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I often see debates about whether it is worth buying digital items or services in games. The counter-argument typically boils down to “it’s just a game”, or “there’s no point in buying digital stuff,” and I’ve also seen people on Reddit who simply bully those they know spend more than the average player. But how do those who buy argue? Let’s take me as an example. I am no longer in my twenties: I have a child, a wife, and a job.

And if that wasn’t enough, we’re moving. So where do I have enough time to spend hours every day farming for an item to loot or enough gold to get ahead in the game? I simply don’t have that time anymore, but even if I did, I’m not sure I’d want to spend it sitting in front of the screen; my priorities and values have simply changed since the amount of free time available has drastically decreased. I’m just one example, but the other argument for buying digital items/services – which is often made – is the value of one’s time.

In this case, the common view is that digital goods (boost, WoW gold, etc…) cost less than what you would earn in the same amount of time in real money. Otherwise, I don’t care at all what anyone says or what their position is. I am existentially stable, and if I want to buy a pixel unicorn with rainbow tails for my toon, then I will.

If you are like me, then could be the solution you’ve been looking for. With its convenient user interface, friendly customer service team, and built-in security features – one of the world’s largest selections of digital gaming goodies – this website is quickly becoming a go-to source for all gamers. But is it really as good as everyone says it is? I’ve tested them, so stay a while and listen!

Overview of and what it offers gamers is an incredible platform that serves as a marketplace for the gaming community—bringing together gamers from all walks of life. Its primary objective is to provide a hub where players can securely buy, sell, and trade valuable in-game assets, such as items, accounts, and even currencies. With, you don’t have to worry anymore about fraudulent transactions, as the platform employs top-notch security measures to protect both buyers and sellers, which is something you should consider when taking this kind of shortcut of grinding.

Is PlayerAuctions com legit?

Yes, is a legit and trustworthy website to buy and sell game-related items. It has been operating since 1990 and provides gamers worldwide with an easy, secure, and reliable platform for buying, selling, and trading their virtual assets. The PlayerGuardian Trading Protections system monitors and verifies all transactions to ensure player satisfaction. On top of that, has an exclusive PowerSeller program that rewards those who continuously provide excellent service and quality products to their customers.

Pros and cons of using

The marketplace has carved a unique niche in the gaming community, serving as a versatile platform to buy and sell gaming items, currencies, and accounts. The website’s draw is its emphasis on security and protection for users, as they employ an escrow system that guards against fraudulent activity. In addition, a robust reputation system allows you to make informed decisions when choosing a seller.

(+) Pros

  • Secure and reliable payment methods that protect both buyers and sellers.
  • Easy-to-use ordering system with detailed information about the items/currency being sold.
  • After-sale protection is available for an extra layer of security for game account purchases.
  • Various delivery options are available to suit the needs of different gamers. It depends – of course – on the game.
  • Good customer service with 24/7 support by email or social media.
  • The flexibility of the selling parties during our trial purchase

(-) Cons

  • Some users have reported customer service issues and disputes that were not resolved to their satisfaction.
  • A few gamers have also faced account suspensions due to in-game policies against buying or selling virtual items.

It is important to note that some games explicitly try to create internal economic conditions that do not allow trading outside the game, especially if real-life money is involved. A good example is Blizzard, who not so long ago made it “impossible” for WoW guilds to offer carrying services for real money. Players can still use these and similar services, but only in exchange for in-game currency, which in this example can be bought via the in-game shop in the form of WoW tokens (which can be sold for gold).

This type of control on the market also means that gold cannot be purchased for real money (other than tokens); otherwise, the big blue brother will swoop down and confiscate the gold (and items bought with it) in good cases, but in bad cases, you can even get a temporary ban.

This example illustrates that it does matter what you buy and from whom and that the above criticisms are not always directed at marketplace operators.

However, certain (perfectly legal) tricks can be used to avoid the watchful eyes of developers, successfully enriching your character with a wealth of forbidden goods. This flexibility is exactly what we experienced during the trial purchase, which was sympathetic, as there would be little point in buying if you could get screwed afterward…

Security measures are taken to protect users

One of the main security measures taken by PlayerAuctions is the Secure Seller Delivery Agreement. This agreement ensures that trades are secured for gamers in a way that minimizes transaction risks such as delivery or payment default. It also requires sellers to provide proof of delivery before receiving their payments.

In addition to this agreement, buyers can choose PlayerAuctions After-Sale Protection for an extra layer of security for their game account purchases. This protection helps prevent fraudulent activity and allows buyers to fully inspect and secure in-game assets while guaranteeing sellers will receive their payments safely.

PlayerAuctions also has a Privacy Policy that helps prevent and detect fraud and enforce user agreements and policies. Furthermore, the company has collected all COD Security information in one place so gamers can find what they need quickly and easily without worrying about safety issues.

Finally, PlayerAuctions offers safe item and currency trading through essential cookies, which enable basic functions like page navigation and access to secure areas of the website. They also offer various payment methods, including credit cards, Skrill, Bitcoin, etc., all of which are verified before processing any transactions: all payment methods are verified by PlayerAuctions before processing.

The buying process step-by-step

Initiate your acquisition journey by browsing through the extensive array of gaming treasures listed and promptly settle on your sought-after selection.

  1. Place an order: Once you have selected the item or currency you want to buy, click the “Buy Now” button on the product page and choose the details, such as quantity, payment method, delivery method, etc. After reviewing your selection and make sure everything is correct, click “Confirm Order” and complete your purchase.
  2. Secure Payment: The next phase involves smoothly navigating through the secured payment gateway and successfully executing the transaction process. Once your payment is accepted, it will be held securely until after delivery of your purchased item or currency is confirmed by both parties (seller & buyer). Meanwhile, you can begin to anticipate the glorious moment of obtaining your newly-acquired digital good.
  3. Delivery of Purchased Items/Currency: The seller will contact you directly with their delivery details and estimated delivery time frame once PlayerAuctions have accepted your payment. When you have received the item/currency, mark it as delivered on the “My Orders” page to trigger the release of charges from PlayerAuctions to the seller’s account.

Rest assured, diligently prioritizes secure trading and transparent communication, enabling you to effortlessly and confidently immerse yourself in your gaming conquests.

The climax of your buying adventure culminates as you access your virtual rewards, fully realizing the true power of the marketplace.

Experiences of satisfied customers

The website, which has earned a remarkable reputation for offering exceptional in-game products and services, has legions of customers raving about their deals and the ease of transactions. Many gamers share stories of the vast selection of items they could purchase at unbeatable prices, ranging from hard-to-find weapons to ultra-rare skins to boost their characters’ aesthetics and performance or even whole accounts.

Frequent buyers also applaud for its excellent customer service, speedy problem resolution, and reliable escrow system that prevents scams while ensuring secure transactions. It’s genuinely where gaming dreams come true and far-flung friendships are forged through a shared love for the virtual world.

Words don’t do the talking. Take a look at this screenshot, which is not from their site:

Playerauctions reviews


After carefully examining all the aspects of, it’s clear that it is a safe and reliable online marketplace for gamers. It offers convenient access to a wealth of gaming loot and services, making them quick and easy to buy and sell. User security is paramount, with the company employing strict verification processes that protect buyers and sellers alike.

All in all, stands alongside the best video game marketplaces available today, offering greater peace of mind when engaging in digital transactions.

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