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How to Download Instagram Photos Safely

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Instagram has taken a photography to a whole new level. It has become more of an obsession and addiction than a necessity. Wouldn’t it be great, if you could download Instagram photos so that all your obsessive addictions remain sound and safe? No, I’m not blaming anyone for this addiction. Sometime addictions are good.

Users often capture some of the preeminent moments enjoyed with friends and family members. Instagram entirely changed the definition of photography and took it an entirely different level. Users can swiftly apply filters, effects and many other photo enhancement effects to make photos look ineludible.


Previously, we touched this topic by providing some of the services to print Instagram photos. It will be equally useful if we can download Instagram photos so we can keep it as a memory or upload it to different cloud storage services for a backup purpose. Of course, the simplest way to achieve this is to go to your account and download Instagram photos one by one. It sounds as impractical as it is. Instead of following such impractical, time consuming approach one can easily download Instagram images using different online utility.

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Download Instagram Photos and Pictures

Instaport is one of the kind service that allows you to export or download photos from Instagram to your Facebook, Flickr account or PC respectively. So, you can directly share your Instagram photos to Facebook and Flickr followers from this service. It not only takes care of tedious job but also handles repetitive task required to upload images manually. The recent acquisition of Instagram has made Facebook a worthy place to share photos instantly. Even, Facebook has integrated some of stellar features of Instagram into its own dedicated app.

download instagram photos

Alternatively, you can download Instagram videos and photos to the hard disk, which could then be uploaded to cloud service like Google Drive or even Dropbox. Instaport offers a .zip compressed files so it also saves a bandwidth. It is a tad simple to connect to your Instagram account and allow access to instaport to compress all the images and offer them in .zip compressed format. In case, if you want to export it to your social networking account, you are required to  sing into respective service.

Instaport goes one step ahead and provides some of the filtering options to selectively download Instagram photos.  The following options are available

  • Download all instagram photos
  • Last 10 (you can select different number as well) photos
  • Photos taken between a specific date range
  • Photos #tagged with XYZ
  • All photos you liked

Such option comes in very handy, since you can selectively share multiple photos with your Facebook friends without any hassle. Of course, in such situation you have to explore the above options wisely. The last options may raise some eyebrows since not all people like you to see download their image. Nonetheless, it is still a great service with tons of handy options offered.

There are many other similar services which offer similar functionality. One such service is Instagramdownlaoder, a dedicated Windows utility to download Instagram photos on your PC. Once again, it will offer a plethora of options to make downloading Instagram images an easy errand. If you are inclined, then you can donate to keep the service up and running. Moreover, if you want to download videos from Instagram, there are plenty of tools available but the best Instagram video downloader which is trusted by many users around the globe is downvid.org

Do you prefer to download instagram photos on your PC or export it to Facebook account?

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