing it, one can avail multiple options like QR code, Portable hotspot or any third party transfer based on the availability.

Share Mi Drop with FriendsHow to Uninstall Mi Drop?

If you have installed the Mi Drop tool on a device and are looking forward to uninstalling it, you can easily do it just the way you uninstall other apps.

#1. Open the Google PlayStore.

#2. Go through the installed apps and select the Mi Drop.

#3. Now tap the Uninstall option to get rid of it.

However, if you’re using a Redmi device, the app comes pre-loaded and you can’t disable it because of the system configuration. But you can force stop the app to ensure that it doesn’t run in the background taking your battery levels down.

Final Words!

Concluding, Mi Drop is entirely ad-free and that makes it a hassle-free app to use. With all the data transfer tools available, Mi Drop can be tagged as the best as it supports all kind of files transfers without any errors. Therefore, download the app immediately and get done with the file transfer that you’ve been postponing for a while now.

Best Android Emulators

10 Best Android Emulators for Windows 7/8/10 and Mac!

What is an Android Emulator?

Before we get down the list of best Android emulators, let us understand what emulation is. The main process of emulation with respect to computers is to imitate or replicate the Android apps and Games on Windows PC, Laptop or Mac. Operating systems which are supported by emulators are Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10.

For all those who love using Android apps and playing games on a larger screen and gives you the feel of enjoyment and comfort, Android emulators are the solution for you. At present, there are lots of options available that lets you download and install your favorite apps and games on your computer or laptop.

How Helpful Are Android Emulators?

Some folks must be thinking, apart from playing games what GOOD these Android emulators will help in? Well, the possibilities are endless here. The developers, coders and programmers can test and debug their applications without even installing the app on an Android device. Users with a limited amount of resources on their Android devices, like having a very less free RAM or internal memory on their smartphones won’t be able to enjoy certain apps and games on outdated devices. But when you install apps from TuTuApp, you need not worry about any problems.

How Does an Android Emulator or App Player Work?

An Android Emulator basically provides the apt environment required for the purpose of letting you run numerous Android apps/games on your computer. Without the installation of an Android emulator on your system, you will not be able to install or run any of the Android apps or games on your PC and Mac. After the installation, you can easily search for the apps and games and install them on your system.Best Android Emulators

Best Android Emulators!

As mentioned above, lots of new Android emulators have come up in the market and it can be a tough task choosing the right one for you from them; reason being if you have not chosen the right one it may slow down your system to a large extent.

Just in case you are getting confused with which emulator to use and which not to, we have shortlisted the best Android emulators available in the market for you. And to ease out more for those who are working on different platforms we have provided you android app players for PC as well as Mac. These days, Pokemon Go is not working on emulators, so better try the best Android emulator in the list given below now!

Top 10 Best Android Emulators for Windows 7, 8, 10

  1. Bluestacks
  2. Nox App Player
  3. LeapDroid
  4. Andyroid
  5. Memu
  6. GenyMotion
  7. Droid4X
  8. WindRoy

So these are the 10 best Android emulators for PC we are going to list today! Let me not make you wait anymore and get straight to the point! Here you go with Bluestacks first.

1) Bluestacks

Most probably the first name that would be suggested as an android emulator would be of Bluestacks with no doubts at all. It is definitely one of the best Android emulators for running Android apps and it is available for both Mac and Windows as well. The latest version of this emulator is Bluestacks N which is still in beta phase!


A virtual copy of Android OS apps is created on the guest OS. It uses a unique technology called “LayerCake” that enables you to run Android apps on your PC without any external Virtual Desktop Application. Installing it you can enjoy your games and apps like News Feeds, Social Network on a larger screen. It is free to download and install and the only thing of concern is to run Bluestacks without any glitches a decent graphics card must be installed in your system already.

Bluestacks Download Link: 

2) Nox App Player

It can be considered as a Bluestacks alternative and has made a new entry to the list and its main target audience being the gamers. It has utilities and additions such that keeping in mind the needs of gamers to control their games using their keyboard and mouse. The features of this emulator are comparatively stable and reliable. Also, a plus point in its entire good list is- it is free of cost.

Nox App Player for PC

Nox App Player Download Link- Download Here

3) Leapdroid

It is one of the newer alternatives to the preexisting ones and rather an excellent option. It utilizes a virtual machine so that an Android instance is created on your PC. It is considered as one of the sleeker options in the list coz of the tweaks and the optimizations been made. It runs smoothly, boots quickly, and scores impressively well on gaming benchmarks. It has a fairly active development team. It provides support for over 98% of apps and games.

LeapDroid Download

LeapDroid Download Link

4) Andyroid

One more popular Android emulator would be Andyroid. The feature of controlling the screen with your mobile first came in Andyroid emulator and was then available in the other emulators too. In quite short time Andyroid impressed with its increasing and good market share. You can install any application through your desktop browser making it its best feature.

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You should have a Virtual box already installed on your computer to install the Andyroid Emulator. This emulator was designed mainly with gamers as the target audience.

Andyroid Download

Andyroid Download Link

5) Memu Play Android Emulator

If you want to enjoy great Android experience Memu is advisable as it has great performance with Windows PC. It is a product of Microvirt Co. Ltd and is expected to reach greater heights regarding its features and performance. MEmu Android Emulator supports multiple hardware configurations with no such cause of worry with respect to compatibility issues. It is a nice alternative when thought of gaming and productivity.

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Memu Play Emulator

6) GenyMotion App Player

Genymotion is considered as one of the best Android emulators available in the market for both PC and Mac and also known as the apt platform for developers for testing their apps and games. You won’t be facing any glitches or difficulties while running android apps and games on your system using GenyMotion. For a downloading purpose, you need to create an account and confirm your email address so that you receive the download links to get it on your system.

Genymotion Android Emulator

Genymotion Download Link

7) Droid4X

Next is Droid4X which is quite an interesting alternative to work on. It runs in a similar fashion as Andy or Amiduos with round about the same performance and productivity as them. It is under continuous improvement with frequent upgrades and the interesting feature of it would be the add-ons. It runs on both Windows and Mac OS x platform. It runs on the machine as a guest operating system.

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Droid Emulator Download

Droid4X Download Link

Updated: Pokemon Go APK Download

8) Windroy Emulator

It can be considered as one of the best Android Emulators among the above-listed Emulators. It completely runs using the Windows Kernel and does not require any external virtual box support like Bluestacks. In use, it is quite light-weight and handy too. Note that the directory path where you intend to install Windroy must not contain spaces.

Windroy Android Emulator

Windroy Download Link


AMIDuOS is another android emulator tool that lets you run Android apps and game on your PC. The USP of the emulator is the ability to run the Android 5.1 Lollipop version. But for some weird reasons, a jellybean variant is also available for download. AMIDuOS also lets you use the rooted mode so that you can get the best out of the Android ecosystem and it lets you choose from the amount of RAM you want to allocate to the emulator.

As per the hardware profile is concerned, it supports Gamepads, and external hardware GPS also so that you can play games without any hassle. Make sure to enable the Virtualisation by going to the BIOS settings before installing the emulator. You can download AMIDuOS from here.

10) Remix OS Player

So the first emulator on our list of the Best Android emulators is the Remix OS Player. This emulator is based on the Marshmallow Android System Framework and claims to be the only one who offers you the latest platform.

The Remix OS Player got popularity in the last year when it was launched as a beta program. The main advantage of the Remix OS player is that you can install this emulator and you can run Windows and this emulator side-by-side. It is like running two separate versions of Windows on the same machine.

The major drawback about the Remix OS player is that it lacks the support for AMD based processors. Also, your BIOS must comply with the virtualization mode so as to let the emulator run smoothly. The Remix OS player is made with the intent to play all the amazing games on the Android platform, so it is pretty much an essential for all the gamers out there.

You can download the program directly from its official website and install it onto your PC. The detailed guide has also been posted on our website, and you can also refer the developer’s website also.

Minimum System Requirement to Install Android Emulator

It’s often observed that users complain about Bluestacks not working or Nox App Player stuck at 99% and many more. The reasons may be many but one common issue is their system might not have enough resources to play the Android emulator on PC. To ensure that your Android emulator works fine on your Windows PC or Mac, you need to have below given minimum system requirements on your PC:

  • 2GB RAM (1GB Minimum)
  • 3 GB Hard disk space (1GB Minimum & 3GB Maximum)
  • 2.2 GHz Processor
  • 2GB Video memory (Minimum 1GB & 2GB Maximum)

So these are few system requirements which must be available for your Windows XP, 7, 8 & 10 PC or laptop to run such Android emulators smoothly.

Want to Develop Your Own Emulator for PC?

Well, the sole idea of enlisting all the Best Android emulators in this article was to foresee all the possibilities of improvements (if any) in this segment or not so that our readers can choose the Best Android emulators for them. But what if you aren’t satisfied with any of the list mentioned above? What if you aren’t getting what you are thinking about? Well, we’ve got a BONUS for you. You can build your android emulator using a program called VirtualBox.

Virtualbox acts as a virtual machine that can be installed on a PC and have the capabilities to install any operating system files on it. So, it is an OS inside another OS, makes me remember the ‘Inception’ movie, sighs!

Make sure to follow the guide that is available online that may help you to understand the procedure of installing any OS on the Virtual machine (VirtualBox). Also, you have to download some compatible Android platform image from Android-x86.org, so that you can install the Android ecosystem on the Virtual machine.

Conclusion of Best Android App Players 2018

With the rise in the number of apps that we people are using on our smartphones, there are some of us who also wants these apps and games to be accessed on a Windows machine. Let’s face it smartphones have a very limited battery, and when it comes to playing games, we tend to get irritated with the huge amount of battery drain on our smartphones. So, why not install these apps and games directly on the PC without any hassle? There are several ways to do that; the perfect one is using an Android emulator.

We hope this article of best Android emulators was of use to you and now you can fairly decide which emulator to use. You can download and install any of the above mentioned Android app players to take your gaming experience to a new level. If you come up with any other latest emulator or doubts & queries feel free to comment below!

Dream League Soccer 2020 PC Download

Dream League Soccer 2020 PC Download for Windows 7, 8, 10 & Mac!

Dream League Soccer PC

All the Android fanboys must’ve come across several soccer games on their smartphones such as Fifa that was last released in the year 2016. The year 2020 brought another game, The Dream League Soccer PC. This game offers several functionalities to the players and is being loved for its gameplay, graphics and the functionality to build your team that the game offers.

The gameplay is limited to eh Android and iOS device platform, so it is only playable on the smartphones and tablets as of now. We’ve been working on a way out to play the game on a larger screen, say on your PC. And guess what this can be achieved by Dream League Soccer for PC. Let us dig deeper into the game details and how you can install Dream League Soccer PC.

About Dream League Soccer for PC Gameplay

The game was released in the year 2020 and made almost every other sports fanatic go gaga over the gameplay and the features this game have to offer such as building and customizing their teams etc. The users were allowed even to change how the players look by changing their costumes, modifying the appearance of the stadium and much more.

The game is available for free to download from Google Play Store for the Android users, but there are some additional features and stuff, for that the user needs to pay via the in-app purchases. There is no standalone PC app file available for the game, so you need to play the game using some emulator.

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Dream League Soccer PC solves the purpose by letting you play the game on the larger screen of your PC. The Dream League Soccer PC is for both the Windows and MAC machines. Here are the key features and functionalities the Dream League Soccer PC 2020 game offers.

Highlights of Dream League Soccer 2020 PC Gameplay

  • You can create your dream team in the Dream League Soccer 2020 PC by signing the top superstar players such as Diego Costa and Aaron Ramsey. You can also choose your formations, style and can take on any team who stands in your way.
  • The built-in AI forms a challenging and addictive experience by adding some of the toughest levels and changing the dynamics of the game.
  • The Dream League Soccer 2020 PC game lets you pay online with several other teams. You can work your way through the ranks and prove to be the greatest amongst all.
  • There are six divisions to work your way and over 7 cup competitions.
  • You can build your stadium and even showcase your superstars.
  • The game is backed up by virtual currency so that you can purchase some of the in-game stuff. The coins can be earned during the gameplay and even can be gained by watching the videos. These coins can also be bought in the packs ranging from $1.99 to 19.99.
  • The app works on a continuous internet connection, so you need to make sure that you are connected to a WIFI network or a fast mobile data for the download of Game Data and Adverts. You can turn the mobile data OFF in settings/mobile data.
  • The game is supported by advertising, though you can disable the advertising if you purchase the in-game currency from the shop.


These are the general features that the game has to offer, but you can enjoy the gameplay on larger displays is still left to be answered. Last time, we posted a detailed guide on how to hack Dream League Soccer 2020 and today, we are going to explain the overall installation procedure of Dream League Soccer for PC. Without further ado let us jump right into the Dream League Soccer PC installation process.

Download Dream League Soccer 2020 for PC

Though there is no standalone .exe files or game packages available for PC or MAC machines. This makes the Dream League Soccer 2020 game very hard to be installed on such machines. There are several way outs by one can install and play the game successfully on their computers.

We can make use of emulators that can run the .apk file (that was downloaded for Android smartphones) so as to play the Dream League Soccer 2020 for PC. There are several emulators available online such as BlueStacks, Koplayer Android emulator, and Android emulator software Andy.

Here are the steps for all the above-mentioned Android emulators are almost the same. There may be cases where some additional information might be needed for sign up. (based on the emulator you are installing) We recommend you to install the BlueStacks server android emulator as we’ve tested Dream League Soccer 2020 for PC and found no errors whatsoever.


How to Install DLS 2020 on Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 & Mac

  1. The first and foremost step is to setup the windows or the MAC book. For that, you need to download BlueStacks 3 server program from the official website.
  2. Here is where Google Search comes in handy, make use of that and download the BlueStacks server for your Windows or MAC book. Make sure to download the program only from its official website to be 100% safe.
  3. Next, proceed with the installation of the BlueStacks so that you can install Dream League Soccer 2020 for PC.
  4. After the installation has been completed, when you run the program it’ll ask you to do a basic setup of your device. It is as simple as setting up your Android phone for the very first time. Be sure to enter in the Google accounts details so as to use all the Google features.
  5. After the initial setup is completed, you are now supposed to proceed with the installation of Dream League Soccer 2020 for PC via the Google Play Store app that is present on your BlueStacks server.
  6. Search for Dream League Soccer 2020 on the Google Play Store and start the download and proceed with the installation.
  7. After the game is installed, it’ll be available for you to play. You can access it from the app drawer.


Though the Dream League Soccer 2020 for PC comes with many restrictions that are already mentioned above, these restrictions can be removed by sideloading of a cracked .apk file. You can always do a simple Google Search Dream League Soccer 2020 APK file in which sideloading is easy.

Conclusion of Dream League Soccer PC

You can always get in touch with us if you want any help regarding the overall process of installation of Dream League Soccer PC.

Download 3DS Emulator on PC

3DS Emulator: Download Nintendo 3DS Emulator for PC, Android, iOS & Mac

3DS Emulator

A 3DS Emulator also known as 3DS emu, is a closed source which can be used as an emulator for Windows. It is capable of emulating the 3DS games of Nintendo just like the Android emulator on Windows/Mac with minimal errors and bugs.

With constant up gradation of versions, some emulators work better than the first launched versions and therefore, these bugs can further be fixed on a constant basis for better functionality. A thing to notice about the 3DS Emulators is that they all don’t work with all of the platforms like the Mac, Wii console or the Linux at the same time.

What’s in 3DS Emulator?

  1. Compact Flash/FAT emulator.
  2. Synchronous mode of SPU to stream audio and video.

Most of the 3DS Emulators come with their settings for the maximum performance of the emulator. These settings vary from one game to another depending on the requirements, data and the graphics of the game. In case if you think that a particular game is not going well with some settings, you can adjust them for a higher performance to gain around +20 FPS. The same goes with XBox 360 Emulator & SNES as well!

Download 3DS Emulator on PC

Based on the customized settings, each game can be played in different resolutions i.e; up to 720P> Before diving into the gameplay, you should also check few  other things like the listed requirements of the system to use a particular emulator just to make sure that it is compatible with your windows to avoid further issues. In case if you’re facing many game crashes in between, it is recommended to either re-install the emulator or restart it for a much better performance. Also for some games, you should keep a check on the “Disable Fog” option which is under the settings.

Features of 3DS Emulator

Usually, the 3DS Emulators come with many exclusive features, but it won’t be as neat as using the 3dS console. Some of the best features include:

  1. Game Save: While using the 3DS Emulator, one can save a game and reload it to play after taking a break time.
  2. Anti-Aliasing: There’s another feature called the aliasing filtering which makes the game look realistic and in case if your device has a very high configuration graphic card, you’re going in for a roller coaster ride.
  3. Resolution: There are varying resolutions from which you can choose to play the game on the full screen which varies till 720P.
  4. Network: The audio of the game is as good as the console and therefore by using a headphone or speakers, you can have a live experience in an acoustic environment.

Nintendo 3DS Emulator Console

The Nintendo 3DS is a game console manufactured by Nintendo which is capable of playing the 3D effects without using any additional accessories like the 3D glasses. Nintendo has first announced the console in 2010 and then unveiled it in the same year succeeding the Nintendo DS [Dual Source] featuring compatibility with many of the DSi and DS games. Standing out against the Sony, it is a hardcore competition for the PlayStation Vita.

However, this particular console powered by the Nintendo has many other features apart from the augmented reality including the 3D cameras allowing users to download the games and play them just the way they did it on the older consoles. The Nintendo 3DS is loaded with default apps with an online store known as Nintendo eShop, a Social Network known as Miiverse, Netflix, YouTube, Hulu Plus, Netflix, Swapnote et.al.

Download Nintendo 3DS Emulator and use 3DS ROMs now!
That being said, it is not entirely possible for everyone to get hold of the Nintendo 3DS console. Therefore, to make it possible for the users to play the Nintendo 3DS console games on other devices like the Android, Windows, Mac or any other software; the Nintendo 3DS emulator has been developed. The Nintendo 3DS emulator makes it possible for the users to extract the 3DS games and turn them compatible to be played on various other platforms.

Top 5 Nintendo 3DS Emulators

There are many games like the Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, Fire Emblem Fates, Legend of Zelda that can be played on other devices. Therefore, to make it possible for people who don’t like playing on the handheld devices or people who don’t get the chance to, here’s a list of top 5 Nintendo 3DS Emulators. With any one of these Nintendo 3DS Emulators installed on your PC, you can play any 3DS game without hassles.

#1. Citra 3DS Emulator

Being the top of the existing Nintendo 3DS Emulators, Citra is extremely user-friendly allowing you to play games on the Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. It is a DS emulator open source that is compatible with all the Windows versions.

#2. DeSmuME

Again a free Nintendo 3DS Emulator, it only works on Windows. It is basically the first emulator that allows to run many commercial games. Go to its official site to know its exclusive features before downloading it.

#3. NeonDS

A “Windows only” platform, it runs many commercial games and is fairly compatible with minimal errors. The interface and the navigation are simple and easy which is why you’ll prefer using it.

#4. No$GBA

A Nintendo DS Lite/DS Advance Emulator, it also works for the GameBoy games. It is only used for the XP and Vista version of Windows and basically it is only free until a trial period. For up gradation, you can buy it by spending $2.50 and get hold of all of its features.

#5. iDeaS

An Open GL source Nintendo 3DS Emulator which is designed for Windows, it can run many commercial games like the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, Super Mario 64 et.al. If you are a hardcore game lover, this emulator is the best fit for you.

That being said, go through the elaborate features of each console and decide which of the above 5 Nintendo 3DS emulators is best suited for you and if you have to spend some bucks, go for them as they would only benefit you further for a long period.

Play Nintendo 3DS Games by installing 3DS Emulator on PC

How to Download 3DS Emulator PC

A work-in-progress, Nintendo 3DS Emulator, Citra Emulator can emulate a wide variety of commercial games and homebrew software. It can ostensibly extract and play many games including the Pokemon X and Y. However, not all games can be loaded, and some of them show the black screen and some games will just show the screen, freeze and then crash.

If you’re using a device with graphic glitches, the games will run very slowly. While there are few other alternatives, Citra Emulator is compatible with OSX, Linux and also all the 64 bit versions of the Windows.


Citra is not very fast yet to run the commercial games and therefore the only hard requirement of Citra Emulator is to own a graphics chip with OpenGL 3.2 compatibility and an i5/i7 processor for higher performance.

Step by Step Process for Citra Emulator Download:

  1. Right now, Citra is still working on the bugs and errors and therefore there is only one stable version available to download.
  2. You can either download it from the official site. However, go through the developer’s information, the guide and also the TODO list before download the RAR file.
  3. After downloading the .rar file, open it to extract the data by double-clicking on it. From the extracted file, open the .exe file to setup.
  4. You will be asked to install the 3DS emulator download. Proceed further by clicking “Next”, accepting the add-ons and plugins, terms and conditions in case if the installer couldn’t find them.
  5. The installer downloads all the required files automatically and will then make a shortcut of the Citra Emulator on your desktop.
  6. Once you’re done with the download, install the Bios by downloading it from here and following the instructions.
  7. After making sure that you have both the 3DS Emulator and Bios on your PC, install the game. Click on it, and open and navigate to the .3DS ROM to launch the game.

Download 3DS Emulator for Android

As the name says, the 3DS Emulator Android is used to bring the Nintendo 3DS games on the Android device. Some of the compatible games include Super Smash Bro, Mario Kart 7, Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, Fire Emblem Awakening, Pokemon Omega Ruby, The Legend of Zelda: Mask 3D, Anime Crossing: New Leaf, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate et.al.

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By using a 3DS Emulator Android, you can bring the data with you from the 3DS console and transfer important files. You play all the old school Nintendo Dsi titles, Nintendo DS games and new releases on your Android device using the multiplayer feature by sitting in the same place.

  1. Initially, download the Nintendo 3DS Emulator Android from here (NDS4Android) on your mobile device.
  2. Go to the notification bar, access the downloaded file and click on it to install it.
  3. After installing, tap on the icon to run the 3DS Emulator Android. The emulator is free, and it doesn’t have any shady server conditional requirements.
  4. Play your favorite game by downloading 3DS Emulator on your Android device soon after.

Download 3DS Emulator for Mac

There are many other 3DS Emulators that can be used for Mac apart from Citra Emulator that allow you to play all the 3D games on it. This software is user-friendly and is the nearest source through which you can enter the new gaming world. The best part is that the 3DS Emulator Mac doesn’t involve any confusing installation procedure. All you need to do is follow few simple steps to download the emulation software.

  1. Initially, download the uncompressed .rar or .zip file of 3DS Emulator setup. Extract it to get the setups files.
  2. Locate the 3DS Emulator .exe file and click on it to start the installation by double-clicking on it.
  3. Follow the instructions and wait till the installation is done which includes downloading of add-ons and plugins if there are any.
  4. Once the installation is done, you will find the shortcut of the 3DS Emulator Mac on the desktop. Click on it to launch the game.
  5. Once you’ve launched the game, load the game ROM and play the game you love without any obstructions using the full screen.

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Install 3DS Emulator on iOS Devices

Worried if the Nintendo 3DS Emulator download will jailbreak your iOS? Not anymore. For those game lovers who want to download the 3DS Emulator iOS badly, all you need is to have an iOS 9.0 and more.

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  1. Open Safari browser on your iPhone, iPad or iPod and open this URL to download the file from here. You can also try downloading other 3DS Emulator iOS files if you know any.
  2. After downloading the file, install the file by clicking on the install button. Go back to the Home and wait for the app to be downloaded.
  3. Once the 3DS Emulator is downloaded, go to “General>Profiles” or “Device Management.” Find the app that reads “Guangdong” and click on the “Trust” option twice.
  4. Now, run the 3DS Emulator on your device and start downloading the games to play them on your iOS device.

How to Download 3DS ROMS?

3DS ROMs are nothing but the game data files where the data is encrypted in the form of media and images. One has to download these 3DS ROM files to load the game if at all they are using a 3DS Emulator. For example, if you want to play Pokemon X and Y, you have to get hold of Pokemon X and Y ROM to play the game without any errors. However, from a legal perspective, it depends on how you’re getting hold on the ROMS.

If you want the commercial games, they are viable and therefore it is not so easy to download the 3DS ROMs. Other than, these ROM files are in the form of compressed folders which you should extract and then load the ROM file from the Emulator interface while playing the game.  As the 3DS Emulators’ way of running the game is very different from the real 3DS console or the Gameboy consoles; it is important to download the ROM file for each game you want to play, specifically.

The 3DS ROMS Download is easy and it doesn’t take much effort to find the appropriate file. That being said, get hold of the 3DS Emulator version you want based on the device you’re using. Some of the other alternative 3DS Emulators include TronDS, 3Dmoo, e3DSx, 3Dse et.al. Download the necessary ROMS for the game you want to play on the same device and load them into the game using the “Load ROM” option to get all the data required for the game and play it without any chaos.

Conclusion of 3DS Emulators for PC, Mac, Android & iOS

So this how you can download 3DS emulator on your Windows PC/laptop, Mac books, Android and iOS devices respectively! So what are you waiting for? Download your favorite Nintendo 3DS emulator now! If you have any doubts regarding the download process and installation process, approach us in the comment section so that we can get back to you with adequate guidance. Stay tuned to Emulators section for more updates!

ROS WallHack PC 2018

ROS PC Wallhack Download for Windows 10, 8 & 7!

Rules of Survival WallHack PC

ROS WallHack PC: We’ve all read and heard about how man evolved from something so non-productive like a caveman. From inventing fire to inventing a new app, there’s a common ground; survival. We all do things to survive. While it may be a lot more subtle than how caveman hunted for food or how one country waged a war against another, it all comes down to survival.

Have you ever sat down at your office desk with a huge pile of files in front of you, seeking for excitement? Have you ever dreamed of being an armed office while watching an action movie? Do you want to experience that action? Here’s Rules of Survival Wallhack PC for you! We give you Rules of Survival PC Wallhack, the one PC game that stands out to be the best among all the other survival games in the market.

NetEase made all your childhood dreams come true, with this game you can march down into the enemy’s camp with a bunch of your friends, tear their camp down and place your flag. You could even wage wars just to establish and expand your territory. ROS Wallhack PC can give you the aesthetic pleasure of surviving and playing this action-packed game.

ROS WallHack PC 2018

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Rules of Survival PC Wallhack Features

The advent of technology and smartphones gave us a lot of great things. They gave us games, applications, tools and even increased our productivity. ROS PC Wallhack is packed with all the features that will make the techie in you fall in love. The features of ROS PC Wallhack include amazing surround sound quality, detailed graphics and epic storyline.

ROS Wallhack PC Graphics

We all crave for excellent graphics when it comes to playing games. ROS PC Wallhack has graphics that are so detailed and are of such high quality, that it could be written off as NetEase’s best game ever. The player movements, fights, and even the kills are so detailed, it’s almost like a real-life game.

ROS PC Wallhack– More Features

The game is packed with features like a great storyline, excellent sound, amazing in-depth gameplay, unlimited weapons, various player modes and even cheats and tricks.

Rules of Survival WallHack PC Download

How to do ROS Wallhack on PC

Many people get scared the minute they read or hear the word Wallhack. Wallhacks are as simple as installing an APK file on your phone.

#1. Firstly make sure to download a good injector program from the web. Use something that is genuinely good. Many websites just show injector programs but they turn out to be fake.

#2. Once you have that injector program installed. Open your browser and download the ROS PC Download DLL file. You need the file to be in a DLL format so that it can be injected. You can get the download injector from the most popular website unknown cheats and for Android devices, you can download ROS MOD APK!

#3. Open Rules of Survival PC Wallhack and then run the injector program.

#4. Once you open the injector program, it will ask you locate the DLL file. Locate the DLL file and complete the injection successfully.

#5. All it takes is a few simple clicks. Once the popup window shows that the injection has been done successfully, then you can open the game and continue playing.

Conclusion for ROS WallHack 2019!

By following the instructions above, you can perform Rules of Survival PC Wallhack by yourself. It’s as simple as installing an application on your PC. Once you’ve completed the Wallhack, you can enjoy the benefits that this game has to offer. Not only can you enjoy surviving out in the wilderness but you can also relax and unwind after a long day. So, what are you waiting for? Download ROS Wallhack 2019 for PC Now! Stay tuned to our games section for more exciting PC games!

Bluestacks Android N Download PC Windows

Bluestacks N Beta Download for Windows 10/8.1/7 PC/Laptop!

Bluestscks N Beta

New Year calls for newer innovations in the market. Despite the endless technology advancements, one can’t still easily run Android applications on their respective PCs. There is no denying the fact that individuals do have access to operating their Android applications on their PCs, but the word here is “easily.” It is quite a tedious task when it comes to running applications on desktops. In a difficult time like this, a platform like BlueStacks really comes handy. The developers of BlueStacks have launched a brand new Bluestacks N beta version of its application.

With this, smartphone users are now a step closer to bridging the divide that exists between experiencing the Android smartphone journey on Windows or Apple Mac computers. However, due to Android’s open nature, there is no one way of establishing compatibility between the operating system and the desktop device. Each year, Android receives an upgrade, which comes with a whole new range of functionality. This can end up causing a lot of problems for Android emulators like BlueStacks.

BlueStacks KitKat vs BlueStacks N

The original BlueStacks version was based on Android 4.4.4 KitKat. In other words, users could not gain access to the latest applications and games through this operating system. They would only be able to use the standard content that was provided through Android 4.4.4 back then. The developers made a good decision by bringing about the latest BlueStacks Android N version to the forefront. With this, the developers have been able to open up a whole new world of Android content that individuals can experience at the comfort of their home desktops and laptops.

Bluestacks Android N Download PC Windows

The beta version comes with a range of new updates, including BlueStack’s latest HyperG Graphics System. This, in turn, makes the functionality of games run smoother as well as faster. In addition to this, there is a range of new improvements brought by the Android N version itself.

BlueStacks Android N: What’s New?

Interested individuals are requested to note that the BlueStacks Android N version is made available through the beta version. An official public roll-out of the final version is expected to be made available in the span of next couple of weeks. The BlueStacks N comes free of any particular price. However, the software does include some hidden costs in terms of system requirements. Following given are the main features of BlueStacks N:

#1. Processor

The developers of BlueStacks have kept one thing in mind, i.e. not to build a platform that is heavily dependent upon the processor’s power, in order to deliver several performances. In other words, you don’t necessarily require the assistance of a powerful processor. However, you will still be dependent upon the latest version of Intel or either AMD.

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#2. Storage

Even though, the software itself does not take up a lot of space within the processor. There is still a requirement for the processor to at least depend on a processor that features 4GB to 6GB of RAM. This ensures a stable performance for the processor. Moreover, the more Android applications that you add, the more space you will be required to use.

#3. Can run any Android apps

The original BlueStacks version was based on Android 4.4.4 KitKat. In other words, users could not gain access to the latest applications and games through this operating system. They would only be able to use the standard content that was provided through Android 4.4.4 back then. The developers made a good decision by bringing about the latest BlueStacks Android N version to the forefront. With this, the developers have been able to open up a whole new world of Android content.

Download Bluestacks N Nougat Beta

#4. Core focus

In theory, BlueStacks N supports all types of Android applications. The main focus for BlueStacks is to run Android games on PCs. However, it does go beyond this. It even goes beyond simply running games by integrating with live streaming platforms such as Twitch and Facebook Live. The hype around Android emulators for PCs have consistently died down. This is because of the lack of development and updates around this concept. However, a platform like BlueStacks N could definitely be good news, especially for the niche gaming market.

BlueStacks N Beta Download

Things to keep in mind before you download BluestacksN Beta version:

  1. The BlueStacks N is only available in beta version.
  2. The platform currently runs on Android Nougat OS.
  3. The version is purportedly made faster to perform.
  4. This version requires your computer to meet certain performance requirements since it is the beta version.
  5. If upgrading from a previous version, you might lose the existing data. Please backup your data before proceeding.

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Minimum System Requirements for Bluestacks Nougat Version

  1. OS: Windows
  2. Processor: Intel/AMD Processor with virtualization extensions (VT/SVM) enabled in the BIOS.
  3. RAM: 4GB RAM
  4. HDD: 4GB Disk Space
  5. You must be an Administrator on your PC.
  6. Up to date graphics drivers from Microsoft or the chipset vendor.

BlueStacks N Beta will work on systems that fulfill the minimum systems requirements. However, for a superior gameplay experience, Recommended System Requirements are mentioned below.

Recommended System Requirements

  1. OS: Windows 10
  2. Processor: Intel Core i5-680 (PassMark 3500) or higher processor with virtualization extensions enabled in the BIOS
  3. Graphics: Intel HD 5200 (PassMark 750) or higher
  4. Memory: 6GB or higher
  5. HDD: SSD (or fusion)
  6. Internet: Broadband connection to access games, accounts and related content

Where to Download Bluestacks N Beta?

You will find a link to download BlueStacks N on the official website which is bluestacks.com and if you want to download the older version of Bluestacks, you can check it here! The instructions for the same will be provided on the official website. Download Bluestacks N Beta version here. Make sure that you read the guidelines before you install Bluestacks Android N on your Windows 10 PC. Because if your system doesn’t meet recommended requirements, you may face problems while installing it or using it.

Conclusion of Bluestacks N

The hype around Android emulators for PCs have consistently died down. This is because of the lack of development and updates around this concept. However, a platform like BlueStacks N could definitely be good news, especially for the niche gaming market.

Bluestacks Download

Bluestacks 3 Download for Windows 7,8,10 PC & Mac!

Bluestacks 3 Download

Wondering what is Bluestacks 3 download? Ever heard of Android Emulators? To know Bluestacks, first, you need to understand what an Android Emulator is. For all those who love using apps and playing games on a screen that is large and gives you the feel of enjoyment and comfort, Android emulators are the solution to your requirements.

In the present market, there are lots of options available that lets you download Bluestacks 3 and install your favorite apps and games on your computer.It basically provides the apt environment required for the purpose of letting you run numerous Android apps on your computer.

Bluestacks 3 download is the most powerful emulator. In one single line to speak about Bluestacks, it is one of the best emulators for Windows and Mac so that you can run free Android Apps. It uses innovative app “Cloud Computing” for the purpose of working like a connection for mobile and desktop. The founders of Bluestacks are both Indian- Rosen Sharma, Jay Vaishnav and is a product of an American silicon-based company.

Bluestacks 3 Download

Features of Bluestacks 3 PC Download

Bluestacks is of extreme use and has many interesting features to one’s advantage. Some of them are as follows:

  • Designed for both Windows and Macintosh computers
  • Used to be free of cost but now may be costing some money like $2 monthly basis for helping mobile apps to run fast and fullscreen.
  • Safe to use.
  • Free from the virus or any other malware.
  • Efficient privacy and policies.
  • No requirement of loads of storage or high-end computers.
  • Minimum Requirements-2GB RAM, 9GB storage, and administrator privilege, latest card drivers.
  • File size around 100MB.
  • It supports multiple languages.
  • Comes under the freeware license.
  • Bluestacks offline installer files available too.
  • Excellent user interface.
  • Free version as well as a premium version of Bluestacks available.

Latest Version: Bluestacks N Beta Download

Bluestacks 3 Free Download for Windows 7,8,10

Don’t get panicked! The overall process wouldn’t even take 10 minutes to get the installation of Bluestacks 3 for Windows 8, 7 or 10 if you have minimum hardware requirements and fast internet connection. Here are the steps you need to follow to download Bluestacks 3 on PC.

  1. Go to Bluestacks official website or download it from here!
  2. On the right side, you will get to see a blue colored “Download” button. Click on the download button of Bluestacks Offline Installer.
  3. Depending on the speed of your net connection, Bluestacks starts downloading itself.
  4. After the download is complete, double-click on the executable file to start the installation.
  5. There will appear some instructions on your screen. Follow through them and Bluestacks 3 will be completely installed.
  6. A shortcut will be created on the screen which means Bluestacks for Windows 7/8/8.1/10 is ready to use.

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Download Bluestacks

Download Bluestacks 3 for Mac

Owning a Mac computer and also wish you could run Android apps on your Mac? Well in such a case too, Bluestacks for Mac is the best solution to the thought in your mind. Bluestacks app player is available for all iMac, Mac Pro, Macbook Air/Pro. In short, Bluestacks download can be run on any of your Mac Computer.

  • Go to the official site of Bluestacks or download it from this link.
  • Wait till it is completely downloaded.
  • Open Bluestacks and login to your Google account.
  • Now you can start using Bluestacks Emulator.

How Bluestacks is Better than Other App Players

Some of the Android Apps and games are pre-installed in Bluestacks download like WhatsApp, Facebook, Clash of Clans, etc. Mainly these are shortcuts, that is once you click them it will redirect you to Google Play Store to actually download it.

You can enjoy playing various games like Clash of Clans, Candy crush saga, Subway Surfers, Temple Run, Angry Birds etc because it aims to please the gamers mainly. You can also try out Totally Accurate Battle Simulator as well. Apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Hike, Line, WeChat, etc. can also be used on Bluestacks emulator.

Conclusion of Bluestacks Download

For all those who were wondering how to use the apps or games on your PC/Mac, go for Bluestacks Download with no second thoughts required. Download Bluestacks, use it and let us know your experiences. There is good news for Ubuntu users too as Bluestacks 3 for Ubuntu is also available. Bluestacks 3 get its immense popularity with its high no. of users and their continuous reviews. I would say Bluestacks is mainly targeted for the gamers as an audience.

We hope you liked our article and it was of help to you. In case you have any doubts regarding Bluestacks download or any other emulators, feel free to ask us by commenting in the comment section below. We would be extremely happy to be able to help you. Any suggestion from your side, all are welcome on Nox App Player blog. Share as much as you can and recommend it to your friends and family too.

Xbox 360 Emulator

Xbox 360 Emulator for PC: Download Xenia Xbox 360 Emulator Now!

Xbox 360 Emulator for PC

Xenia is an advanced XBox 360 Emulator for PC that has been released recently. This software can be downloaded from the official website of Xenia. However, just like any other software, it has multiple versions which are being uploaded on fixing bugs and resolving issues and therefore when you’re downloading, make sure that you download the most recent version of Xenia Emulator to run.

What is an XBox Emulator for PC, if you ask? It’s a software that simulates the gaming console and changes the way it works. Emulation is a process which involves simulation of the hardware XBox 360 so that another system can run the programs that have been designed for the original system and in this case, the XBox 360. And if you want to play Android games on PC, then you need to download Bluestacks or Leapdroid or Nox on your computer or laptop.

Xenia Emulator

The Emulators are developed by the game developers and used by the gamers to run the old games even if they work for a particular system other than the 360. In a nutshell, the Xenia XBox 360 Emulator doesn’t work with any other console, and it helps in running the classic games for this specific console. It can also play a wide domain of console systems, games, arcade systems and the 286/386 DO Simulators which enable the old games to become compatible with the modern PCs. If you are a Play Station addict and want to play PS games on your Android devices, here are some of the best PPSSPP Games for Android to check out!

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Xbox 360 Emulator

Features of XBox 360 Emulator for PC

This Emulator for PC is exclusively potential because of the highly functional features.

#1. It is highly safe and secured and therefore is risk-free and free from threats.

#2. It also is full of capacity to store eminent information and data to the SD card automatically.

#3. It helps you in using the consoles in an elevated way without any attached drivers.

#4. It can be used to control the effective use of smartphones and web browsers.

#5. Additionally, it helps in translating the game language to various global languages.

So these are some exceptional features of Xenia Emulator for PC. This is what all you can do on your PC while playing Xbox games. But if you want to play the Xbox games on your Android devices, you need to download APK Data and OBB files at the same time. I have posted similar games such as PES 2017NBA 2K17 APK & Battlefield 1 APK which are Xbox games but can be played on Android devices! 🙂

Games Supported in Xenia XBox 360 Emulator for PC

The recent release of the XBox 360 Emulator for PC loads many games into your console which are even beyond your main menu. The Emulator is an open source software which is created by a tiny group of game developers and therefore it works on both Windows and Mac. Xenia XBox 360 Emulator for PC is compatible with the 64 Bit versions of Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 along with mac OS.

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Games Supported on Xbox Emulator for PC

Some of the classic games include Astropop, Puzzle Bobble live, A-Train HX, Doritos Dash of Destruction, Yu-Gi-oh! Decade Duels, Phantom Breaker, Soltrio Solitaire, Steins Gate, Bejeweled 2, Retro City Rampage, Jewel Quest, Bullet Soul, Alien Hominid, Death Smiles, Doom, The Conveni 200X etc.

Downloading and Loading the BIOS file of XBox 360 Emulator

You can download the latest build or compile of Xbox 360 Emulator from PC from source on the official website. Before downloading, note that you need to have a graphic chip which supports OpenGL 4.5 and a processor that supports Haswell or Intel Sandy Bridge. However, right after downloading the XBox 360 Emulator file, you need to modify the BIOS file to load it. It depends if you want to run the classic games as images or to run from the BD.

It is preferred to run them as images instead of running them straight from the original BD. XBox 360 Emulator for PC is embedded with features that will help you in changing the settings very easily. To do this, you have to change the graphic options compatible for the graphic card initially. An explicit thing about the XBox 360 Emulator for PC is that it can load the coherent settings on its own as default. The procedure to download 3DS emulator is quite different if you want to play Nintendo 3DS games on your PC and Mac.

Once after loading the game, the emulation of XBox 360 Emulator for PC follows. Now, you can start it by switching the process on the console. This mode enables you in choosing the game with the help of a remote and a connected USB drive.

Xbox 360 Emulator for PC

Download XBox 360 Emulator for PC and Play Games

  1. To play the games with the Xenia Emulator, you will need a ROM file or a XBox 360 Blu-Ray of the game. To start playing a game, select the game by going to the “File” Option.
  2. Go to Open File and then pick Blu-Ray or “From file.”
  3. Use the emulator as the default BIOS of XBox 360 as it is illegal to use the copy.
  4. Therefore, it is important to find original BIOS before running this emulator.

So this is how the overall process of download Xenia Emulator is done! You can follow the procedure and it’s very easy to implement.

Conclusion of Xbox Emulator

On the whole, it helps in enhancing the gaming experience. In case if you are not in favor of the Nintendo consoles, you can try different projects which are developed for these consoles as a support.

That being said, XBox 360 Emulator for PC is rather an interesting addition to your arsenal. Besides this, you can also go through GBA4iOS which is an advanced emulator download GBA games on iOS. 🙂 Stay tuned to Emulators section for more!

Nox App Player Download for PC

Nox App Player Free Download For Windows PC & MAC!

Nox App Player Download 

The Nox App Player download is one of the latest and most advanced of Android emulators. Android Emulators creates an interface of a Smartphone operating system on a personal computer. It is like having a phone on the computer.

It allows its users to download, install and use many applications used in a Smartphone on their Personal computers. The Nox App allows people to run Android applications on both PCs and Notebooks. This App is one of the best android emulators! It is also free of cost. If anyone wants to play games like candy crush, temple run, etc. on a bigger screen, this is the perfect application to provide this experience.

Nox App Player Download for PC

Features & Recent Updates of Nox App Player 5.2.1.o

  • Nox App Player download runs on the 4.4.2 KitKat version of Android OS and is very user-friendly.
  • The application allows multiplayer options, multiple account access at the same time if the computer’s ram can support the processes involved.
  • Display settings customization available to users. The screen resolution can be HD or 720 according to requirement.
  • Other settings like graphics, performance, RAM use, and CPU speed settings also can be changed, unlike the popular bluestack emulator.
  • It is ideal to use to test out the application on the PC before installing onto the smartphone which would otherwise be a cause for unwanted security breach or viruses.
  • Access Key change is also possible. It offers Root access without additional processing.
  • Installing APK files just involves dragging and dropping the files into the application.
  • It is one of the best and the fastest simulator application and is free from advertisements.
  • The Nox application does not have an app drawer facility.
  • The Nox application data can be backed up on the PC or laptop so that no data is lost in the process of updating the application.
  • The application has a section that gives operation tips for user convenience.

Changes in Nox

  • The latest version which is Nox App Player of the application has a redesigned UI. The design is more minimalistic and user-friendly.
  • There is a new feature called as a theme center that allows customization of the screen interface.
  • Many bugs and inefficiencies removed to improve performance and speed of the program.
  • Rotating option available to flip the screen between vertical and Horizontal versions.
  • Optimized Keyboard settings and file sharing in the NoxPlayer.
  • Pre-installs SuperSU to the device allowing instant access to the applications.
  • Another exciting fact is that the latest version of the application supports the game of Pokemon Go as well!

Nox App Player Download

How to Download Nox App Player for PC

To Nox App Player download for the PC, there are two ways, online or offline. To install the latest of the Nox Player versions, the offline installer is the best option. Then afterward updations are better done online. Listed below are the steps to install Nox on a PC.

  • Go to the official website or click on this download link of Nox App Player download and the application for the PC version.
  • Install it onto the PC and select start.
  • Once installed, download the installer updates too. Launch the application and create a new account on the application interface.
  • If the user already has a google account then an existing account can be used to login, otherwise it is required to create a new account.
  • Once logged in the person can now access the emulator and download other games and applications on google play.

How to Download Nox Player for Mac

When you arrive at the point where all your friends with Android phones find it super easy to Nox App Player download and you are left behind. This happens to everyone who uses i-devices basically. Now, with a Macbook, you must be feeling the same way as if you are too special for any app.If it is paid at somewhere then download free TuTu App which will allows you to download paid apps for free! It is all going to change with Nox App Player. Let us check how it can be fit in your Mac.

If the device to be installed is a Mac then the steps listed below can be used.

Nox App Player download for Mac can be obtained from the official Nox website or from here.

  • Once downloaded install the application onto the Mac. It takes some time, due to the size of the application.
  • Launch the application from the shortcut created on the desktop or alternatively searching for programs on the Mac for the Nox App Player can also get the application.
  • Launch and sign into the google account already existing or create a new one.
  • Launch Google Play available on the Nox App Player download any of the applications available as per requirement.

How to Use Nox Player?

Nox App Player download can be used almost exactly like an Android OS. The application is mainly used to access smartphone application on a PC or Mac.

The application can be used to play games, take pictures and access social media and app only stores. Whatsapp is another useful tool that is widely used by everyone and can be downloaded, installed and used with the help of the Nox application.

Minimum System Requirements

To be downloaded and use the application on the PC or Laptop, it has to satisfy a few minimum requirements.

  • A 2.2 GHz processor
  • A 2 GB Ram
  • 1 to 2 GB Video memory
  • 5 GB space on the hard disk
  • Graphics Card is optional and used for gaming

The only downside to the application is that it does not support some Operating systems like iOS and Ubuntu. But apart from that, the Nox application is an excellent free android simulator that maximizes the Smartphone-like experience and gives its users endless possibilities. To download another latest emulators check out this section and download the emulator which you like the most!

In the near future, the company is expected to release the application on later versions of the Android application of Nox App Player download. The application is also expected to run on Linux operating system in the near future.