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WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro Review & Giveaway [Lifetime License Key]

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In the world of online streaming services, there are many who still have the same love for buying DVDs. Be it a movie or a cartoon series, there are a plethora of users who still prefer buying a DVD over watching them on platforms like Netflix or Disney +.

That being said, there are various DVD rippers available for Windows 10. I’ve personally tested out quite a few of them and found WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro as one of the finest amongst them. A lot of other ripping software come with malicious virus and hidden scripts in them.

WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro Review

To keep your systems safe, I would recommend you to use WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro as it’s clean and safe from all malicious activities. This was my first concern when I was trying various DVD rippers available online. What’s more interesting is, the speed at which WonderFox’s DVD Ripper Pro works is RAPID! Let’s have a look at some of the other features of WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro software.

#1. Easy to Use & Simple UI!

A lot of other DVD rippers are great at ripping the DVDs but somewhere I feel they have a complex interface. As a first time user, I would prefer to get a simple UI which doesn’t need any guidance or quick tour to understand the software.

Simple User Interface of DVD Ripper Pro

Be it a DVD disc or an ISO image file, you’ve got all options to convert the files to MP4 or MP3 or any other format which you want to. For simple UI and easy to find options, I would definitely rate it 10/10 for this particular feature as I personally loved this the most. I am sure you’ll love it too.

#2. Forget About Copying Data from DVD!

Well, if you still do so, you’re wasting a lot of time to be honest. When you have a software like WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro, it hardly takes 10 minutes to rip a DVD directly to your hard drive. Sounds interesting, isn’t it?!

Copying data from DVD to your system or to store it in another DVD would only end up in having multiple DVDs for no reasons until you have to give it to someone else. Instead, simply rip the DVD using DVD Ripper Pro and store it in your hard drive or any other device that you often use.

#3. Rip DVD Without Losing Quality within 10 Minutes!

With 1:1 quality ratio, you can easily compress the large DVD storage into a small file on your hard drive without losing quality. As you can clearly see in the below image that a DVD with a size of 8.2 GB is being converted to 1.4 GB MP4 file. That’s a lot of space saving on your hard drive.

Rip a DVD in 10 minutes without losing quality

Ripping a DVD under 10 minutes is what I loved about WonderFox’s DVD Ripper Pro and with multiple device support bundled in a single software is just like icing on the cake! Of course, if you have files larger than 2 GB, it can take some time to rip.

#4. RIP a DVD in Just 3 Steps!

Sit back, relax and leave the rest to DVD Ripper Pro as it completes the process in just 3 steps. Load DVD on your system, select the output settings and get started! That’s it! The rest would be taken care by the software itself as you have to just wait for the file to move into your hard drive.

#5. Multiple File Formats Supported!

Be it DVD to MP4 or DVD to MKV or DVD to MPG, Ripper Pro supports most of the audio and video formats that only a few DVD ripper software are capable of.

Multiple Devices Supported with DVD Ripper Pro

Other file formats are AVI, WMV, MOV, MTS, M4V, ASF, DVC, MTS, M2TS, WEBM, FLV, SWF, VOB, F4V, 3GP and 3GP2. So you’ve got a lot of options to choose from based on your requirements.

These are some of the best features of WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro which I loved the most. Of course, there are a lot of other options available in the software which you can try by downloading DVD Ripper Pro.

How Much DVD Ripper Pro Costs?

This costs you $29.95 for a single PC for lifetime and for 3 PCs, it would cost you $89.95 which is named as family license. And if you’re looking for a combination of DVD Ripper and Video converter, it would cost you between $39.95 to $69.95 depending on the offers they have on their website.

But, YOU CAN GET THIS DVD RIPPER PRO FOR FREE! Yes, you heard that right. Enter the giveaway below to win single PC lifetime license key. 

WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro License Key Giveaway!

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Final Verdict!

At the end, I would rate WonderFox’s DVD Ripper Pro 9.5/10 taking all the aspects into the consideration. Let us know just one thing that you love about this software in the comment section! Stay tuned for more such giveaways!

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