Sideloadly Download for Windows & Mac: Working Alternative to Cydia!

A lot of Apple users were searching for an alternative to Cydia Impactor the moment it stopped working properly. Well, the good news is, Sideloadly is finally released and it works perfectly with a free or paid Apple developer account. With this, you can now download Sideloadly on your Windows PC or laptop and then install your favorite iOS apps or games to your non-jailbroken device.

The UI/UX for Sideloadly is excellent and allows you to sideload iOS apps in a flash. If your jam is to jailbreak and if you are an Apple lover who just cannot do without the outlook, you will certainly be in awe of how this software gives you the best there is. 

What is Sideloadly?

Sideloadly is a Windows and Mac based Cydia impactor alternative that allows you to install IPA for your iPhone or iPad with a free or normal Apple Developer account. 

Apple’s signing system improvements have left Cydia Impactor shattered. The problem has been more aggravated by Saurik leaving the jailbreak production scene. So that is where Sideloadly comes in and sways all the developers away. If you have a jailbroken device, you can still try iNoCydia on iOS devices. 

Launched on iOSGods, Sideloadly is as simple to use as an impactor. It provides several services, beginning with the option to install applications with an Apple Developer account that is free or paying for. 

What’s more, update the IPA and change the minimum iOS version, delete the approved software constraints, change the name of the program on your home screen and ID of the application package (for installation multiple copies of an app).

Sideloadly Download

Key Features of Sideloadly

Mentioned below are some of the Key features of Sideloadly.

  • Sideload apps with a free or paid Apple Developer account.
  • Remove restrictions on supported devices.
  • Change the app name on your home screen.
  • Save your credentials for easy & quick sideloading.
  • Drag & drop .IPA support
  • Dedicated mode for jailbroken devices.
  • URL Scheme to easily download and sideload an IPA directly from the web.

Sideloadly Compatibility

As of now, Sideloadly is only available for the Windows and Mac users and they have done an excellent job in it. The developers have already started their work on making an iOS version of the software. The software works with iOS 13 and the beta version with iOS 14 and has the extension for the app to work on iOS 8+.

System Requirements to Install Sideloadly

The following are the necessary requirements which you would need to have for Sideloadly to work efficiently. 

  1. A Windows based computer (Windows 10 preferable) or a Mac
  2. A good internet connection. 
  3. iTunes
  4. iPad, iPhone or iPod touch

Sideloadly Download

Sideloadly is only available for the Windows version as of now and hence you can download Sideloadly from the link given below.

Sideloadly for Windows

Sideloadly for Mac

How to Install IPA files on iPhone or iPad using Sideloadly

Sideloadly download is majorly used to install IPA files on iOS based products and here is how you can sideload IPA using Sideloadly. Here is the step by step guide for your ease. 

Step 1: First thing first, you select and download the non-Microsoft store version of iTunes available on your PC and laptops and uninstall the Microsoft store version if it was installed previously. The links for non-Microsoft store version of iTunes are given below:

Download iTunes for 64-bit 

Download iTunes for 32-bit

Step 2: Now download Sideloadly from the link given in above section previously with respect to Windows or Mac OS.

Step 3: Then connect your Apple device with your computer.

Step 4: Once this setup is done, run the Sideloadly app and make sure that this app recognizes your device.

Step 5: In the “Apple account” area, add your Apple ID email. Know, on your iPhone or iPad, you would have to use the same Apple ID credentials as well. If a different Apple ID is used for your computer, then log out of your existing Apple ID and log in with your new credentials.

Step 6: Then drag the IPA file of your required application which you want to install on the Sideloadly’s Windows or Sideloadly Mac. For you to be able to find your app easily, you can put the file on your desktop beforehand.

Step 7: If you want access to either one of these features:

  • Try to support iOS 8+
  • Jailbreak-only mode
  • Remove limitation on supported devices
  • Enable UI File Sharing
  • Don’t use Anisette authentication
  • Change app name
  • Change app version
  • Change app bundle ID 

Now click on “Advanced Options.”

Advanced Options in Sideloadly

Step 8: Then press “Start”. Once you do so, you will be asked to enter your password and do so when required. We will recommend that you use a disposable Apple ID for this procedure.

Step 9: Once you have typed your password, just click “OK” and then Sideloadly will send your credentials on the server.

Step 10: Now when the Apple servers would validate your credentials, the installation process will begin on your computer. Open up the log and wait for the installation to finish.

Step 11: Next, disconnect your Apple device from your Windows PC or Mac and that is all there is to be done for you to get the job done.

Getting Failed to Obtain Anisette: 500 Internal Server Error on Sideloadly?

A lot of users have lately encountered the “sideloadly error guru meditation failed to obtain anisette” error while opening Sideloadly.

This is a temporary issue caused due to server error and maintenance. You can try accessing Sideloadly after some time and it should work fine.


Sideloadly is a well-accepted application to replace Cydia Impactor while giving the users the same interface experience and since the latter mentioned software has dropped down on servers, the developers have switched to this.

Try the methods mentioned above to get Sideloadly download and we advise that you use a throwaway Apple ID and password so that nothing is affected on your main ID. As of now, this is the safest way to get all your IPA files on your devices. If you’re looking forward to get paid apps for free on iOS, we recommend you to go with apps like Hipstore and Tutuapp VIP

If you get stuck somewhere while implementing the process, let us know through the comments so we can give you the perfect guide to help you solve the issue. Stay tuned for more updates and the latest hacks on iOS

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