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PS5 Errors: A Complete List of Playstation 5 Errors & Fixes!

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The PS5 is one of the most popular gaming consoles and the biggest rival of Microsoft’s Xbox One. The new PS5 has various new features and enhancements in performance due to the high-end CPU, GPU, and ultra-fast SSD, which makes the gameplay faster than ever before. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. We have already published a detailed article on Xbox One error codes and solutions. Similarly, in this article, we are going to discuss PS5 errors and the best possible fixes.

Just like every PS version, PS5 has a new set of bugs and issues. PS5 hardware and software bugs are common, but you can quickly fix them. We’ve listed all the known issues and bugs that you could be facing with PS5.

PS5 Errors and Fixes - A Complete Guide

PlayStation 5 System Bugs and Issues Explained!

As we already mentioned, PS5 comes with a new OS and advanced hardware. Sometimes these new features can cause issues.

1. Dualsense Drift

Dualsense is a common issue, and you may have heard about it if you have ever played Nintendo Switch. The problem is with Joy-Con Drift. In this issue, the controller moves automatically. If you face the same issue and your joystick is moving on its own, then use these steps to fix it.

Step 1: Check the faulty stick on your console and clean it with alcohol. You can also use compressed air to clean all the components.

Step 2: The next step is to update your PS5 with the latest firmware.

Step 3: Try to reset your Dualsense controller using a small needle or pin. Insert it in the hole on the controller’s backside and press the button for 3-5 seconds. Connect the controller with your PS5 again with a USB cable, and then press the PS button.

These steps will fix the issue for sure. If you are still facing the same problem, then you should contact PS5 customer care

2. Can’t Connect to PlayStation Network

Can't connect to the PlayStation Network

Some users have reported that they are unable to connect their PS5 with the Sony PlayStation network. To get rid of this, check your network status. If you are using a WiFi router, then restart your router and see if it works.

Some users have reported issues when downloading games from the network. In this case, make sure your PS5 has enough disk space to download the game. Also, check PS5 network is down or not.

New games are usually responsible for PS5 errors, but they could also occur for no reason. We’re keeping track of each error that occurs and providing solutions. We’ve got a similar article on Disney Plus error codes too where we’ve discussed the most common Disney+ errors that users face. 

3. Games Don’t Install Properly

There are several reasons for the existence of these errors. One of the most important reasons is the installation of software. If the installation fails to correct the problem, the computer will display an error. Fortunately, there is an easy solution to these problems.

Sometimes, the PS5 console itself displays error codes as a result of improper setup. It is possible to set up the PS5 sometimes but adequately setting up fails. Once the PS5 system connects to the internet, there is no going back. If you do not have enough patience, you can send it back to the manufacturer for a proper diagnosis. There are many advantages of sending it back to the manufacturer instead of returning it to the stores.

4. PS5 (PlayStation 4) Disc Read and Ejecting Problems

PS5 (PlayStation 4) Disc Read and Ejecting Problems

There are other reasons which cause PS5 error codes to appear like the “READ_FAILURE.” It would help to open the game and look at the disc to determine whether it has already run. The first thing that you need to check is if the disc has run or not. If you have already played the game and still find the error codes, it means that your PS5 cannot connect to the internet. The reason behind this is either your PS5 is already offline, or there is no connectivity with the internet service.

Perform a System Update 

If you are facing this disk issue with your PS5, then follow these steps:

Step 1: Download the latest PS5 firmware from the official website and save it to the USB drive.

Step 2: Create a new folder on your USB and name it PS5. Create another folder called UPDATE in the PS5 folder.

Step 3: Press the power button on your console and hold it for 7 seconds. Insert USB into the USB port.

Step 4: Again, hold the power button for 7 seconds to boot into safe mode.

Step 5: Plugin your DualShock 4 controller > press the PS button to connect it with your console.

Step 6: Your console will boot up into the safe mode. Here select “Update System Software.”

Perform a system update PS5

5. PS5 is Not Responding

If your PS5 is not responding, then the first step that you can do is to power down your PS button. Once the system is off, you can use the manual connections feature provided on your PS5. It is usually under the battery icon. However, if this does not cover your problem, you can try to troubleshoot the problem with the help of Sony PS5 customer service.

6. PS5 – The System is Unable to Load Games

PS5 - The system is unable to load games

You can also face this PS5 error message: “The system is unable to load games.” To fix this error, you need to have the latest firmware installed on your PS5. In other words, you need to update your PS5 to the latest version to play the latest games. You can check for the newest firmware version on the web, by visiting the official website of your Sony PlayStation or by purchasing an updated PSP download card.

7. Fix PS5 Error NP-103085-7 | PS4 To PS5 Cloud Storage Error

PS5 Error NP-103085-7 | PS4 To PS5 Cloud Storage Error

While using PlayStation 5 cloud-based storage, gamers discover that they cannot access the cloud storage. In the first instance, they find that they can’t store their gaming games in the cloud.

The first thing you should do is, verify your internet connection.

Then you have to select which data you want to sync with cloud storage. You have to choose between console and cloud storage.

The third solution is to check if you are using a valid Sony PS plus account or not. Also, check your available storage on the cloud.

If you are still facing issues with the PS5 cloud, contact PlayStation for support even after following the above steps.

8. Rest Mode Crashes Console

Rest mode is a new feature in PS5 that will instantly suspend your game. Also, it will keep your game up to date when you are not playing it. But some users have reported issues while using the rest mode. We researched a lot but couldn’t find any solution to this problem, honestly. So contacting customer support is the best option in this case.

Restarting PS5 System to Fix all Minor Issues

The first thing you should do is restart your PS5. It’s the first solution to fix all technical errors.

Step 1: Press and hold the power button for some time until you hear two beeps—the sound lets you know that PS5 is now turned off.

Step 2: Remove the power cable and then connect it again after some seconds.

Step 3: Turn on your PS5 and try to use your disk.

Restore License

If you are facing license issues with your PS5 then here is how to restore license in PS5.

Open PS5 settings and then go to user and accounts.

Then go to other settings and find restore License.

When you do this, your PS5 console will automatically download all required licenses for all installed games.

How to Re-enable Sharing and Online Play

If you are facing issues with your PS5 sharing then here are the steps:

Go to PS5 settings and then move to System settings,

Then go to users and accounts and Other.

Here disable then re-enable console sharing and online play option to fix the issue.

PS5 Network Errors

So many users are facing network-related issues with the PS5. Because of these issues, users can’t connect the PS5 to the internet or WiFi. You have to fix the issue to use the Internet on PS5.

You can fix the issue by updating the software of PS5 or resetting the PS5 network.

If you are still facing the same network issues, try to restart your PS5. Also, try to turn it off and then turn it on. Here are some PS5 network-related errors.

  • PS5 error code NW-102650-4
  • PS5 error code NW-102417-5
  • PS5 error code NW-102315-2
  • PS5 error code NW-102261-2
  • PS5 error code NW-102308-4
  • PS5 error code NW-102307-3

PSN errors

Many users are facing some issues with their PS5 network. They are unable to access the PS5 game store or access any game purchase too. The issue is related to PSN as mentioned by developers. With the release of the new PS5 firmware update. Here is a list of some popular PSN errors related to PS5. If you are facing any of mentioned PSN error codes then try the following solutions:

  • PS5 error code NP-104530-3
  • PS5 error code NP-103111-7
  • PS5 error code NP-102944-0
  • PS5 error code NP-102945-1
  • PS5 error code NP-102942-8
  • PS5 error code NP-103109-4
  • PS5 error code NP-103107-2
  • PS5 error code NP-103105-0
  • PS5 error code NP-102947-3
  • PS5 error code NP-102946-2
  • PS5 error code NP-102955-2

Other PS5 Error Codes and Solutions:

PS5 error code CE-110538-8

The error is related to the disk reading issue of the PS5 console. If you are unable to play a game using a PS5 gaming disk then contact the PS5 support team.

PS5 error code CE-108889-4

If you are unable to update your console or install new firmware on your PS5 console then you will face this CE-108889-4 error code.

PS5 error code CE-107649-7

If you are facing this error message called The inserted disc contains contents other than the installed data with CE-107649-7 error code then you can’t access disk data. According to this error, you already have the game installed on your console. To fix the issue, first, you have to remove the old game and reinstall the whole game.

PS5 error code CE-106485-4

If you are facing this error code on PS5 while playing the game then try to install the new software update. Check if there is any pending update or not.

PS5 error code CE-10028-1

The error shows that there is no space on your PS5 SSD. To fix the error, you have to delete the old game or data on your PS5.

PS5 error code CE-100005-6

This error code is related to disk reading. It means that your PS5 is unable to read your game disk. To solve the issue, you have to remove the disk and clean it. Then again insert the disk and try again.

PS5 error code CE-108262-9

This error shows that there is an issue with your app or game. When any game or app crashes, you will face this error code.

Conclusion on PS5 Error Codes

PS5 is the most successful gaming console from Sony till now, and it has a lot of features that other gaming consoles don’t! But having a look at these pesky little errors on PS5, do you feel it’s worth buying it? Well, it’s up to you because it’s not just with PS5, every other gaming consoles have their set of problems. So choose your gaming console wisely!

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