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3 Handy Apps to Manage Cloud Storage Service on Android

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Cloud storage service market was set on fire when Google decided to jump into the field with introduction of Google Drive. It would be safe to presume that many of our readers would have either opened multiple accounts or sign up to multiple services by now. The perplexing problem of getting yourself a decent amount of free space had been resolved by such service providers. Now comes the real life problem, how do you manage all accounts from one place? Of course, there is a solution for that and we have enlisted some of the best tools to manage multiple cloud storage accounts (includes otixo, joukuu and primadesk) on PC.

manage cloud services on android

Smartphone users, especially those using Android may ask, Is there any way to manage multiple cloud storage services on Android? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back covered. There are multiple apps that will let you exactly do that. Disadvantage of using numerous service is  increase of fragmentation problem. Your storage is fragmented and you would need to memorize which files you’ve synced to which service. The problem is aggravated if you don’t segregate the files according to plan. The best part of major players in cloud hosting service is that most of them offer dedicated mobile application (like Google Drive for Android). But it is not feasible for all to download multitude of apps just to manage files on cloud. So, what is the solution then?

Manage Cloud Storage Services on Android

In such case, users would have to rely upon third-party developers to utilize APIs of different cloud service and combine them into single app. Luckily, there are few options available to Android users. Following are some of the apps which let you manage multiple cloud storage service on Android.


SanDisk is the best Android app that will let you mange different cloud storage and local memory on the go. It is an all-in-one solution to all your memory related need. You can manage as well as backup your files on local disk (SD card) and cloud. Even you can download files from cloud service on your device memory with once click. Sounds intimidating? Users can move their apps, games and other data from internal memory to memory card and then you can decide what to do with them. For added security, it allows you to password protect your files. Thus users can upload their personal files, pictures, videos and more without getting exposed in the wild.

sandisk cloud storage android

Supported service are: Dropbox, Box, Google Docs, Picasa, SugarSync, SkyDrive and Facebook.

You haven’t heard the best part yet. All these features are available in a single package from Google Play, at absolutely no cost. SanDisk is available for free from the marketplace.

Find out more about it on Google Play


In our previous amiable encounter, Primadesk had never failed to impress us. With the support for as many as 25 web services, Primadesk dusted all services off in almost all compartment. Not only it supports popular cloud storage service but also email and photo sharing sites. There is a free desktop as well as mobile client (Android and iOS)  available. Users can search documents, emails and photos across multiple services. Manage files on different services, move them to other account or save it to your Android handset.


Primadesk currently supports services such as Google docs, Facebook, Dropbox, Box, SugarSync, Picasa, Flickr, Photobucket etc. There is no reason why you will not like the service if you are already using the desktop version.

Android SMEStorage

Android SMEStorage supports 35+ cloud storage service. It is comprehensive cloud and local storage manager. Upon sign up you’ll receive 5GB free storage. It support major players in this field like SkyDrive, MobileMe, Google Docs, Box, POP3 and IMAP email, FTP, WebDav,Dropbox, Ubuntu One Cloud and many more. Unfortunately, the app is not available for free to the users. This is the reason why it has been listed at the end of the list. Users who have been looking for a free alternative could go for SanDisk which seems to be better app.

manage cloud storage android smestorage

SMEStorage lets you upload file, photos, videos directly from Android device to omnifarious cloud services. You can move files back and forth from one service to another, delete them, edit them and do much more with it. There is also a provision to share files using link shortening service to twitter, email and more.

Find SMEStorage

Have you come across any other Android app? How do you manage your cloud storage service accounts on Android?

managecloud service on android

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