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Pokemon Go Windows Phone

It’s quite safe to say that Pokemon Go has pretty much embarked a long-lasting journey into the field of augmented reality ever since its introduction back in 2016. The Pokemon Go game – like a viral fever – was everywhere initially when it was launched. The game was initially launched for Android & iOS users. But the Pokemon Go Windows Phone is available now!

However, what was this craze behind this location-based game anyway? Let’s find out! Pokemon Go, a free to play, location-based augmented reality game developed by Niantic and Nintendo was first launched in the market back in July 2016.

Pokemon GO Windows Phone for All Windows Phones

In this, gamers essentially are required to make use of their respective mobile devices and the GPS capability to locate, capture, battle and train virtual creatures known as Pokemon on screen through the use of their cameras. This way, the gamers have a real-world experience as they venture out searching for these Pokemon in real-world locations.

When the game initially arrived, it received mixed reviews. There several critics that praised the game’s concept, however, there were many others that criticized the technical issues that were quite apparent in the initial stages of the launch.

However, with time, a majority of the mass gamers came to accept the new gaming experience with open arms. The augmented-reality game became so popular that it was downloaded approximately 500 million times worldwide.

Game Play of Pokemon Go for Windows Phone

The gameplay of Pokemon Go Windows Phone is relatively simple. The first augmented reality game for the iOS and Android platforms was revealed at a South by Southwest 2016 panel. The initial trailer of the video made users to believe that they will be able to encounter Pokemon Go in various parts of the real world; subjective from location to location. However, not much was revealed back then except from the numerous hints, leaks and rumors that essentially took the rounds.

The game came across as similar to other portable games that can be observed on Nintendo handhelds — the only difference being that Pokemon Go was augmented reality based. Battling and trading was not a new concept but experiencing a real-life gaming phase was something unique and thus, was immediately taken positively by the gaming world.

It is close to a year since the game was launched and fans are now waiting for something different or even greater details regarding what they can expect in the future with Pokemon Go Windows Phone version of the game. Trainers also enjoyed playing PC version of Pokemon Go by downloading Bluestacks Emulator.

Features of Pokemon Go Windows Phone

A couple of months ago, Pokemon Go was launched and fans immediately responded positively to it. Much to the delight of the fans, a lot of things are lined up to be added to Pokemon Go in the coming months. Check out the features of Pokemon Go Windows Phone:

Get your own respective leader

There will be three different teams in Pokemon Go, namely, Team Valor, Team Mystic and Team Instinct and the good news is that each of the teams will be getting their own leaders.

Greater number of Easter eggs

Easter eggs are perhaps among the most fun-filled activities to indulge in. However, there are some Easter eggs that still haven’t been discovered by fans yet. Now gamers are speculating that there could be more potential Easter eggs in the coming months. And if you can’t wait for it, you surely need to read this hacking guide of Pokemon Go.

Pokemon tracking tools

The one and only way of tracking Pokemon creatures is through the use of numerous Pokemon tracking tools. However, at the moment, there are only a limited number of Pokemon tools available in the inventory. The game developer is planning on adding new ones soon.

Pokemon trading gets better

What happens when you have too many duplicate Pokemon creatures and don’t know what to do with them? You simply trade them with others. Trading in Pokemon Go is among the core elements that make up for the game.

How to Download Pokemon Go on Windows Phone?

Pokemon Go is currently available on Android, iOS and Windows 10 platforms. You can download the original app Pokemon Go Windows phone quite easily. Here are the steps you should follow to download Pokemon Go Windows phone:

#1. Create an account

Gamers are first required to create a Pokemon Go Trainer account from the official website. Just head over to the official website of Pokemon Go and create an account. You need this because you will be required to log in to the game when you start it.

#2. Enable Developer Mode

After which, you will need to enable the Developer Mode on your smartphone. This can be done via the settings option in your device.

#3. Download the app

Download the official app on your PC. Then you need to transfer these files on to your mobile device.

#4. Run the app

After the app has been successfully deployed, you can run the app on your smartphone.

Conclusion of Pokemon Go Windows Phone

Pokemon Go Windows phone arrived a little late, however, it eventually did. The game is quite unique in its own way but will lose its charm if it doesn’t deliver something unique to its fans any time soon.

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