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Easily Screen Capture Scrolling Window on Chrome and Apply Filters to Captures

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While creating a portfolio page on our local business website, there arises a need of capturing a client’s website screenshot. However, the traditional inbuilt snipping tool that comes with Windows 7/8 system failed to perform the operation. Even, my all time favorite tool screenpresso couldn’t help me either. As a long time Google chrome browser user and admirer, I turned my attention to Chrome web store to look for an extension that can easily capture screen of scrolling Window. To my surprise, there are tons of screen capturing tools available on the Chrome web store that performs the similar operation, however, only Clipular drove my attention.

Clipular is not just another screen capture utility that comes with few features. The developer of Clipular has gone one step ahead and provided more flexibility. There are a slew of features like annotation, effects, filters, stickers, brightness, contrast, saturation and drawing tools. While the extension smartly manages to capture the selected region or even a scrolling window, it saves all the images on your account. Later, you can share your captures with friends and colleagues. Many consider it as a web clipper that can alleviate your problem of bookmarking different URLs. What’s more is that it can even save the URL, title of the pages you’ve captured. Let’s explore the tool more to understand the features in detail.

See how to manage tasks on Google chrome.

image editing options

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Clipular Advantages

  • Very easy to operate
  • Quickly take screenshot of a desired region or scrolling window
  • Automatically save in an online clipboard account
  • Automatically saves title
  • Saves links
  • Easy to move screenshot in folders for better management
  • Add notes to each screen capture
  • Apply different filters and effects to screen capture
  • Apply annotations
  • Share on Facebook

Clipular is special in a way it operates. Not only is it an insanely fast screen capture tool, but also a splendid web clip organizer with a few extra features added over the top. Image annotation and other editing options are like icing on the cake. Not to forget our all time favorite Google chrome browser that makes every task a breeze and elegant.

In-depth Look

To start with, you will have to go through official Chrome web store link to download Clipular. There are three different options available namely, scissor, camera, book. The first two options are used to capture web pages while the last option is used to access the clipular clipboard where all the screen captures are stored.

clipular icon

There are also three ways to access enable the extension—right click context menu, the little icon in the extension menu and ALT + C shortcut. Productive people will definitely use the latter option. Use any of the above options select the area with your mouse, drag the region and boom. Your screenshot has been taken in a breeze and is made available on your Clipular account automatically. Unfortunately, there is no information made available regarding the available space.

Your account will provide few useful options. The universal search will let you search the images store in your account based on the titles it has stored. The right floating + icon will let you select multiple images so you can either add notes or move them to an appropriate folder. Folder is a cool nice feature which will let you organize all your screen capture according to the desired category.

Apply Special Effects

Would you like to apply special effects to your screenshots? If yes, then Clipular has got you covered. Click on the desired image and it will open an image with the magic wand option on the right most corner.

magic wand

Click on the magic wand to sail your way to a plethora of image editing options. Instead of going through each of them, we have provided screenshots of each of them.


stickers on screen captures

draw lines

text annotation

Clipular has become one of my favorite Google chrome extension after Chime. Not only does it make screen captures of scrolling window easy but also helps in saving all the related information without me saving them personally. Even, it saves me a huge space by saving everything on the cloud. Now, you are no longer required to save bookmarks and make your browser cluttered with tons of them.


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Ricky Shah
Ricky Shah

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