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Best Google Reader Client for iPad: Newsify

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Newsify is a full-fledged RSS reader cum Google reader client for iPad and other iDevice owners. The seamless integration with Google Reader account improves user’s experience while offering flexibility, which also qualifies it for the tag of best Google reader client for iPad.

Whether you want to star favorite stories or categorize your news to manage everything easily, Newsify has got your back covered. It dexterously integrates Google reader and other RSS feed so you can easily keep tab on the latest news from your favorite sources.

The synchronization capability ensures that you get hassle free and uninterrupted supply of news on your iPad. With rise of many Google reader clients for iPad and other system, how Newsify battles competitors is still a million dollar question.

This iPad app presents all the news in beautiful magazine style. The clutter-less minimalistic approach makes it one of the sleekest Google reader client on iOS platform. It is not overhauled with eye catching colors and interface. This makes it an ideal choice for those only one thing matters; clutter-free and intuitive interface.

Initially you need to enter your Google Account username and password. In case, if you have enabled 2-step verification, you would require to create application specific password. After that Newsify synchronizes up the stories, starred items and make certain that your feeds are structured into different folders.

It is a paid RSS reader for iPad that assembles with Google accounts to extract your subscribed feeds in Google Reader and present them in a pleasant newspaper style interface.

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A simple interface will let you subscribe to new RSS feeds, read starred items, read feeds offline etc. The modifications done to the feeds (counting, subscribing to new feeds) are reflected in your Google Reader account and the changes made to the app are also synchronized back to your Google Reader account; and the other way around.

newsify for ipad

Newsify iPad app provides you with offline reading mode and allows you to comfortably read the RSS feeds, no matter whether you are online or offline. But there is one shortcoming with offline mode that you will not be able to see the image view. Also it is not possible to view the images in the RSS news feeds.

It permits you to only read the contents of the news that you are reading (in offline mode). It also provides full-screen mode for reading. By simply tapping on any RSS feeds, you can easily read the feed item in full-screen mode; also the full-screen mode can be enabled from the settings menu of the app.

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Newsify also provides an inbuilt browser. Simply tap a link and it opens in the inbuilt browser of the app; this makes it easy to read RSS news. You can also mark RSS feed as read to keep away from reading duplicates. Such duplicates don’t appear in the list when you read the same RSS news afterwards.

So it’s pretty easier to read an individual article and Newsify offers several choices for sharing your favorites with anyone you desire in the world and on any famous social networking site. Altogether it proves to be a commendable Google client candidate.

Features of Newsify

Let’s take a quick look at the features of Newsify

  • Newspaper like article list
  • Works well both in landscape and portrait mode.
  • Adding and Editing of subscriptions.
  • Offline reading with image caching.
  • Facility to save imags
  • It provides Night mode reading
  • Pull to move between articles
  • Sorting can be done on the base of newest or oldest first.
  • You can tap-and-hold to mark read and toggle starred
  • Fully customizable sync with Google reader
  • Share articles with many well-known services like Facebook, Twitter, Buffer, Delicious, Evernote, Google+, Pinboard, Pocket and Tumblr.
  • You can also email articles or links, copy links or open the original web page in the app or in Safari or Chrome.
  • The original articles can be viewed by Instapaper, Readability and Google mobilizers.
  • You can also browse exclusive subscriptions included in a folder

In a nutshell, Newsify is a mellowed Google reader client with all possible features incorporated for you to enjoy reading on small size devices. Even, options like Instapaper, readability will allow you to enjoy the ad-free news on other devices as well.

How to Use Newsify

  1. First of all you need to download Newsify ($0.99)
  2. Either create a new Google reader account or use old account
  3. Upon first launch, you will be asked to login in with your Google account credential. As mentioned earlier, you need to create application specific password in case if you are using 2-step verification system.
  4. Now you will see a list of all the subscribed feeds from Google Reader. The left page will display all folders and other information (check out below screenshot). You can tap on any of the news feed to check the feeds on your iPad.
    newsify options
  5. To subscribe on any new RSS feed, tap on the (+) button and search RSS Feeds by keyword or by entering the RSS link.
  6. At the bottom of each article star option and other options are available. Click on start button to add news to your favorite items list
  7. On the right bottom corner, there is also a share option, which will let you share the news to your favorite social networking sites

article in newsify

Newsify is arguably the best Google reader client for iPad that is available at the decent price tag. There are many good players available in the market, but Newsify goes mile ahead of them with its unique features and interface. Have you tired our Newsify either on your iPad or other iOS device?

Let us know via the comment section below. If you would like to recommend some other google reader client for iPad that you think is the better than Newsify, then do let us know. We will review it soon.

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