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Remove Background from Image Online Easily with Clipping Magic

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In the past, we covered many of the photo editing applications for Windows, Android and iOS users. Even, the Google chrome extension can come to your rescue. However, most of the previously discussed image editing applications were good enough to apply filters, frames, effects, stickers and few other basic stuffs. How about removing background from an image? Is there any way other than Photoshop? Such question could be very simple for Photoshop geek, but for a normal users like us, with little or no knowledge of photo editing, it seems to be a daunting task. This is where an online application like Clipping magic comes into the play. Clipping magic can easily remove background from image online with few simple steps. You’d require next to no skill to perform this operation. Sound to good to be true, right? 

removed background image

While many of you might be aware of PowerPoint trick to remove the background, the method is still not perfect. It often yields in bad result. First thing first, Clipping magic is still in an Alpha stage and hence it is free. It will probably become a paid service once they roll out a final stable version. Nevertheless, the service is enticing and quite promising especially for the people who are looking for a quick solution. Instead of hiring a Photoshop expert for a simple errand, you can make use of such service and get the result pretty quickly.

Magic with Clipping Magic

Let’s explore this tool further to see how it works. Before moving ahead, you should keep following things in the mind.

clipping magic help

1) Green Brush= Keep the selected portion

2) Red Brush= Remove the selected portion

3) Unmarked= Algorithm decides

You will be required to sign up for the tool to start with it. It also provides an easy to understand guide once you upload the image. The interface lets you upload the image using simple drag-drop functionality or a traditional way. The algorithm of Clipping magic is intelligent enough to decide what to remove or what not provided you selected the right brush. Make sure you use the brush in the order mentioned above to avoid any confusion. Use the green brush first to mark the portion you do not want to remove (foreground) and then use a red brush to remove unwanted background from an image.

Following options are available

  • Different brush color to identify the boundaries
  • Erase marking
  • Change brush size for fine borders
  • Define custom background colors
  • Undo/redo options
  • Zoom-in/ Zoom-out

Would you like to take a look at what we achieved from this tool? Here is a screenshot of an image which we personally tried out to remove background from the image. This magical online tool also keeps the image in the private mode on their server, which can be shared with the friends to see the magic (example of our screenshot link). Make sure you carefully use the red brush to get the better result. As you use the red mark, the algorithm will automatically adjust to it and provides you the resultant image on the right side. This brings a comfort as you know what happens when you perform the operation in a real-time, well almost.

removing image background

There are some caveats though. The service works well for images with sharp boundaries and or image with contrasting foreground and background. It fails to work with image with blurry boundaries. Since Clipping magic algorithm works based on pixels, it has to rely to the difference or intensity of it. Image with varied background colors might take some time to reflect the changes. Also algorithm works to fail with handling hair and blurry boundaries. In case, if the hair color doesn’t blend with the background color, then the tool works pretty well. The tool is not perfect though. However, if you are looking for something more than Instagram, then this tool is perfect. In our experiment, we found that some of the hair got cut during the process, but still the resultant image was pretty good. In short, Clipping magic will help you a lot if you’re looking for a quick solution.

Have you tried the Clipping magic online tool? Feel free to share your private link with us to show us how well you managed to remove background image online using the Clipping magic tool.

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Ricky Shah

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