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DeepNude Alternatives: Download 3 Apps Like Deep Nude Here!

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Finding a similar app to Deepnude might not be possible as the app has got some fantastic features that cannot be replicated. Of course, it’s an AI-built app, and the features can be replicated if you’re a developer yourself, but there are few apps that could be a perfect alternative to DeepNude if you’re just a regular user like many others.

So if you’re searching for DeepNude alternatives for Android, iOS, Linux, or even Windows PC, then we are here to provide you with the best possible working apps. Read this post till the end and you’re sure to get the best Deep Nude alternative on your smartphones and tablets. These apps are also known as Xray App or sometimes DeepFakes app as well.


Apps Like DeepNude – The Best Alternatives

The 3 best Deepnude alternatives are Deepswap, Nomao Xray App and Xray Scanner Prank.

Let us now see the features of each app in detail so that you know how to use them and why you should consider them as an alternative to Deepnude.

1. Deepswap – Best Alternative to DeepNude

DeepSwap.ai is best for anyone who wants to create convincing deepfake videos, images, and gifs.

Top Features

  • It’s fast, and it’s good. DeepSwap is an advanced tool that only takes a few seconds to a few minutes before it spits out quality deepfakes that would only be achievable with expensive, advanced deepfake apps. DeepSwap is user-friendly even for those who have never used deepfake software before.
  • Swap up to 6 faces in a single video. Deepswap’s artificial intelligence can identify and swap up to 6 faces in a single video, while many competitors can only do one or two at a time.
  • Unlimited swaps. Although DeepSwap’s video uploads are quite limited, you can upload as many photos as you want. Once you’ve uploaded a video, a photo, or a gif, you can do as many deepfake images and videos as you want.
  • Multiple formats. DeepSwap allows you to swap faces on videos, GIFs, photos, cartoons, and more.

Big discount for annual subscription. You get a 60% discount when you decide to stick with DeepSwap for an entire year. If you intend to create a lot of videos, then this plan will save you a lot of money.

Download link: Deepswap.ai download

2. Xray Scanner Prank

Well, if you’ve gone freaking crazy about the recent trend of Xray apps, this one is the best of all on Google Play Store. Xray Scanner is a prank app that gives fake reports of the photo captured when taken in the app. It only shows the simulated version of the X-Ray of the body but not the original piece of the picture frame.

But if you’re desperately looking for apps like DeepNude, you can give it a try to the Xray Scanner Prank app for sure. It’s only available for Android devices and isn’t available on the iTunes store.

Apps like DeepNude - Xray Scanner Prank

Download Link: Xray Scanner Prank

3. Full Body Doctor Simulator

Full Body Doctor Simulator is more suitable for kids and teens below 18+ as it doesn’t fall in the Deep Nude category kind of app. It’s more like a prank and childish kind of app overall. I am just including this app in my list as people do love X-ray apps that show some parts of the body nu*e.

These apps are the most downloaded ones in the Xray app categories. I wonder how users get attracted to a few fake apps when such authentic apps are already available on the Google Play store. If you want to download apps like DeepNude, Full Body Doctor Simulator is your way to go. Not perfect but for the time being, it can be used on your Android devices.

Download Link: Full Body Doctor Simulator

4. Nomao App

The concept behind the Nomao app revolves around the fact that the app lets you see and capture what behind a particular object. For example, you can see what a person is wearing, and that possibly makes it a naked camera app. Let’s see how Nomao APK works and how you can use it. Before you know how to use Nomao Camera App on Android devices, let’s have a look at some features and then Nomao APK download process. Here you go with features:

Naked Camera App

Features of Nomao App

Below listed are some exceptional features of Nomao Official App.

  • For some security reasons Nomao camera app isn’t available officially on the Google Play Store and iTunes store, so you need to sideload this app on both iPhone and Android devices.
  • The app interface is quite simple; the app offers general camera controls just like any another camera app.
  • Nomao camera app uses built-in morphed images and then sticks them in the face of individuals. By this way, you are just editing the actual appearance of a person by adding the naked body of somebody else.
  • It will be a fun way to create some laughter amongst your friends.
  • Make sure to be alone while you click pictures of individuals so that to prevent any issues.
  • Be sure to comply with the privacy of other people and not to hurt their emotions and sentiments. People might get offended, you see!
  • And let’s get to the reality, for now, Nomao camera app is just another great prank app. We all can make out whether a simple camera can have that X-Ray type imaging or not. So, you can use this app as the best prank camera app.

How to Download Nomao APK

As already said that Nomao camera Android app isn’t officially available on the Google Play Store and iTunes Store, so there is a need for Nomao APK download and IPA file and to sideload them separately. Sideloading is an easy process where you install the app file from a source other than the official source.

Nomao APK Download for Android

Installing Official Nomao Camera Android App

For things to go in a smooth fashion, make sure to make the phone ready for the installation of the Nomao apk download file.

#1. Go to the device settings and then Security. Look for the option called Unknown Sources, and make sure that it has been enabled. You can use the toggle option to enable it if it is disabled.

#2. After you’ve done that, download the Nomao camera Android app apk file from the links provided online. Alternatively, you can do a quick Google Search and find several Nomao APK download listed. Make sure that you trust the source of the Nomao.APK file.

#3. After the apk file has been downloaded, tap on the file icon to initiate the installation.

#4. Now, the app will get installed in few seconds and Voila! You’ll now see the Nomao Camera Android app icon in the app drawer, from where you can use the Nomao camera Samsung.

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Download Nomao for iOS

Unfortunately, there is no official version of Nomao camera app yet made available for iOS based devices. There are some alternative apps that you can use on your iOS device and get the similar functionalities.

  • Head over to the iTunes store and search for Nomao Camera app.
  • All the possible alternates to this app will be listed, and you can download and use any from the list.
  • Make sure to download only the free apps as you might feel cheated if you pay and the app won’t work up to your expectations.

Closing Thoughts on Deep Nude Alternatives

I would just say one thing to those searching for an alternative or an app similar to Deep Nude, do not download any fake DeepNude App available on the internet on any random website.

There are various telegram channels that are provided working cracked versions and even some of them have revamped them to the new version calling it as DeepNude 2.0 version.

Do you really feel that DeepNude isn’t available on the internet? Especially for Desktop, Mac, and Linux users? If you think so, you’re right. Deep Nude for PC, Mac, and Linux is not working anymore!

Just make sure that you don’t fall into a trap if someone is providing DeepNude APK to download on Android devices. It will be a fake one to trap you and get your personal information from your devices. So stay away!

If you are curious about installing apps like DeepNude, I have already provided the best 3 apps I found on the internet. I will always prefer Nomao App over those Xray prank apps as it is almost similar to DeepNude.

I hope you enjoyed reading the DeepNude alternatives post. Do let me know if you find any other working apps like Deep Nude so I can include them in this list.

Stay tuned to GeniusGeeks.com if you’re searching for alternatives to any apps/games/software. We’re getting it covered one by one! So what keeps you waiting? Download any one of these DeepNude alternatives right now!

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