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Awesome Spy Apps for Teachers to Monitor Kids’ Activities

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Spy applications are getting more useful not only for business use but for children’s activity monitoring as well. Practically the majority of children use modern technologies like a mobile device or computers which are essential for their learning and enhancing communication with their parents.

Schools recognize the fact that a mobile and computer monitoring application can be helpful in giving their students a controlled environment to facilitate their learning using their mobile devices and computers. Some teachers are getting more concerned on how kids’ use the internet and their mobile and computer devices while in class and have worked collaboratively with the children’s parents in order to monitor their activities in school.

Previously, we shared some of the best apps for the kids’ growth. In order to facilitate the teachers’ ability to monitor kid’s activities in school, here are some awesome spy apps that will be useful for their monitoring needs.

1. Net Control 2

This is a spy application that teachers can use in order to monitor the computers that are being used by the students in the classroom. The software allows teachers to simultaneously view the kids’ monitor when using a computer for their activities which is a great opportunity to view whether they are really working on their school activities or doing other things. Teachers can even create quizzes that the children can answer directly on their computers. Whether a teacher wants to monitor a particular kid in class or a group of them or the entire class, this spy app will serve its purpose in giving teachers more control and interactive engagement with their students in their computers.


2. Mobile Spy Software

This is a cell phone spy software that teachers can use in monitoring kids’ activities where they can use the app for listening to their surroundings, record the same and then upload to their mobile phone. Once the mobile app is installed on a device it is capable of recording its surroundings. So teachers can monitor the kids’ activities in class even while she has to leave the classroom for a while. It also has a powerful GPS locator that enables a teacher to monitor the whereabouts of their students inside the school campus. It is easier to know than whether a child is skipping classes or should be in the class where they should be.


3.  Netspy Mobile

This is a mobile spy tracking app that will enable teachers to monitor their students’ activities when using their mobile devices. They will know how the kids are using their mobile browser for internet search, the media files that they view and download on their mobile device online and track down their location within the school premises. A teacher can also monitor the kids’ activities while leaving the classroom by enabling the app’s recording capability to record the surroundings and listen to the recording later. Teachers can exercise parental control as well on how children may Netspy Mobile by blocking certain words and websites that are not suited for their age. They will also have their own way of knowing whether the kids are sending text messages or chatting while the class is on-going.


4. Hidetools Spy Monitor

This is a powerful spy app that teachers can use within the computer network in the class. The spy application can monitor practically all activities that are taking place in the kids’ computers. They can track down the web activities of the kids and obtain screenshots from them and view the keystrokes as well as the applications being used by the computer user. A log report is generated automatically and sends the report to your email. This is an opportunity for teachers to review and evaluate the computer behavior of children in the classroom every day.

hidetools personal monitor spy

5. eBlaster Computer Monitoring and Spy Software

Teachers will have the ability to spy and monitor the computer activities of children when using the classroom computers. This spy app can provide the information whether children are visiting inappropriate websites or making inappropriate searches for their age. Teachers have the ability to block and restrict access to adult websites and to control the settings of the computers being used by the children for learning. Whether a child is chatting to strangers, visiting adult sites or social media network site while in school, the teacher will have better control on restricting these activities.


eblaster and Net control seem to be an obvious choice for the teachers as they have a plethora of built-in options. Have we missed including your favorite spy app for kids? Sound off in the comment section below and we will review the app and include in one of our upcoming post.

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