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How to Watch Blocked or Banned YouTube Videos Easily

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Have you ever encountered, ‘YouTube Video Not Available in Your Country’ error while casually surfing videos on the internet. Well, that YouTube video is blocked or restricted  by uploader from viewing. Such annoying experience may lead to craving more to watch such videos. No doubt that YouTube is the best and free video sharing site that serves gazillion of users from all over the world.

Many of our users might be aware of Hulu site which is restricted to USA users only. Same is the case with certain videos, where video owners implement country or geographical restriction to the video. Unless you’re surfing the web behind proxies, YouTube can easily detect your IP address and thus the geographic location of your PC.

blocked youtube videos

Either due to strict copyright issues in your country or owners disinterest in targeting users from specific country enforces such restriction on the web. It is a perfect example of web is no longer unrestricted. However, this should not be, in any way, categorized under classic example of censorship.

YouTube Videos Blocked?

There could be several reasons behind such restriction. First reason could be that the video is only interest specific community people or geographical region. The other reason could be license fee or channel has the rights to broadcast video in certain region only. French Open 2012 on YouTube India channel of Neo Sports is the well-known example of latter part.

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How to Watch Banned YouTube Videos

Previously, a simple trick to alter YouTube video link was working perfectly for many months, but of late, it has stopped working. YouTube found out the loophole and patched it subsequently. Let me show the previously working trick,

Replace /watch?v= part with /v/from the video URL, for example http://youtube.com/watch?v=abcd to http://youtube.com/v/abcd, to unblock the banned videos.

But this trick is not working anymore.

Best YouTube Unblocker Add-on

If you’re a believer of restriction free internet then you can follow below steps to watch blocked YouTube videos.

youtube unblocker


Unblocker.yt has created an addon for all popular browser which will instantly let you watch any blocked or banned videos in your region. The plugin is available for Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera browsers.

The website cites that it loads YouTube video directly from their servers making it free from clutches of geofence. The add-on proclaims that it is totally legal and free from any annoying advertising. Of course, there are a lot of marketers who depend on affiliate marketing income on YouTube through these ads. It would be great if you can support them instead of skipping such ads using YouTube Ad blockers like Unblocker.yt. Anyways, the best part is that Unblocker.yt is available for free.

The plugin has no configuration so you don’t have to worry about the complexity of configuring proxies. It automatically attempts to un-restrict the blocked YouTube video. All you’ve to do is enter the URL of the video in browser and YouTube Unblocker addon will does the rest. It will automatically attempt to serve through different proxies. The plugin is far from perfect but works flawlessly in most of the cases.

proxtube to watch blocked youtube videos

ProxTube for Firefox

ProxTube- Unblock YouTube is yet another addon available for Firefox and Chrome users. ProxTube is a great plugin, however, it does have one big restriction. It works in Germany, Netherland, Spain etc. It uses proxy server in US to unblock banned YouTube videos. Similar to Unblocker addon, there is little to no configuration required for this addon to work. It just serves the video through the proxy without affecting the speed of streaming.

Proxy Sites

There are thousands of proxy sites available which hides your IP address or masks it. Hidemyass and a few other sites are good examples of how to enjoy restriction free internet. Users should practice laws in your country before attempting to watch blocked or banned YouTube videos.


In an internet nothing is truly restricted. Government or other bodies try to impose restrictions to many things on the internet. We condemn piracy similarly the way which we condemn unnecessary restrictions. In case, if certain site is blocked or YouTube video is banned in your region then you can easily watch banned videos through above add-ons.

Have you come across any other addon which lets you unrestrictedly watch blocked YouTube videos? Do share with us via the comment section below.

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