How to Measure Pinterest Influence and Steps to Increase Pinfluence

Social media influence will cater Google to understand the popularity of the blog. In a constant pursuit to thwart spammers, Google has already started considering social media influence as one of the ranking factor. Obviously, there is no clear indication of existence of such ranking factor but recent studies have  proven this fact. A study conducted by Branded3 shown that brands need over 7,500 tweets to rank in top 5. While the data may be exaggerated or wrong in the worst case, it does give interesting tidbits about the increasing influence of social media sites in brand awareness. Thus it is necessary to measure influence of sites like Pinterest.

measure pinterest pinfluence

Bloggers and marketers have already started swearing that they received tons of traffic from Pinterest. Such is the popularity of the Pinterest that there are already hundreds of Pinterest clones out there trying to mimic its functionality. Thus it is always a good idea to see how influential are you on Pinterest.

Measure Pinterest Influence

Below are some of the tools to measure Pinterest influence.

1. PinReach

PinReach is a Pinterest influence and analytics site. While they refused to reveal how they count pinfluence, it does provide a great insight about your Pinterest popularity. PinReach combines various social activities like Repin, number of follower, follower to follow ratio, comments and more to measure your Pinterest influence. There are some outliers who have managed to score 80.

All you’ve to do is link your Pinterest account and PinReach will take care of the rest. It will also provide score of your boards, giving you an idea of topics your followers are interested in. This is why it is vital that you organize your content wisely. Use as many boards to categorize your content and see which one works best. PinReach also provides an information about latest trending pins, trending members, recently checked scores and random boards to follow.

Have you measured your Pinterest influence through PinReach? What’s your Pinfluence score?

2. Pinpuff

Pinpuff is yet another webapp used to measure pinfluence or pinterest influence. Apart from calculating your virality it also measures the monetary value of your pins. Just enter your username and email address (not mandatory) to measure your score. For detailed analysis, you can visit and it will give you more insight about your Pins. Virality score is very useful if you’re intend to measure your brand success.


Recently, they have launched PinPerks (remember Perks in Klout?) which offers exclusive gifts, invites, subscription and other goodies based on your score.

Among both the service mentioned above, PinReach (formerly PinClout) seems to be more strict with its algorithm. However, it does provide an interesting information about your reach. For serious marketers, a more detailed analysis is required. Pinerly has plans to cover this aspect in great depth.

Pinerly lets you find great people, boards and pinners. You can even schedule your pins using it. We will cover pinerly in great detail in near future.

Increase your Pinfluence

Follow some of the basic steps to increase your Pinterest reach. It will ultimately help you to gain viral traffic.

Step 1: Engage more on Pinterest by following your Facebook and Twitter friends

Step 2: Always share your Pins on Facebook and Twitter.

Step 3: Search and follow popular boards in your niche and repin their pins. Don’t hesitate to ask them to follow you back or draw their attention to similar board of yours

Step 4:  Follow the trending topic and try to create a pin based on it

Step 5: Invite your Facebook friends who are not on Pinterest. Explain them the advantage of them and try to engage them more.

Don’t be reluctant to ask for repin on Facebook, but try to be polite and do not overdo it. Always, keep your eyes on your Pinterest influence and see who is repinning your content often. Try to return them a favor by repinning their contents. Remember, moderation is the key.

Let us know if you’ve measured your Pinterest influence or Pinfluence using above tools.

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