Podcast Player for Windows 8 SlapDash Lands in Windows 8 Landscape

Finally, a dedicated podcast player for Windows 8 is available for download from Windows 8 store. Also named as, SlapDash Podcasts, a free podcasting app will let you enjoy videos, audios, PDFs on the newest and greatest Windows OS so far.

It embraces cloud service and hence is often known as a cloud based podcast player for Windows 8. The beauty of such player is that your data are safe and the streaming is blazingly fast. It stands out of the crowd among the various podcast services available in the market and is presently a smart way to listen to your favorite podcasts.

In addition to its tempting design, it provides a far-reaching catalog, comprising News, Food, Entertainment, Business, Health, Movies and much more. Also you can subscribe to custom podcast channels through RSS feeds and all your subscriptions are saved in the cloud, so that you may access them from the web by logging in to your SlapDash account or using its Windows Phone app. Yes, it also has a Windows Phone variant to lure new Windows Phone users.

podcast player for windows 8

SlapDash is an elegant looking Modern UI theme based podcast player for Windows 8 that never fails to impress with its subtle design and UI.

Podcast Player for Windows 8

The main screen quickly presents some of the most important items which are classified according to Spotlight, Subscribed, Latest Episodesand Catalogsections. The featured podcasts that appear to be popular are highlighted by Spotlight, whereas the Subscribed section includes the custom channels. From here you can manage your subscription or even add shows that are not available in the catalogue. The synchronization option available on the home screen above Latest Episodes  option bring in latest episode to the podcast player. You can tinker with all such options while playing podcasts in the background since background playing is supported in this app.

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With SlapDash you can possibly download and stream the podcasts from the cloud service. As mentioned before, it works smoothly on both new Windows operating system as well as Windows Phone. Downloading helps in many ways, you can later view the saved data and it’s also productive when your internet connection is slow.

It has the competence to save the player location; additionally it saves the playback position of your podcast, so you can effortlessly play the podcast from where you left off. It supports downloading of multiple episodes or play them altogether.

select multiple episodes

There are a few flaws associated with SlapDash Podcasts like you cannot stop or pause the playback in some videos, and the download process doesn’t always work.  However, this glitch was not often encountered or could be a problem from my side as well, so I would not like to blame it on the player for now.

podcast playing controls

Now Playing page displays the currently item being played along with controls. Under player control, there is also an option which displays next item in the playlist.

catalogue in slapdash podcasts

Catalogue section displays most popular podcasts. This is where the true potential of SlapDash podcast player for Windows 8 comes in handy. You can also popular podcasts based on audio and video category which will further drill down content for you. Even, search option helps in checking out your subscription.

The free version of the application displays advertisements, but you can do away with them by purchasing the Pro version, that costs $1.99. It works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 8.

There are a few distinguished features of SlapDash Podcasts like

  • It provides the Background playing.
  • It provides you the Audio Control.
  • You can share Podcasts using file extensions.
  • You can perform Universal Search.
  • The live titles to display the current podcasts.
  • It provides PlayTo support.
  • It allows you to share Podcasts with other applications
  • Manual management of podcasts is possible

The SlapDash uses your Internet Connection, music library (together with adding, changing, or deleting files), video library (including adding, changing, or deleting files). In conjunction with SlapDash Podcasts, your subscriptions are stored in the Cloud and so Streaming and Downloading of your shows are much quicker and you don’t have to depend on your data connection for playbacks.

It allows you to view and look for a huge collection of catalogues of greater than a 10,000 popular audio and video podcasts and shows. Expect the database to grow exponentially over the period. Overall, SlapDash is an impressive podcast player for Windows 8 which needs some refinement to make it more useful.

Grab possibly the best podcast player for Windows 8 from Windows store for free.

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