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G Cloud Backup: Automatically Backup & Restore Android Data On the Cloud

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The cloud service has now taken over the android app marketplace as well. Newly launched G Cloud Backup brings in facility to easily backup Android data, contacts, call logs, SMS and other files on their dedicated cloud service.  All such tasks are performed without needing to root your device. That’s not all, it also facilitates automatic daily backup which also includes support for External SD cards as well. The self-proclaimed best and easiest cloud service backup to date has some interesting features to backup its claim. Unfortunately, installed app backup is absent in this application, but so many features offered without needing rooting is an achievement in itself.

G Cloud Backup

The G Cloud backup offers SSL secure data backup. You can backup and protect sensitive data. Initially, you will be provided with 1GB free cloud storage on reliable Amazon S3 cloud storage. The backing up your data is as easy as it could get. There are no complicated settings to tinker with.

However, the developer has taken care of the people who are on a limited data plan by providing an option like enabling backup when WiFi is available. Most of the settings are related to scheduling your backup and how it gets stored in the cloud. You can consider it as a preference setting.

g cloud backup

The G Cloud backup provides an option to select which files to be backed up automatically. You can backup contacts, call log, SMS, browser data, system settings, documents, pictures, music, video etc. The easy mobile to mobile restore option will let you transfer your settings and important data from one device to another without complicating things.

g cloud backup settings

Just a simple restore button click will perform all errand on behalf of you. However, take this feature with a grain of salt. There are many people who are complaining that they are having problem restoring data on another device. We can not verify the fact as of writing this, but we have had no problem in restoring data back to the same device.

backup android data

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  • Backup SMS, contacts and other data over SSL with 26-AES encryption
  • data are saved on reliable Amazon S3 cloud
  • Provides dedicated account to check the remaining space and see the backup via web
  • Daily automatic backup when WiFi is present  or enough battery is remaining
  • Optionally sync your data when 3G service is enabled
  • Easy mobile to mobile restore
  • Restore to other Android device is also feasible
  • Backup External SD card

restore android data

In a nutshell, G Cloud backup comprehensively backup and restore your Android data on the go. It is always a wise decision to safeguard your data, since we often come across cases where people lose their device. The best part about the app is that it is free and offers 1GB of free data storage to begin with.

Download G Cloud Backup

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