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Just a couple of days back, we received a request to provide websites that allow users to download Chinese music for free. The traditional music of China is very famous and is still being played in many movies. Who can ever forget the famous dragon dance played along with China’s traditional music? Chinese music is known for its soothing effect and harmony. China has a rich tradition and is one of the oldest country that helped with music to the mass. On the contrary, China has a high rate of music piracy which costs them dearly. According to Wikipedia, the music market in China is 22nd largest in the world and is worth US$82. 8 million.

Keeping piracy in mind, one can easily understand that it is not so difficult to download Chinese music from various online resources. The roots of piracy are very deep and so are the places to download them. Due to such issues, music producers have opted to provide free music through search engines and in return they split the profits. Well, instead of indulging in piracy, let’s talk about the ways to download Chinese music legally. Obviously, the first name comes in any Chinese user’s mind would be Baidu. The search giant has stockpile music from various categories. Even, search engine mammoth Google has started serving free music from its dedicated Chinese.

Let’s start exploring sites to download Chinese music/ songs for free

Chinese Music Downloading Sites


Everyone in China is aware of Google alternatives of China. The Baidu search engine has a dedicated mp3 portal from where you can download latest Chinese mp3 songs for free. It also offers a variety of music. Users can also download top 10, 100, 500 music. Even, it provides recommended songs which are trending China wide. There are heaps of other categories available which also serves music from 70s, 80s to this date. The site lets you download music in various formats like MP3, WMA and SWF. They can be played on any latest music players for PC (here is our compilation of the best music players for android).

baidu chinese mp3 songs

Go to and begin your mp3 search. Enter your favorite artist, song or select desired categories from the homepage sidebar. As you might have suspected by now, it only allows searching from China. If you’re finding it difficult to search and download, then free proxies might come in handy.

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Well, even Google is not far behind from Baidu in this aspect. Google had started providing free Chinese music download back in 2009. It quickly became one of the most popular music search engine which serves millions of songs. Users can either listen to them online or download them to listen to them at leisure. However, there is a catch. You need to be connected from China in order to enjoy the free music. Of course, there are work around, if you know what we’re talking about. Google has partnered with in China to begin their venture. It’s only biggest competitor is Baidu.

google cn chinese music download

There are many top notch music labels who have partnered with Google China to distribute free music legally to the end users. If you see a notification like ‘Music streaming in / download services are not available in our region’, then you better start using Chinese proxies to rescue you.


Sogou is arguably the best amongst the breeds. It has a humongous collection of latest songs and tracks. The site has a clutter-less user interface which makes it one of the best sites to download free Chinese music from. It supports downloading of a variety of formats like MP3, WMA, RAM. Users can listen to the songs or play all the popular songs listed on the website. Later, they can move ahead to download them. They also have a collection of latest songs, popular songs and categories based on genre. If that’s not all, they also enlist world’s best DJ, European and American pop charts and Japanese, Korean music as well. In short, Sogou is the place from where you can not only get free Chinese music but also western music.

sogou free chinese music

An option like search based on music format like Mp3, WMA, RM makes it extremely easy to listen to and download songs according to their titles. The top navigation helps in navigating to music based on your interest or artist name. Visit for more details.

Above sites works best in case if you’re interested in downloading Chinese music legally. There are many other useful resources, but above sites are sufficient enough. We would like to listen to your opinion. Would you be interested in suggesting your favorite website from where our readers can  download Chinese music legally for free? Sound off in the comment section below.

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