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Best iPhone 11 Pro Max Leather Cases: You’ll Love Every Inch of it!

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Well, iPhone 11 Pro Max is popular for its style, strength of course, the triple cameras. However, it’s important to have a case that matches the level of your iPhone. The iPhone 11 Pro Max leather case is known as best options when it comes to adding more value and uplifting the whole charm of your iPhone. There are lots of options with different features and style. Moreover, lots of cases come with slots which help in holding cards and cash etc.

Leather cases for iPhone 11 Pro Max are one of the best options that you can try, however, make sure you are aware with things that you need to see.  These days lots of cases come with a wallet and it’s important to check the durability, the whole access, and other features. The leather is an ideal option which gives an extraordinary look and enhances the whole feeling of having iPhone 11 Pro Max. Well, if you are going to buy leather case for iPhone 11 Pro Max from Amazon, here is the list of best options that can help.

Best iPhone 11 Pro Max Leather Cases & Covers

Here’s the list of brands that provide the best iPhone 11 Pro Max leather cases. 

#1. OtterBox Starda Series Premium Leather Case

OtterBox Starda Series Wallet Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max

Otterbox’s Starda series comes with a slim profile which makes the case‘s look extremely pretty.  Not just that, you get the card holder with it and these holders are designed vertically so your important cards and case stay safe. Because of the slim profile, it’s easy to carry the phone inside your pocket.

The case is not only stylish but also makes sure that your phone stays safe and secure. It’s made of genuine leather and when a case is made by OtterBox, you shouldn’t have questions about the quality, right? So what keeps you waiting? Get this OtterBox iPhone 11 Pro Max case made of leather right away! I have already got it for my iPhone, so when are you getting one for yourself?

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#2. W Wilken Classy Leather Case

Wilken iPhone 11 Pro Max Leather Wallet Case

One of the recommended cases for daily use or for things like shopping and gym, the case comes with a wallet which holds student ID, driving license, credit card etc with 4 card holders.  Apart from that, you also get color options to choose from. For keeping your cards safe you can simply use the release button which doesn’t let your stuff fall out.

Apart from that, Wilken case is completely shock free and provides ultimate protection for full frame. The material includes leather and TPU which make the texture of the case soft and comfortable.

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#3. TORRO iPhone 11 Pro Max Leather Case

TORRO iPhone 11 Pro Max Leather Cases

If you want a strong, thin and light case that also looks completely classic, TORRO should be on your list.  The case’s appearance is elegant and the sleek case design enhances the overall look of your iPhone along with protection as well.  On top of it, you get polycarbonate material on the case which is completely shockproof and protects the buttons as well as the ports.

The design of the case is different as it comes with a combination of the classic designer with the snap on back style with complete genuinely leather.

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#4. Apple Luxurious Leather Case

If you are not into cases with too much stuff and looking for something easy, the very own Apple is offering one piece and the simplest yet unique case for iPhone 11 Pro Max. The case is light in weight, eco-friendly and also good when it comes to grip, the case supports wireless charging and the cutouts are done in such a way that let you access the complete phone without any hassle.

The case comes with full protection with corners and raised edge which is capable to protect from the shocks as well. These features keep your phone safe from damages like scratches, sudden drop or shock etc.

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#5. Genuine Leather Case from FYY

FYY Luxury Leather Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max with card slot and kickstand

Listed as most functional phone wallet in the world, you get lots of things here such as snaps which make the open-close easy, three pockets with RFID theft protection, stand which suits horizontal and vertical, easy in adjusting for attending videos calls and many more.

If you like to read books or watching movies, FYY makes the whole thing much simpler and easy. Apart from that you also can carry 3 to 6 cards and bills around 5-10 as you get three holders in your case.

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#6. LOHASIC’s Gorgeous Looking Leather Case  

In order to make your iPhone 11 Pro Max look more luxurious, LOHASIC offers handmade leather without any stitching and with gold electroplate around the camera and also around buttons. Also, it is one of the ideal iPhone 11 Pro Max leather cases which doesn’t let your phone look bulky as the leather is super thin and light in weight.

You can carry your phone with you anywhere without getting that bulky feeling. Apart from that, the grip is another strong point as it comes with an anti-slip feature. Also, one-piece shape in the case make the installing or removing process much simpler and hassle-free. Plus, you also get the complete safety from scratches or any kind of damage that usually occur to the phone.

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#7. SHIELDON Leather Case with 3 Card Slots

SHIELDON is known for its luxury looking and genuine leather cases which boost up your overall iPhone look. The outer layer of the case is ultra-soft and also it looks tanned.

The case also has microfiber linings which keep the case as well as the phone safe from blemishes and scratches.  It’s also easy to access all portals and phone without facing any kind of hassle. You can easily place 3-4 cards in the wallet of this case and also use the case as a kickstand when needed.

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#8. LUPA Protective Leather Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max

LUPA iPhone 11 Pro Max Leather cum Wallet Case

This one is counted as one of the safest leather cases for iPhone 11 Pro Max as it comes with magnetic snaps. These snaps are useful to make your cards and cashes safe and firmly close it. The iPhone case is also perfectly fit, light in weight, and slim. You can easily take your phone without feeling uncomfortable anything.

Along with a creative look, you get more features which include anti-scratch and shock free, both help in protecting your phone and assuring that there will be no damage. This case is also listed on our iPhone 11 Pro wallet cases round-up earlier.

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#9. Classy Leather Case from Snakehive

Snankehive leather iPhone 11 Pro Max case with flip cover

Snakehive is perfect option to choose for those who want to have sophisticated look in their cases. Also, the brown plastic is used for housing as well as the sides which make them protected and also durable. Also, the use of genuine leather gives a sophisticated look and branding free.

Even the case is ultra-thin around 0.02 inches which adds no extra weight but still, it won’t affect the grip, you can simply use it without worrying about being too much soft or slippery. This one is thinnest leather cases for iPhone 11 Pro Max.

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#10. Most Loved Leather Case from iCarerCase

iCarerCase is the best Leather iPhone 11 Pro Max Case in Brown Color

iCarerCase is for those who like to carry cash or cards or both with themselves where ever they go. Well, it’s hard to carry an extra bag for that, for making it simple you can put your card or cases in the holders of the case. There are four holders which make your cards and cash secure and stay in its place.

The leather which is used for the case is handcrafted and completely genuine. Also, you can enjoy your face time or watch your movies without holding your phone in your hand. The case has a kickstand for landscape view. Apart from that, the case is compatibles for charging wireless.

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#11. Cheap Leather Case from SALAWAT

If you are looking for a cheap leather iPhone 11 Pro Max case,  SALAWAT is your only way to go. Cheap doesn’t it mean it compromises on quality but in fact, you always get a better companion when a product is from this brand.

The round bumper corners guard your iPhone from drops and bumps. Moreover, you don’t get a wallet cover in this case and hence, that makes it look a lot slim and sleek. It’s a perfect case for those who want to get a leather case without wallet and slim as well.

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Final Thoughts!

What else could you ask when you get a wallet, kickstand, flip cover, etc along with a leather case for iPhone 11 Pro Max? I’m sure you couldn’t get better! So which one of these leather iPhone 11 Pro Max cases did you love? Share your love towards your iPhone in the comment section below!

Just in case if you own iPhone 11, do check out our recent post on best wallet cases for iPhone 11 today! I’m damn sure, you’re going to love it! Stay tuned to our accessories section if you want to check more iPhone accessories.

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