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How To Save Webpage As PDF on iPad

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You may have often come across a webpage that you might want to save as PDF on iPad. Usually, people search the web for different recipes, articles, how to guides, interesting tips and more, and want them to save for future use by saving webpage as PDF document.

For example, I often search for various infographics, charts and SEO related articles to present them  to my local clients. In such case, converting them to PDF and then printing them often comes as a handy option for me to quickly show my research to them.

Such phenomenon is often solved within a minute on Windows or Mac OS, since there are myriad of apps, browser add-ons and online service available to convert webpage into PDF.  I often end up compressing PDF files online to save some space and compresses images consequently.

But are these options available on iPad as well? Unfortunately, iPad doesn’t come with a facility to convert web pages into PDF directly from the Safari browser. Sometimes, using online service often turn into an unwanted result more due to the fact that they usually add watermark to it. For business person such option is undesirable.

So is it possible to save webpage as PDF on iPad with some safari addons or third-party app? As usual, iTunes store has got the answer of all your queries. There are certain third-party apps specifically developed to fulfil the same purpose. Sadly, most of them comes with a hefty price tag, so you should be ready for a big dent in your pocket if you want to unveil such feature on your beloved iPad.

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Apps to Save Webpage as PDF on iPad

We will discuss few comprehensive apps that converts webpage as PDF on iPad on the go.

WEB To PDF- $3.99

The iPad app is under active development and latest release of WEB To PDF is iOS 6 compatible with iPhone 5 support. Internal web browser allows you to surf web and convert webpages as PDF with a single tap. You can even create multi-page PDF document from different webpages. The latter feature is extremely befitting for those who would like to create a report in PDF. Safari browser users can transfer their webpages from Safari by either creating special bookmark or changing “http” to “webtopdf” in the address bar. It will open that page in Web To PDF application for further processing.

save webpage as pdf ipad

However, the most handy feature of it is annotation. It lest you annotate created document, add text comment, highlight section etc to make your PDF look more professional. Not to forget the option to reorganize pages to allot them custom order according to your need. Let’s not also forget that you can upload the created PDF document to Dropbox account to sync over multiple devices.

pdf converter

PDF Converter- $6.99

As the name implies, PDF converter is all-in-one comprehensive PDF converter app for iPad. The app is specifically designed keeping only and only iPad users in mind. It can save word, excel, PowerPoint, photos, iwork document and last but not the least webpages as PDF document.

It appears in the “Open In…” list on your device, which means it works with the document saved in Mail, Dropbox, MobileMe iDisk, ReaddleDocs and many other application. Identical to WEB To PDF, you would require to change webpage address from ‘http’ to ‘pdfhttp’ in the  Safari browser, which will open it in the PDF Converter for further processing. The annotation feature which we talked early is surprisingly missing from this app. However, some other features do make it a worthwhile alternative, but then again price tag may set you back.

Download PDF Converter

Worth Mentioning iPad Apps

There are many other paid options available in the iTunes which are feature-wise more or less similar to aforementioned app. This is the reason why we prefer to skip mentioning them again.

PDF Printer for iPad $5.99- It presents features similar to WEB To PDF. Besides that, it does offer “Open In..” option. Users can upload the document to Dropbox account. It also comes with merge, split, reorder, message converting feature over the top. It is from the creator of WEB To PDF (Dar-Soft).

PDF PROvider $6.99- PDF PROvider comes with a plethora of options. It can virtually convert most of the Microsoft documents, excel tables, maps, contact etc into a PDF document. It appears in ‘Open In’ option and supports file from Dropbox, Box, Mail and other services. It also comes with annotation, notes, highlight text and insert stamps feature. The latter part is very useful in case you want to add signature of yours or organization.

convertMyURL $0.99- Relatively a cheaper option with certain limitations. However, you should opt for this iOS app, if your purpose is just to convert webpage as PDF document and nothing else. It does allow you to add custom header and footer to your document.

Have we missed including any of your favorite app to save webpages as PDF on iPad?

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