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[Review] ZbigZ- Easily Download Torrent Files Without Any Dedicated Torrent Client

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Despite the fact that, there are an astronomical number of torrent clients available in the market for most popular OS, there’s an entire community which prefers no dedicated torrent clients. Ingenious developers planned to bequeath users with relatively more simpler options. This gave birth to Torrent2exe and many other clients which no longer relies on dedicated torrent clients. However, something was still lacking. ZbigZ, a cloud based service, changed a perception about such third-party alternatives. ZbigZ brings unique unparalleled power of cloud service and torrents together to bring you the fastest ever possible download speed.

First of all, users can download torrent files from zbigz as a .zip content. The biggest advantage of such facility is that you would be able to download those .zip files offered by ZbigZ through third-party download manager which will further improve your experience. Download manager applications like IDM (Internet download manager) and FDM (Free Download Manager) integrates themselves with the browser. Linux users may want to check out our previous collection of download manager for them. Secondly, there might be instances where your ISP has blocked some torrents, and you have a withering hope to get your favorite movie, software, book from it. In such case, pragmatic cloud based Zbigz comes in handy by empowering you. No longer do you need to depend on them. Just grab the torrent or magnet link and place it in “Upload .torrent file” and wait for the magic to happen.


  1. Provide magnet link or upload torrent
  2. Select Free or Premium
  3. Download the .zip file

They say,

A Picture is worth a thousand words

Here is a simple image that illustrates what zbigz does.

zbigz download

Features of ZbigZ

ZbigZ is a great service with some mind-boggling features that are too good to believe. There is a catch, which is mentioned below the features OL list.

  • Download hundreds and thousands of movies, music, books and albums without any fuss
  • Unrestricted access even if your ISP has blocked torrent sites (learn how to unblock sites blocked by ISP)
  • HTTPS protocol for secure downloading.  Hide IP trace
  • No installation or configuration required
  • Almost as fast as BitTorrent
  • Use in conjunction with download manager like IDM, FDM for faster download
  • Video and music streaming (also see how to watch blocked YouTube video)
  • Download playlist
  • Mobile site for mobile downloads
  • No operating system dependency since it is a browser based

No more hassle of complexity involved in configuring router and firewall for optimum performance. People say, there’s no free lunch in the world. Well, they are wrong. ZbigZ is free to use. However, they have impoverished the functionality for free surfer. Users will no account will not have any option to store the file. The streaming service, torrent caching, unlimited download speed, simultaneous connections and maximum size come under pro (read paid) category. Android fanatics might want to take a look at our android torrent clients collection.

They gave some respite to registered users. You can download torrent of 8GB size with 150KBps speed limit. Even, the files will be available for 7 days in your account. So we strongly recommend you to register an account there. Premium plans start at $9.90 per month. There is also an option to earn free premium accounts upon completion of certain tasks. CashU, MOL users get a 50% discount on the package. Do take advantage of this discount if you are using the aforementioned services.

How to Use ZbigZ

Using a ZbigZ is a child’s play. As mentioned earlier, it abrogates all complexity involved in configuring the router and firewall for optimum performance. Let’s see how easy this tool is to handle. We’ve also provided an awesome collection of ZbigZ alternative clients.

Step 1: Go to ZbigZ.com

Step 2: Paste magnet link or upload .torrent file in the field. See the screenshot below to understand the phenomenon. Press Go button

torrent file uploading

zbigz magnet guide

Step 3: You will be presented with two options—Free and Paid. Select the appropriate option by clicking on Cloud like image.

free zbigz or paid account

Step 4: Wait for zbigz to cache the torrent file. It will display the number of files as well.

caching torrents

Step 5: Depending on available seeders the caching will take some time. Once done, you will be presented with the following option. You can also download files individually.

downloading file from zbigz

Step 6: Click on Zip or download like arrow to download files on your PC. Don’t worry if you see your browser busy. Also do not close the tab.

downloading torrent with zbig

Note: Oftentimes, ZbigZ.com takes intolerably high time in zipping file. This is why we do not recommend downloading small files using it. Normal torrent clients perform better in such case.

Optional step

Step 7: Use IDM or FDM to fasten the process. You can get them easily from the popular downloading website. FDM is a free program while IDM is a paid download manager with many advanced features.

Our Review

Overall, ZbigZ makes us happy to see the development in cloud segment. The cunning idea of integrating torrents with cloud brings a new hope. Unfortunately, some of the processes are tiresome. During the testing, we find that ZbigZ often often failed to resolve a magnet link, or the time was extremely high. Uploading a .torrent file was much more straight forward and was working as advertised.

However, the biggest let down was the speed. For ~1.5MB file, I had to wait for 25 odd minutes or so. You can even check out the screenshot of terrible speed (3.2KB) I got during the testing. As we write, we are using 1MBPS connection at our office. It could either be due to some hiccups on their server side or something was wrong with the connection. There’s a less chance of the latter part since other services were working just fine. Let’s hope that the service will only improve as time passes by.

Additionally, you can pause and resume the download with such tools. This is why we always recommend to speed up things a bit.

Should you have any problem using ZbigZ to download torrent files, feel free to contact their support system :).

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