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MetroTwit App for Windows 8 Available For Download

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metrotwit windows 8

Admirer of new Windows OS aka Windows 8 consumer preview are in for a mesmerizing treat. MetroTwit, a dedicated twitter client has just been released in Windows 8 store. This would be the first ever full fledged dedicated  twitter client rolled out to Windows users. MetroTwit gives sneak peek at what’s in to the future prospects. Slated to be available this summer, Windows 8 will bring metro style UI and easy to adept interface to the users. Unlike previous version of Windows Os, this version will present a whole new different UI. It will resemble to metro UI of WP7 OS. Windows Phone 7 users have already experienced awesome twitter clients like Carbon, Rowi and Mehdoh. Well now they can experience awesomeness of such apps on Microsoft’s latest OS for PC and tablets. Microsoft is continually involving in developing and adding third party apps support for betterment of the end-users. MetroTwit is an enthusiastic project designed to enhance microblogging interaction of the users.

The app is available in Windows 8 store as a preview release. Users need to have W8 consumer preview installed on their PC in order to get entertained by this application. Developed by Pixel Tucker Pty Ltd is a full fledged twitter client incorporating aesthetics of Metro UI. Users will find square or rectangle tiles everywhere reminding us of what to expect from Microsoft in future.

MetroTwit for Windows 8

As is the case with WP7, it will provide toast notification and live tile updates. It provides multi column layout, giving you a full control of which columns to add or remove.


metrotwit for windows 8 os


  • Track your Twitter feeds with interactive tiles
  • Pin multiple columns on the homescreen
  • Simple tweet, reply or retweet
  • Search Twitter by keyword or hashtags
  • View trending topics
  • Snap view for quick access to tweets

However, the application is far from what you might have witnessed in rowi or carbon app for Windows Phone 7. Inspired highly from Metro UI, MetroTwit does offer a unique but less competitive features compared to WP7 counterparts. However some of the features are more likely to come in handy than tradition twitter web interface. Users can take photos, upload to message, compose message, check mentions, check direct message etc. from the single interface like you used to do in TweetDeck or other desktop client. On homescreen left hand pane displays timline updates, @mention, direct message and an option to manage columns. TweetDeck users will find it somewhat familiar.  Even features like URL shortener, auto-complete names and hashtag will reduce your efforts. What might surprise user is its interface and ability to customize columns. It is still don’t know whether we can customize the background colors or not, if yes then we are going to fall in love with the application.

Nonetheless, this is a great start by software giant. It gives us a glimpse of bright future that Windows 8 has. If you’re already on advanced OS by Microsoft and crave to be a twitter power-user then MetroTwit is a right choice for you.

Download MetroTwit

We will soon review MetroTwit for Windows 8 to see what’s lacking and what’s been already added to the client. Before we publish the review make sure you grab a cup of coffee as it will be an in-depth review.

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