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Spectacular ZbigZ Alternatives: Download Torrents Directly From Browser

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zbigz alternative

Whether the begetters like it or not, torrent is going nowhere. Previously, we mentioned a cloud based torrent client named, ZbigZ, which made downloading of torrent files ridiculously easy. This post revolves around ZbigZ alternative services which is supposed to offer you more freedom and hence flexibility. ZbigZ is also one of the better alternative of much concupiscent service like torrific. To give you a brief idea about torrific, it was a third party service that enabled downloading of torrent files without need of any dedicated clients, much like how ZbigZ operates.

Torrific.com had been a darling of users for a long time. The way it was handling all the operations was a big sigh of relief for the users. In the past torrific helped a lot of people, but now the service is completely dead. The alternative ZbigZ is now one of the fastest growing torrent client. Since the service is cloud based and depends on browsers only, it has become a handy option for a lot of people. However, in our previous review we found out that there are still some hiccups in the service. In our first set of testing the downloading speed offered by ZbigZ was painfully slow, however, in second testing it worked like a 8th wonder. Thus, we can say that the service is not that stable yet. Are you one of those who still feel that ZbigZ should improve their service? Would you like to try out ZbigZ alternatives instead?

What would you want in ZbigZ alternative?

  • Torrent file downloading at HTTP
  • No need to have a torrent client
  • Less restriction on downloading files

Here we have tried to list out certain alternatives of ZbigZ which can be the best substitute for the very facility.

bitlet substitute of zbig

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1. Bitlet

Bitlet is topping the table as far as the substitutes for ZbigZ is concerned. BitLet is highly recommended as a free ZbigZ alternative. The browser based Java applet lets you download any torrent files without the need of a dedicated client. Just supply the torrent metafile and you’re good to go. Even, there is an option to stream music and video files. Obviously, the format is limited and you should be sure of the content inside the file. Surprisingly, there is also a facility to upload torrent files. You do not need to have any account with them unlike ZbigZ to download your files. Since the website is a Java based you’d be required to have Java installed on your system. Initial study revealed that the service is not that effective. Even, dedicated third party client managed to give better speed compared to it.

put.io zbigz alternative

2. Put.iO

Initially launched as a free service for private beta members, Put.iO, is not free anymore. There is always a small window of opportunity available to get the entry into the free membership club. Though it’s a good alternative for terrific, we have put it just below Bitlet because of its compulsion for premium account. Put.iO basic plan starts from merely $4.9o per month with 10GB of storage. All the plans come with unlimited bandwidth and concurrent download support. As of writing, there are 15 parallel torrent connections allowed. There is an option for priority mp4 files in the premium version. Since, there is no free version available we’ve had not a chance to try the service personally. However, judging by the rave reviews the service is pretty reliable and trustworthy.


3. Torrenthandler

Advertised as a “torrent to direct link”, the service allows you to download torrent files with minimum fuss. All you need to do is find .torrent fie from the forum or mininova kind of sites and upload it to the service. Once the fetching is done, it will provide you a way to download the file from their high speed servers via HTTP protocol. As mentioned many times earlier, you can use it in conjunction with some good download manager to get maximum advantage of the service. The service is very identical to another service like Put.iO.



Boxopus, an octopus for BitTorrent users, can stretch his tentacles to provide any kind of content. Boxopus works somewhat differently compared to all other services mentioned in here. It works in conjunction with your Dropbox account. User can register to site by Facebook, Twitter or Dropbox account. As the site is beta, there are no limitations for download or consumable bandwidth. But it does have restriction for file size such as an individual file must not exceed 2GB. The site removes downloaded file within 24 hours that you can count as a void for this service. Boxopus directly saves the file to your connected Dropbox account, which you can download from any web browser or dedicated Dropbox app. Unfortunately, it also restricts you from saving more files in your Dropbox account due to the limitations pertaining to your Dropbox account. People like me who often back-up important file on Dropbox may feel that this additional step is unnecessary. Premium users will be happy to see the additional step which ensures that the file is intact in your account as long as it is live.

These are some of the best ZbigZ alternatives as well as torrific alternative. You can find some more such alternatives of ZbigZ such as LeechPack, Quick Torrent and many more. So as a user you have a plenty of options in hand. Unfortunately, most of them imposes some sort of limitations to free users to force them to turn into a paid subscription. Bitlet is the only service which qualifies as a good free alternative of ZbigZ, but is painfully slow and inconsistent. If you are a wandered and have found some good alternative then do let us know via the comment section.

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