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Ever since I purchased HTC EVO 3D, my quest to find out best 3D games for my newly purchased Android device has started haunting my mind. Of course, those 3D games does not only work on EVO 3D but also on other qualified android handsets. The technology world is changing rapidly and so is the smartphone gaming industry. The market has overgrown in last couple of years and there are already numerous quality 3D games available in Google Play store. Unfortunately, 3D games for android tend to cost more compared to other normal games in marketplace. Hence, it becomes essential to choose a right game for your android device. It will ultimately help you in saving few dollars so you can spend them at better place.

Note: The original article was written back in 2012 which has now been updated to cover more 3D games for android

3d games for android

Top notch game producers like gameloft have already produced 3D version of their popular games for Android users. Most of the 3D game market it dominated by them due to sheer amount of games made available by them. Even other developers are following the suite and have started creating few high quality games for users.

Android 3D Games


Asphalt is adrenaline wrenching racing game made available by Gameloft. Asphalt is a hugely popular arcade racing game amongst car racing game lovers. The sixth edition of this game named Asphalt 6: Adrenaline justifies its very name by providing nerve wrenching racing experience. Users can enjoy riding best cars and bikes from manufacturer like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Ducati and more. It also lets you experience the streets of L.A, Tokyo and the Bahamas. Since the game is in HD it presents most beautiful graphics to leave ever lasting effect on your mind.

asphalt 6 3d android game

Heavy Gunner

Heavy Gunner is only few 3D mechanic FPS game available in Google Play store. This first person shooter game has also won the award of best arcade game. There are more than 130 upgradable weapons available available to assist you in the combat against aliens.

Heavy Gunner is an inter-galactic shooting game. Available dual stick control will let you slaughter aliens coming from each side.

  • Dual stick control (multi-touch)
  • More than 130 combinations of upgradable weapon
  • 25+ missions with different enemies
  • Leaderboard and online ranking
  • Optimize control by re-calibration
  • Social networking integration

The game has got rave reviews and seems to be a decent time killer app. Needless to say that you get what you pay for. The game has some surprising elements and the controls are very smooth.

heavy gunner 3d

Assassin’s Creed

Altaïr, a Master Assassin is being sent to steal Chalice from the Templars to bring peace. Assassin’s Creed is one of the most famous console game and is optimized to utilize the 3D capabilities of your device. The game is once again developed by Gameloft, few amongst the top developer of android games. It offers rich gameplay and console like experience on your android device.

assassins creed 3d

Features of Assassin’s Creed

  • Incredible acrobatic moves
  • 6 weapons for close and long-range combat
  • Collect orbs to upgrade health and weapons
  • Polished 3D graphics
  • Puzzle solving exploration in 3D
  • Skill based mini games

Assassin’s Creed Altair’s chronicles is available at $4.99.

Crusade of Destiny

Crusade of Destiny claims themselves as one of the first ever full scale RPG game producer. The game supports multiple language and has awesome graphics with high quality background music. The developer is hailing from iOS platform and promises to bring same quality of android platform as well.  It has some awe inspiring features like

  • 3 trainable skill lines
  • 360 degree swimming, fishing and horse ride adventures
  • Challenging bosses to defeat
  • Multiple land and caverns to explore more secrets
  • Save multiple player’s adventure with 3 game slots

Compared to other games the graphics of this game is below average. But it will still give you an enjoyable gameplay experience on your 3D capable handset.

crusade of destiny

Get Crusade of Destiny from here

TurboFly 3D

TurboFly 3D is one more racing game that you would love to have on your android handset. The various tracks and innovative modes will assure that you stick to your handset. There are different levels and tracks which bring different difficulties. Overall, the game is more than a decent 3D game for your Android handset.

turbofly 3d

  • Some of the features include
  • Best use of accelerometer
  • Career mode with 22 events
  • 8 different tracks with 3D landscape
  • 5 ships with weapon and boosts
  • 3 game modes

Grab TurboFly 3D from here

Dungeon Hunter 2

Gameloft’s one of the best creation is Dungeon hunter and it truly deserves to be on the top position. As a son of the immortal king you’ve a responsibility to uncover the mystery against your kingdom. As the game progress you find more ferocious and lethal monsters. The game is extremely addictive action RPG game. At the end of the gameplay you will left with full satisfaction.

  • Multiplayer game
  • High definition graphics
  • Fine tune controls
  • Smooth gameplay
  • More enemies, more quest and more enjoyment
dungeon hunter gameloft 3d game

You will discover more weapons and unlock new skills as you passes each level. The multi player campaign will let you play with other 3 fellow players.

BackStab 3D

A royal navy officer from England is out for revenge. He is betrayed, imprisoned and his fiancée has been taken away. He is looking for blood. Click, jump and sneak your way through different difficulty levels and tracks. He has some highly skilled moves with can be utilized to kill enemies from the back. The graphics of the game is something which you can never forget. Enjoy gazing at environment in 3D. Some of the features of the game are

  • Use agility, strength and cunning to drop on your target
  • Eliminate and escape quickly
  • Combo-based combat
  • 4 unique cities to roam and find new quest and secrets

BackStab is developed by none other than our favorite 3D android game developer, Gameloft.

Other Notable 3D Games for Android

Instead of giving brief introduction about each and every notable games out there. We’re listing them down here. This will help in keeping the post short (and boring). Following 3D games for android also deserves a mention in this list.

  • Hero of Sparta
  • Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus 3D
  • Splinter Cell Conviction
  • Eternal Legacy 3D
  • Shadow Guardian
  • GT Racing: Motor Academy 3D
  • Avatar
  • Let’s Golf! 2 3D
  • N.O.V.A
  • Real Soccer 2011 3D
  • Spider-Man: Total Mayhem
  • 3D Bowling
  • Raging Thunder 2
  • Speed Forge 3D
  • Backbreaker THD
  • Light Racer 3D
  • PES 2o12
  • Homerun Battle 3D
  • Cricket T20 Fever 3D

Have we missed including any of your favorite game or game provider here? Feel free to suggest your favorite 3D game(s) for android handset.

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