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How to Uninstall TeamViewer on Ubuntu 22.04

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TeamViewer is considered one of the best remote management tools available on the market. It is bundled with great features and some drawbacks too such as it is required to have the same version installed on all systems otherwise it won’t work.

So if you have found an alternative or no longer require TeamViewer on your Ubuntu machine, we will show you how you can easily uninstall TeamViewer from Ubuntu.

Reasons to Uninstall TeamViewer from Ubuntu

Licencing: Unlike many free open-source solutions available on the market, TeamViewer requires you to have a license for commercial purposes.

Not compatible with proxy servers: If you are using proxy servers, this can be the major downfall for you because there is no support for proxy servers

File sharing: You can share files easily but there is a limitation on file size and the number of files that you can share at once.

Requires the same version on the other side: This is why people remove TeamViewer from their system because if you want remote access to another system, it requires the same version on both sides to work properly.

Uninstalling TeamViewer from Ubuntu 22.04

Removing TeamViewer from Ubuntu and any other Ubuntu-based Distros such as Linux Mint, Pop_OS is quite easy. We are going to walk you through two different methods by which you can easily remove TeamViewer.

Method 1: Uninstalling TeamViewer from Ubuntu using GUI

If you prefer using GUI (Graphical User Interface) over Terminal, you can use this method to remove TeamViewer from your system with some clicks. It does not involve any commands so a newbie or GUI-friendly user can perform this task easily.

Step 1: Open Ubuntu Software

Click on the Activities located at the top left corner. Search for Ubuntu and you will get the result of Ubuntu Software. Hit Enter.

1. Search ubuntu

Step 2: Locating TeamViewer on Ubuntu Software

Unlike many software, you won’t find TeamViewer by searching. You can find TeamViewer in the Installed section under Add-ons.

2. click on installed

Step 3: Removing TeamViewer

Once you find the TeamViewer, click on the Remove button.

3. click on remove

You will be asked for the last that you want to remove TeamViewer. Click on Remove again.

4. click on remove final

It will ask for your password. Enter your password.

That’s it. TeamViewer has been removed.

Method 2: Uninstalling TeamViewer from Ubuntu using Terminal

In this method, we are going to remove TeamViewer with all configurations so if you plan to install it in the future, you can have a clean install.

Step 1: Open Terminal

Click on Activities and search for Terminal. Hit enter on the first result.

1. open terminal

Step 2: Purging TeamViewer

Use the following command to remove TeamViewer with configuration.

 sudo apt purge teamviewer 

2. sudo apt purge teamviewer

As you can see, we have freed 258 MB of disk space after uninstallation.

Frequently asked questions related to TeamViewer

How do I install TeamViewer on Ubuntu 14.04 32-bit?

Go to the official download page for TeamViewer. Under the Linux section, you can find a 32-bit .deb file. Download that file. You can install that Debian file by using sudo apt install ./ {name of package}.

How many times can you use TeamViewer for free?

TeamViewer is free for personal usage and there is no limitation for using it free for personal usage.

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Final Thoughts

TeamViewer is a great tool and works smoothly on all platforms including Linux. In some cases, if you are required to uninstall TeamViewer from Ubuntu, you can easily do that by given methods.

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