Funny Notes for Instagram in 2022: 100+ Notes Ideas!

Instagram notes are meant to share your feelings with your friends in your message box. It could be anything like a note to friend, note to your boyfriend or girlfriend, sad note, food note, funny note, inspiring note, and more.

That said, if you’re looking for ideas to post some funny notes on your Instagram chat box and make it lively, we’ve got you covered! Most of the Instagram notes are funny but a few aim to teach you a lot of things too, be it finance or in life or even love. Confused?

Keep reading to get the other side of funny notes for Instagram and surprise your friends with quirky notes! Before you move ahead, have a look at the dashboard of Instagram Notes to get an idea about how it looks like.

Instagram Notes Dashboard - How it Looks Like

Funny Instagram Notes

What’s good about him? A few extra inches!

Stop sending reels to me, for god sake!

Do not peep into my message box. Period!

Don’t you dare to message me!

No pranks please, I’m tired of it!

Funny Instagram Notes for Everyone

Don’t tag me in your stories, I’m sick of unknown requests!

Don’t gift me baby dolls, I’ve  now grown up!

You’re just here to check my note, seriously?

No more Bollywood masalas please!

Who on earth makes Fanta Maggi?

Technology Notes for Instagram

Technology is a tool which could prosper or destroy humanity.

Technology gives us power to change the world.

Technology connects Science to the world.

Technology today is evolving at a blink of an eye.

Funny Notes for Instagram on Food

Instagram Notes on Food

Who on earth makes Palak Paneer ice-cream?

People who eat junk food are always the best!

Eating fast food makes people fast?

2 cutting chai la chote! (bring 2 half Tea my boy!)

Good food choices are better investments.

When you eat healthy you look healthy.

Food is Love!

Funny Instagram Notes for Friends or Friendship

Instagram Notes on Friendship

Chal Chai pete hai (Let’s have some tea)

Khopdi tod re uska (Break his head right away!)

Voh teri Bhabhi hai, chance mat maar.

Always Better Together.

Find Someone Who Brings Best from You.

A Best-Friend Will Support You in Your Tough Times Too.

Don’t Loose Your Bff Because You’ll Never Find Like Him Again.

Some Friendship Don’t Need Daily Talks.

Friends are just a call away!

Friends are life!

True friendship doesn’t need a definition!

Sad Instagram Notes

Sad Instagram Notes

I feel lonely, period!

Someone give me a ray of hope!

Don’t torture me again!

I don’t want to fall in love again!

Love at first sight, divorce at first fight!

Why this happens only with me all time?

Funny Instagram Notes for Couples

Instagram Notes on Couples

Wanna go out on a date?

What’s safety? A helmet probably.

Were you with someone else yesterday night?

I wish I was there with you!

I really miss you like anything!

Please come back soon, I cannot live without you!

Cute Instagram Notes

Cute Instagram Notes

Why should boys have all the fun?

How can you do this to me?

I’m so jealous of you guys (who’re traveling)

She’s so cute and smooth as a butter!

Instagram Notes on Finance

Instagram Notes on Finance

Money Kept in Bank = Less Financial Knowledge.

Money Earned Is Not the Real Measurement of Wealth.

Your Spending Habits Decide Your Financial Freedom.

Gold Is the Only Source of True Wealth in Long-Term

Insurance Is Not an Investment but Capital Protection.

Best Instagram Notes

Journey you decided, ends with Destination you never chose.

Acceptation starts when expectations end.

Overthinking can stop when thinking is over.

Hello? Go with the flow, it is never easy though.

It feels good to be good.

Wrapping Up…

I hope you enjoyed the funniest Instagram notes on our blog. Stay tuned to GeniusGeeks and we will surely update you with some of the best notes for Instagram so you get to post a new note every day, be it a day or night!

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