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Best Google Keep Alternatives: A Must Have List of Note Taking Apps

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Just a while back, we covered a desktop client for Google Keep service, which also piqued my mind to look for the best Google Keep alternatives available in the market. Unenlightened or the people who are unaware of what we are talking about should check out the web version of Keep. Principally, it is a note taking app on the cloud that has few more functions which makes it worth your shot. Though many pundits consider it to be in an embryonic phase and a haste decision from a Google to grab the big chunk of a market share.

In an amaranthine battle to become a dominant force in whichever field they jump in, Google has released a half-baked product this time around. It made us wonder as to why would Google do such a thing. Nevertheless, there are many fundamental functions available in the service which will keep you more than happy.

The Android version is already out and the official desktop version is on its way. But power users might not be happy with any of these. Presumptively, this is the reason why people still prefer alternatives of Google Keep. The likes of Evernote, OneNote are already around for years and they are still enjoying the love from the Google. Until and unless Google integrates more feature in Keep, you can try out the alternatives till then. Before, we let you get through the list, we highly recommend you to check out a comparison of popular note taking apps on PCWorld.

google keep alternatives

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Google Keep Rivals

Without further ado, let’s take a quick look at the rivals of Google Keep service. Yo might also want to check Google Drive alternatives collection.


Without a second thought, Evernote is the best note taking app available in the market. Perhaps, it would not too exaggerate to call it superior than the Keep service by search giant. A simple web version doesn’t offer much but the ecosystem of apps make it a worth competitor. Moreover, Evernote dedicated client is essentially available on the all major platform hence it obviously becomes our first choice. Would you like to capture text, voice, images or videos? Well, Evernote has got you covered. Third-party applications like Skitch, Bamboo paper, UberConference, Penultimate, EverClip, Pikki (not pokki) and many other will let you leverage maximum advantage. This is the reason why not only a normal user but even large corporate houses are using Evernote.

evernote google keep alternative

Don’t get stressed. Whatever we have mentioned is available under single roof called Evernote appcenter. Evernote client is available on iOS devices, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry and WebOS. On the computer front, it is available on Mac OS X, Windows desktop and newest Windows 8 platform. If you ask, our personal favorite tools are Skitch to annotate images, Hello to manage contacts on iPhone Web Clipper to save web pages to Evernote account for later access. Hongkiat has provided an awesome tips to use Evernote efficiently.

There are few readymade Evernote templates available which will let you perform certain operations quickly. Do a Google search and you will come to know. We will possibly cover them in the near future on this blog, too.

Try out Evernote


Simplenote is second best alternative of Google Keep. The app is pretty simple can its functionality can be further extended using the tools. With intuitive search and tagging option, you can easily manage your notes through web interface. Not only simple text, you can also store CSV, JSON, XML and few other formats. There are many scripts and extensions available which make your work darn easy. For example gSyncit script will let you sync Microsoft Outlook and Simplenote. Similarly. QuickFox and Syncpad are the add-ons for Firefox and Chrome users respectively. which will let you manage your Simplenote account from your favorite browser. Do you save lot of content on clipboard? click.t and Click.io  will let you send text from your Windows and Mac clipboard to Simplenote account. You can easily share your list with other people. If you’re an Evernote user, then you can import Evernote archive data to Simplenote account through additional tools.


Unfortunately, there is a scarce of rich media options. Hence, it may not be an ideal option for all. Currently, Simplenote is available on Windows, Mac and iOS devices. Support for other devices is expected soon. You can browse the productivity tool from here.

Cloudship App (Discountinued)

Having simplicity at its core, Cloudship offers some of the rugged features that can help individuals as well as professionals alike. Cloudship is not just a simple notes taking app. One can do much more complicated tasks like task management and project management using it. Project management comes with user management. The Project roles setting will let you assign the task to the right people. The inbuilt note taking app comes with an HTML editor. Users can easily jot down the points in a subtle way.

cloudship app

Last and third feature called tasks come with Nested tasks option. If your next task depends on the previous task, then in such a case it is good to have a nested list to understand the dependency. You can schedule task, put reminder, attach files, add tags and manage teams using it. Overall, Cloudship is a perfect application if you’re looking beyond a simple note taking app. Bloggers and marketers like us can really use Cloudship app project and task management tools. Unfortunately, there are no Windows or Mac client available at the moment. You will have to reply upon the web access or Android apps. The iOS app is under construction and should be available at any moment. They deserved to be tagged as Everything done in a simple and agile way.

Wunderlist (Discountinued)

Edit: You can try Microsoft To Do 

A cross-platform Wunderlist 2 has already found a permanent place in my hard drive and Windows Phone. The simplicity of the app and how it works made it into out list of note taking cum to-do list taking app. The app has already received a rave review and has a huge iOS and Android follower base. Basically, there is virtually no platform where Wunderlist is not available.

wunderlist 2

With a single click option, you can share your to-do list with your Facebook friends. The interface is clean simple, not to mention more consistent too. Wunderlist has never been a favorite kid of those who would like to keep application more appealing by changing background. There are a few default backgrounds available which you can choose from the top menu. Preferences will let you select when to notify you with the sound. Wunderlist 2 has recurring tasks integrated in it. Users can schedule a reminder of a particular task. The tool can be used for basic level project management where you can add collaborators and assign them tasks. However, it is too much of a paid and can not be tagged as a project management tool. Power users will definitely love the simplicity of the app. That said, there are no options to manage rich media. In such a case, you will have to depend on the aforementioned options.

Due Mentions

It would be virtually impossible for us to cover each and every app on the earth. Moreover, we feel that we couldn’t fit in many of the Google Keep alternatives that should needs our due attention. Here are they in no particular order.

Microsoft OneNote—suitable for enterprise level persons

Springpad—worthy of your attention. It has a capability upload your pictures, clips and notes.

OmniFocus—works on iOS device

Remember the Milk—somewhat similar to Wunderlist

Things 2—Mac and iOS ready app. To-do and task management application

Catch—available on both iOS and Android device. Visually appealing app with hashtags option, geotags, photo gallery and many other options. Give it a shot and you will not regret, we bet you.

Do you have anything to say about the Google Keep alternatives we listed here? Did your favorite not make the list? Comment section is where you can jot down your thoughts. We will be more than happy to add your suggestion to the above list.

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