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8 Best Workout Apps for Android & iPhone!

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In today’s busy life we often overlook our health and fitness. And in long run, this harms us the most. Along with your professional life, you must dedicate some time for your fitness.

Your small investment for your body will definitely pay you many times in terms of good health, good physique and stamina. Our extensive list of best workout apps will help both the iPhone and Android users. You can quickly monitor your diet and calorie meter by installing some of the top workout apps for your mobile device.

This is a very normal tendency to start the workout and give up after working out for a few days. Such practices don’t help us in any way. And behind giving up the workout there may be numerous reasons but the outcome is always same which is increased weight, high cholesterol, sugar levels and Blood Pressure.

People often give up the workout or exercise because of the busy schedule, lack of motivation and sometimes people may feel alone doing this and crave for some friend or partner. During the exercise regime, you definitely do not want to listen to your favorite music. A list of free and paid Android music players should help you.

We are bringing the list of best fitness and workout apps which will not only motivate and guide you but also track your body moments.

These apps are anytime better than a personal trainer because the apps remain with your all the time. Some apps also let you talk to the best trainers and nutritionists. Some others have good algorithms to suggest the best for you.

Best workout apps 2020

Best Workout Apps for Fitness Freaks!

Fitness has always been an important trend among youngster and elders. If you want to keep yourself fit, then you must install some of the best workout apps on your device.

Instead of listing best workout apps for Android and iPhone individually, we have tried to keep them in a single list. Many of them are available on both the platforms and hence, geniusgeek’s editor team has decided not to split them into two different sections.

#1. MyFitnessPal

This is one of the best workout apps available for health and workout. MyFitnessPal app tells you how much calorie you’ve consumed as well as how much calories you have spent. And it also keeps a track if both of them are balanced or not.

MyFitnessPal is compatible with numerous Fitness Trackers. So it can easily get the data from your tracker. So, if you can’t keep control on your diet this app is surely gonna help you. It will also tell you how much workout you need to do to burn the same amount of calories. This app has a large number of active users making it more competitive.

You can choose the profile as per your need from various Profiles which include Heart Healthy Profile, Custom Profile. Different fitness graphs are prepared as per the profile.

Paid users can get additional information like meal plans & Nutrition Information. But the free app users will get information like verified food. Discussion Forum is also active in this app. You can install it from App Store on iOS and from Play Store on Android free.

myfitnesspal best workout app

#2. Jefit

Jefit is a data driven app. If you are looking for customized workout plans as per your need then this app is just for a people like you. Jefit app tracks and analyzes your weight, time of workout and makes your workout plan accordingly. This app is loaded with a rich library of exercises and how to videos with more than 1300 Exercises and 50+ workouts.

A must have fitness app for every health conscious person. It has a good number of routines created by the community members. But in the free version, you will be getting the limited options. You can buy the Pro or Elite versions for advanced features like the progress report, Cardio chart etc.

This app keeps a track of your sets and reps and also tells you how much you lifted. You can get Jefit on App Store and Play Store for free. In short, Jefit is probably the best fitness app you need on your device.

Note: Make sure to consult your dietician and physician before starting anything.

Jefit workout app for android and iphone

#3. J & J Official 7-Minute Workout

There are many 7-minute workout apps. But all are a mere copy of this app. This app is developed under the guidance of Chris Jordan. The 7-minute workout is the brainchild of Chris Jordan so to say. If you are a really busy person and you can’t dedicate much time then this app can help you in getting good results in a shorter period of time.

This app fine-tunes the difficulty level as per your current fitness. It has also got the exercises lists which are longer than 7 minutes. There are 72 different exercise and 22 workouts available. It definitely make J&J one of the best workout apps. Music has also been integrated in the app depending on your exercise regime.

It is essential to keep you concentrated during the workout. Rush to App Store or Play Store to download the Johnson & Johnson Official 7-Minute Workout app on iPhone and Android phone respectively.

7-Minute Workout app

#4. Nike+ Training Club

If you are looking for the workouts designed by professional athletes and celebrities then this app is for you. The workouts focus on endurance and strength. This app has three levels of difficulty.

The best thing about this app is the club forums. Nike has different clubs for different activities. If you want to stream Nike+ training club on the big screen then it is possible with Chromecast, Apple TV or just simply through HDMI cable (a good Chromecast media player is included for Chromecast users).

The app is synchronized with Nike+ run club which keeps track of your runs. Over 130+ workout exercises are available (ranging from 15 minutes to 45 minutes).

These exercise are mentioned by the Nike athletes and trainers and are safe. Nike has tried to cover a large range of exercise schedule for all sort of people. It is available on both App Store and Play Store for free.

Nike+ Training Club

#5. Sworkit

The name of this app is made from three words ‘Simply Work It’. Sworkit supports the workout without any instrument. You just have to feed the time you can dedicate and your focus like strength, yoga, cardio etc. This app creates the plan for you with exercises which will not kill your interest.

Based on your interest like leaner, stronger and fitter, different exercise and work regime will be shown to you. It also syncs with Apple watch and Myfitnesspal. Such features make it one of the best workout app in all available devices.

In pro version, you can save the customized plans, eliminate ads. But the free version is also pretty good. As per reports, it matches most of the workout standards. (iOS/ Android)

Sworkit workout app for iphone and android

#6. Pocket Yoga

Yoga, an exercise invented by Indian gurus and rishis have helped millions of people. Pocket yoga provides you a drilled down version of different yoga.It has been always debatable topic whether yoga is as useful as other exercises or not. But finally, we reached on the conclusion that ‘Yoga’ is very healthy activity and heals many diseases.

Yoga is really good for keeping the body in good shape. In this app, you will find more than 200 Yoga poses and animations demonstrating how to do the Yoga. Fitness concerned person should install this app without any hesitation. You can install Pocket Yoga for some bucks on Android as well as iPhone from Play Store and App Store respectively.

Pocket Yoga for android and iphone

#7. 21-Day Shred

No matter if you are starting your workout or you are Gym enthusiast this is a very good app for you. This app gives the users 3 weeks plan for the workout. In this the difficulty level increases day by day to help your muscles to pop out.

This is not one of those apps which give some random workout plans. This app is known for its field tested workout plans. This app also gives you the appropriate diet plan along with this. You can download 21-Day Shred on your iPhone from App Store

21-Day Shred

#8. Spotify

You must be wondering why we listed the music app. But yeah you are guessing it right we have listed this app here as music is as important part of the workout as a motivational coach.

Music not only entertains to but also motivates to do more. Spotify is the great app for the workout enthusiasts. This app is loaded with features for fitness freaks. The running feature of the app detects the tempo and plays the song which matches the beat. And it has dedicated playlists for workout. This app is available for free on Play Store and App Store



We have listed the best workout apps for iOS and Android. Install the apps which have features as per your needs.

Closing Thoughts on Fitness Apps!

If you have any query or suggestions then please comment below. In case if you are more inclined towards a better health and overall fitness, then Yoga apps are something you must try.

However, if you are behind a muscular body, then myfitnesspal, Nike and few other apps mentioned above are your best bet.

In case, if you are a developer and want your app to be listed here, then you can always use a contact form option. What is your favorite best workout apps?

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