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Start8: Bring Back Windows 7 Start Menu to Windows 8

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While Microsoft and other developers admired Windows 8 UI a lot, many end-users found themselves in an unapprehend situation. The start menu or rather absence of it has been a talk of the town. Honestly, when I installed Windows 8 consumer preview, even I found it somewhat fascinating and unknown territory. But is this an end to start menu altogether? Of course not, there are some clever solutions which can bring back Windows 7 start menu to Windows 8. The start menu has been Microsoft’s most adaptable option to quick to programs and applications on the system.

The new Windows 8 system replaces it with Start screen where you will find squares and rectangles every place; a traditional Metro UI footprint. While many people, like me, adapted to the new UI, many users may not find it comfortable. For the latter group of people, there is a nifty utility called Start8 that will give you some respite. Not only does it bring back a Windows 7/Vista start menu to Windows 8, but also brings back taskbar by disabling hot spots. The app comes from the factory none other than the most beloved Stardock team. The entire is known for bringing some of the nicest system tweaking apps for Windows system. As a long time follower of Stardock (Fence app), one can completely trust the developer.

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windows 7 like start menu

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Features of Start8

  • Brings back traditional Windows 7 start menu to Windows 8 OS
  • Users can search for Windows 8 apps from there. It will take you to the search option on Windows 8. It means you can search apps in store as well
  • Pin apps to the desktop and start screen: Quickly allows you to add favorite apps to start8 and start menu
  • Supports jump list: To quickly access recently opened program, document, music, files etc.
  • Unified search
  • Boot to Windows 8 desktop directly
  • Shut down system from start menu
  • Skinnable start screen: You can change start orb button to different from here
  • Disable desktop hot spots
  • Access start screen from start menu

How to Bring Back Start Menu in Windows 8

First thing first, Start8 app is in beta phase, so you may encounter some unknown bug. Apart from a few hiccups, it should work fine. Without any qualm, just go ahead and give the app a whirl. It will bring you back to comfort zone. It is the best Windows 8 start menu replacer out there.

Download Start8 (it will ask to provide your email). Enter your email address and you will be present with the download link.

replace windows 8 start menu

Install the app, and you’re done. The app will give you plethora options to play with. You can change to traditional/ classical start menu. It resembles to start menu of Windows 7, where you can add quick access to applications. Search function can also be found at the bottom, like tradition Window 7 start menu, from where you can search installed apps. Clicking right mouse click brings more options like

  • On login go to the desktop
  • Use classic style start menu
  • Disable Windows 8 desktop hotspots
  • Pick a different start button images
  • Run
  • Shutdown

Even more options could be accessed by clicking on the start menu or orb icon. It will let you resize start menu with pre-defined sizes. The best part is that it does allow you to pin your favorite apps, tasks to Start 8, start. This is a must have option for those who uses a particular set of apps often.

search option in windows 8 start menu

The app is something to make your Windows 8 convenient to use, initially. Are you comfortable with the new Metro UI or start screen of the Windows 8. Do you find need of tools like Start8 to bring back Windows 7 start menu on Windows 8? Let us know your view about the Start8 free app for Windows 8.

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