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Fhotoroom Hits Windows 8 store – A Unique Photo Editing App

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First, they conquered Windows Phone community, and now they are on the mission to conquer Windows 8 users. Yes, the instagram like application for WP community has shown its rear in Windows 8 community as well. Fhotoroom was probably the only photo editing tool that offered a plethora of unique styles, brushes, filters and much more in a single suite.

They say a picture is a worth thousand words, and now you’ve every reason to make that picture worth thousands of words. Previously, we called it an instagram like app, but have we gone mad to give them such a label. Fhotoroom is definitely something more than those instagram like applications.

Fhotoroom for Windows 8 comes with 76+ image editing, frames and style option. You need not have to be a geek to understand the photo editing process. It usually takes care of complex part giving you the full freedom over what you want to convert your photo into. The pro version unleashes more filters and allows you to edit photos larger than 1MP. This may be a setback for some as the free version allows only images that are smaller than 1MP. However, make no mistake. The free version if good enough to do most of the basic and advanced level filtering. The red eye removal and other filters seem to be a part of the pro version.

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Fhotoroom Photo Editing Options

We instead thought of giving it a spin before we pitch about it. The user interface is simple and easy to understand. All the filters, edits and styles are given at the bottom of the application, so you can access them quickly. Moreover, it gives you a quick preview of each filters, brush or edits before you finalize them. There are 3 different options along with saving and file choosing option.

The first thing you will notice while opening an image is ‘Pro version buying warning’.


Basic edit option gives you some of the best image editing options. 12 to be the exact. From here you can crop the image, edit brush size and thickness, exposure, adjust colors, sharpen the image, rotate image, resize image and flip it horizontally or vertically.

Edit Brush option

basic image edit with brush

Basic Edit Exposure option


Basic Edit colors option in Fhotoroom Windows 8 image editing tool

image color editing

Rotate image/photo horizontally or vertically

rotate photo

You can also create horizontal or vertical mirror images.

mirror photo

Styles option will let you apply around 21 beautiful styles to the image. Using this you can give a photographer touch to the image without having an advance knowledge of photoshop. There are also plenty of light leaks options available that gives photo a classic camera look.

leaks1 photo style

We have also tried applying chilli peppers style to the our logo.

chilli peppers style

There are around 22 pictures frames available to tinker with. It gives you image a perfect finish touch. At the end of the day, we want to give our image a unique look and frames like grunge, film, polish, glass, vintage and Polaroid gives a unique feeling to the users. Have a look at the Film 2 frame, which we applied to our logo image.

film2 frame in fhotoroom

In a nutshell, Fhotoroom for Windows 8 has all the features and weapons to become the best photo editing app for Windows 8 users. Judging them based on their Windows Phone reputation, they have an enough skill-set to set fhotoroom apart from the rest of the crowd.

In case, if you’re already itching your hands to try out Fhotoroom, you can head over to this download page (works on Windows 8 only). Make sure you also visit our Windows section to try out some of the most amazing Windows 8 apps to the date.

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