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Manage Multiple Cloud Storage Services Efficiently With These Tools

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The deluge of cloud storage services have put users in dilemma as which service to opt for in first place. However, it also resolves fundamental problem of dearth of hard disk space. Today’s advanced users yearn for more and more space has led us to innumerable cloud service providers with free goodies offer for all. SkyDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive (GDrive Guide and Installation instructions), Box are some of the popular services that people often use to save their important data.

The aggrandizement of cloud service is due to the fact that it makes it tad simple to access your content without need of computer. However, using multitude of cloud services takes significant chunk of your disk space and requires you to use either web version or dedicated separate app to manage them. The problem doesn’t lies beneath the cloud services but their efficient management.

I’m sure there are thousands of people using multiple cloud storage service to satisfy their ever evolving need of free space. Hence it becomes essential to manage multiple cloud services with some sort of tool(s) that will save our precious time and efforts. Apparently, third-party developers always jump onto bandwagon to offer all-in-one solution to the users in need. Instead of concentrating on hardcore features of different cloud storage service, we will concentrate on management of those services only. But why use such management tool you ask? Imagine a scenario where you use multiple services to store multiple images, one from your Instagram folders and other to backup images from Flickr. How is it possible to remember which service used you to backup what files? Now you understood the need of managing multiple cloud storage services, don’t you?

Tools to Manage Multiple Cloud Storage Services


Otixo is a free (and paid) service that will let you manage multiple cloud storage accounts from a single interface. While paid service offers unlimited bandwidth, free version lets you use 250MB bandwidth usage per month. Otixo is available on both Mac and Windows making it easy to manage different accounts on most popular OS.

It will enlist all your files on cloud to enable you to manage them. Speaking of management, you can search files across multiple services, share them with friends and colleagues, preview them, copy and move them across different cloud services etc.

otixo cloud storage service

Otixo supports different services like Dropbox, Box.net, SkyDrive, Google Docs, Picasa, MobileMe, Amazon S3, FTP sites and WebDav account. This web app is extremely simple to understand and integrates well on both OS (Windows and Mac). However, 250MB bandwidth could left your in agony if you’re frequent users of cloud service.


Joukuu is available in both free and paid version. Paid version supports unlimited account while free version supports one account only. Hence, if you’ve multiple accounts on same cloud service say Dropbox then you will not be able to sync content to both accounts. In such case Otixo will come to your rescue since it does support multiple accounts from same service. There are still few caveats of lite version, it doesn’t support automatic backup of your files to your desktop, however, you can use drag drop feature to achieve the same.


Joukuu lite version supports Google Docs, Dropbox and Box.net single account only. Like Otixo, it will let you edit Google docs file, view ‘em and do basic management in efficient way. Offline support for editing Google Docs file through Microsoft office is very handy if you use Google Docs often.


Primadesk application goes one step ahead by providing dedicated iPhone and Android bringing cloud service management on your palm. It is a comprehensive tool that will not only let you manage multiple cloud storage service but also other services like Yahoo!, Flickr, Hotmail, Facebook, Twitter, Picasa and more. The list of services supported of Primadesk is long. For cloud service users, it offers Dropbox, Box.net, SugarSync, Google Docs services. Unified inbox will let you manage various email services like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! from a single interface. It is extremely useful if you often use multiple email services or multiple accounts. Search function will let you search for your content, docs, files across various services. Users can search by date range, topic and content type.

primadesk manage multiple cloud storage services

Drag and drop photos to multiple online services like Facebook, Picasa, Flickr and other. This will help you to upload images on multiple services on one go.

Which Cloud Storage Management Service Is Better?

Primadesk seems to be better than other services. Nonetheless, Otixo and Joukuu are also decent alternatives. Otixo offers wide variety of services so you could also go for it. If you do not care about mobile support then Otixo is a good option. Primadesk does have a premium plan which provides more support. The price slab is $5 and $10 per month, both of them offers unlimited number of services and extra storage 10GB and 30GB respectively. Have you tried any other service to manage multiple cloud storage service?

Do let us know which tool do you prefer to manage multiple cloud storage service.

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