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How to Root Samsung Galaxy SIII GT I9300

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root samsung galaxy s3

The new beast by smartphone mammoth Samsung, Samsung Galaxy SIII, has just been rooted before masses gets it into their hand. Rooting opens up a door to tons of possibilities and tweaks. Similar to previous Galaxy flagship products like Galaxy SII and few others, the device got rooted within few days of its initial announcement. Rooting has its own advantages and disadvantages but pros outweighs cons, so it would be always preferable to root your device. It should be done with extreme caution as rooting may void your warranty and there is peewee possibility that you might brick your device during the process but that shouldn’t stop brave hearts.

Samsung is having a tough time keeping its device and apps close to their chest as earlier their exclusive apps like S-Voice and Flipboard APK got leaked. The interesting tidbit from mouth of few expert is that Samsung has shipped the device with unlocked bootloader making it a cake walk to root Samsung Galaxy SIII device. Chainfire team has provided necessary kernel and OneClick root  files necessary in this process.

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Steps to Root Galaxy SIII I9300

Note: Follow rooting instructions at your own peril. We should not be held responsible if you somehow manage to brick your device during the process, neither should be the Chainfire team held responsible for the same.

Step 1: Although it is not compulsory, but it is always advisable to backup all your important data. Please also ensure that your device has enough charge/ battery power left for unfaltering operation, usually 60% or more. Also you will need ADB drivers, data cable, PC and USB Debugging mode enabled.

Step 2: Download Chainfire insecure kernel based on XX NEE ALE8 firmware (link here)

Step 3: Similarly, download ODIN and sgs3-root-install.zip to flash the aforementioned kernel on your device.

Step 4: Extract and open ODIN from the zip package and open it. Do not connect to PC yet.

Step 5: Now we need to put our device into Download Mode. Turn off the device. After that press Volume Down Button+ Power Button simultaneously and then immediately pressing Volume Up button.

Step 6: ODIN will recognize the device and yellow light in ID:COM section to confirm same.

Step 7: Extract the kernel from zip archive. Now select PDA box in ODIN and browser kernel.tar file which you just extracted. It will initiate flashing process. Do not worry if your device reboot during the process.

Step 8: Extract sgs3-root-install.zip files. Now you need to get full root access from insecure kernel which you just flashed. This is where USB debugging mode comes into play. With ADB running double-click install.bat file.

It will automatically spin a magic wheel for you giving you full root or superuser access. That’s it!!! You have achieved full root access on Samsung Galaxy SIII device. You deserves a huge round of applaud for your endeavor.

For those who are encountering issues during the rooting process can head over to XDA forum for further help.

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