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Google Drive Alternatives: List That You’ve Been Craving For

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google drive alternatives

With all biggie indulging into the cloud storage arena to somehow bite out the market share of other company, it became easy for end-users to opt for desired service. However, with abundant options available choosing a right cloud service is an intricate problem. Google Drive- the latest online cloud service cum file sharing service– venture from search engine giant made a huge buzz. In near of distant future, we’ll see a huge scrimmage between gigantors like Google Drive, Microsoft’s SkyDrive, Apple’s iCloud etc.

Past couple of weeks have been fruitful in terms of new cloud service and features it has to offer. Yesterday, SkyDrive app for Windows Phone was updated and it solves long pending option of uploading same quality image. SkyDrive desktop app was also released with heaps of features and up to 25GB of free space for veteran users. Google’s Drive also debuted in the market with dedicated apps for android users and Windows/ Mac users. Google Drive is of more interest to us since Google docs is now merged into Drive. We’ve investigated some of the popular cloud service to whether they’re worthy Google Drive alternatives or not.

Alternatives like Dropbox, SkyDrive, Ubuntu One and Minus are already available in the market. Some of the alternative like Dropbox provides measly 2GB of storage while SkyDrive offers beefy 25GB storage. Moreover, both of ‘em provides mobile clients and desktop client version to contend with other service providers.

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Alternatives to Google Drive

Below are some of the best Google Drive alternative listed in no particular order


If you’re here searching for a worthy Google Drive alternatives then you probably should be aware of Dropbox. In fact, Dropbox was one of the first service that lured other competitors and made them realize the huge potential which lies beneath them. Dropbox already has iOS, android and BlackBerry client for smartphone users. Moreover, they have partnered with HTC to provide 23GB extra dropbox storage which is a win-win situation if you’ve qualified HTC android handset with you. Dropbox often offer free storage and referral storage in case if you’ve a huge follower. This way you can snatch some extra storage for your personal use.


Dropbox client is also available on other popular platform like Windows, Linux and Mac. In addition, you can upgrade to more storage if you wish to score more storage. However, the price plan of Dropbox seems to be too steep for normal users. What makes Dropbox makes unique is third-party tools that make Dropbox much more useful cloud service. Users can sync files, docs, mp3 music, video and heaps of other formats are supported. You can also easily share links to your friends on different social networks.


SkyDrive is a service to watch in near future. After all, software giant Microsoft is backing up SkyDrive service. Microsoft offers free space of up to 25GB with SkyDrive. Naturally, SkyDrive supports document generation on the cloud. Windows Phone and PC users will find it very useful as it makes sharing documents extremely easy. SkyDrive displays the content from the different PC with the PC Name which makes it extremely easy for end-users to sync content from multiple PC. It is very easy to identify which files are from which PC.


The web version of SkyDrive lets you create documents on the go. Users can easily manage permission and create short links to share it to different social networking sites. Web interface also provides easy move feature in case if you wish to move files, folders. Users can embed files or share images with other, create a slideshow etc. Alternatively, you can also add tags to it and do much more.

SkyDrive is available on popular platforms like Windows, Mac, iOS, Windows Phone and Web. The file size limit in SkyDrive is 2GB whereas in Dropbox it is unlimited (depends on how much space you’ve nabbed).

Ubuntu One

ubuntu oneUbuntu One was created keeping Ubuntu Linux OS users in mind. But it doesn’t mean that it is not available for other system. In fact, it is already available on mobile platform like iOS, Android and Windows PC. version. The newer Ubuntu distribution has Ubuntu One service built into the OS which makes it easy for the users and developer to take full advantage of the service. Not only does it sync the content but users can stream and share them as well. Latter part does not come free. Users would have to pay around $4 per month if they wish to stream music, video to other device. Similar to Google Drive selective sync service is also made available in this cloud service.

Ubuntu One is popular amongst Ubuntu users and does offer nifty features. The web version will let you manage and control your files and folders. Initially, it offers 5GB of free space which is more than twice as much as dropbox offers and almost half of what SkyDrive has to offer. Needless to say it is always good to have plenty of options on the hand.


Almost all of the above service providers have sidelined users of Symbian and Windows Mobile. This is where SugarSync comes into play. SugarSync also provides an Outlook plugin which is extremely useful for the users of Outlook product. Similar to dropbox, it lets you upload the file of any size. Security concerned users can even set the permission and password to the folders of their choosing.

sugarsync google drive alternative

SugarSync also lets you backup any folder on your computer. Initially, it offers 5GB of free space and business users can upgrade to premium tier service which offers 30GB and higher space from as little as $4.99 per month. It is definitely superior and offer some unmatchable features like API support for developers, versioning ability, backup any folder, multiple computer support with proper naming, upload/sync email and more.

It supports Windows, Mac OS, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Android, Symbian, Kindle Fire, Outlook plugin and mobile website version. Sugarsync is indeed a perfect example of how online cloud storage service should be made.

Few more Google Drive Alternatives

Here is a list of few more alternatives of Google Drive service

  • Mozy
  • Amazon Cloud Drive
  • SpiderOak
  • Wuala
  • Minus
  • iCloud
  • Syncplicity
  • LiveDrive

Obviously, it would not be possible for us to mention each and every service out there. Do let us know if you’ve find any other worthy Google Drive alternatives that you want it to get featured over here.

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