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How To Uninstall Android Apps in Bulk!

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Google is not holding back by integrating most of the useful features in its Android OS. Tech pundits firmly say that Google’s Android platform is one of the most flexible OS. The open source nature of the OS lets you tweak the system in whatever way you want, and gives you a full control over the system. But are you in the real control?

The same question pique one of our reader’s mind, who just started using the Android system after giving some thought. After trying out some of the must have android apps, he was looking to uninstall Android apps in bulk.  There is no way to uninstall apps in bulk through the settings or other system options. Therefore, we would like to lead him to the following application which does the job perfectly.

Google Play store or marketplace offers tons of utility for Android, which helps you to tweak your Android device in whatever way you want. Unlike Apple, Google embraces the developers who offer useful system tweaks and jailbreak apps. Probably, this is why Android is said to be giving you complete, well almost, control over your system.

Apple usually tries to curb any movement that tried to go into the root of the system. Well, this is the reason why he opted for Android OS. Even if you’re new to Android community, then you’d probably want to visit our Android section to start enjoying it to its core. Have you started feeling bored of Android apps after testing them for a month or so? Now, you have to uninstall those apps one by one in case if you do not what Easy Uninstaller is.

Easy Uninstaller comes to your rescue in such dire situation. It empowers you to select multiple applications at a shot and then delete them with a single click. Such an application serves the basic purpose of uninstalling Android apps in the bulk. It claims to save 90% of your time spent behind the taps and selecting applications one by one.

As the description says, it is simplistic & fastest uninstall tool for android. However, there are certain limitations. For example, there is no way to uninstall preloaded or protected apps. There is an app called “root uninstall” which lets you even uninstall preloaded apps.

As you would have probably guessed, you would need root access before performing the above operation. Apart from batch uninstall, it also supports app search and sorting option.

uninstall android apps easy uninstaller settings andrtoid apps search

Easy Uninstaller Features

  • Support for batch app uninstall
  • Fast uninstall by one click
  • Show application information like name, version, size etc.
  • Search app by name
  • Sort applications
  • Share application with your friends on various networks
  • Search Google Play store right from the application

In short, Easy uninstaller is a must have Android application. If you are one of those who like to try out many applications, before settling to desired app, should try out this application. It will help in reducing the time spent behind uninstalling them.

In the past, we covered completely different app for Windows Phone users, which lets user install multiple applications automatically. Unfortunately, there is no such app for Android users. Of course, they can log in to their Google Play store account and install apps.

In this case, you will be required to reinstall them from backup. Such application exists in the Google play store that allows people to reinstall apps from the backup. It is a good companion of the above application.

Easy Uninstall app can also list the application installed on SD card. If you do not see all the apps in the list, perhaps, you should re-scan them after clearing the cache. It is ad-supported version. Ad free version is also available in the market. Grab it from Google play store.

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