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GBA4iOS Download: Install on iPhone/iPad without Jailbreak

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Jailbreaking has been a critical issue for the iOS users, and the tweaks that are available for both jailbroken and non-jailbroken iOS devices are popular for the same reason. Being one of the best gaming emulators, GBA4iOS is designed as same to be compatible with all the devices.

The most important reason that people hack the iOS devices is to play things like PS games, NDS, GBA via game emulators. GBA4iOS has been one such emulator that allows both iPhone and iPad users to get access to the Game Boy Advanced games on their iOS devices. Furthermore, you don’t have to jailbreak your device as it uses the Apple’s certificates to install the GBA4iOS Emulator.


However, Apple who keeps an eye on the usage of certificates is closing the loopholes by revoking the usage of the certificate which is why this new version of Gameboy Advance for iOS emulator has been developed. The only drawback is that is works in the same way, and therefore at some point, the Apple might again take action. But as of now, you can install it and use it without any restrictions.

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Features of GBA4iOS Emulator

The latest 2.1 version of GBA4iOS include:

  • URL Scheme
  • Multiplayer Compatibility
  • Controller Skins
  • Dropbox Support
  • Game Boy Support
  • Game Boy Color
  • Save States
  • Cheat Codes

How to Download GBA4iOS without Jailbreak on iPhone/iPad?

#1. Initially, access the web browser on your iOS device; the Safari browser that is pre-installed on all the iOS devices.

#2. In some cases, you might notice the website to be dormant. Therefore you need to change your device’s date to the year 2010 manually from the settings.

#3. Once you’ve changed the date, open the link and install the GBA4iOS. The process of GBA4iOS download is similar for all the GBA4iOS for iOS 10/9.1/9/8 or GBA4iOS for iPad.

#4. After the installation of Game Boy Advance Emulator, you will be asked to trust the application. Therefore, change the date to the current date soon after the installation and then access the settings. Go to General>Profiles and trust GBA4iOS.

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How to Fix GBA4iOS Not Opening?

Due to some changes in the features, the GBA4iOS is showing few loading errors especially when installed on the iOS 9.1 devices. Therefore, by using the below-mentioned procedure; you can fix the issues without any complications. You can use the same procedure to fix the GBA4iOS for iOS 9, GBA4iOS for iOS 9.1/10, GBA4iOS for iOS 8.

  1. If you’re using any other iOS version other than iOS 9.2, download the third party applications like Showbox to fix the loading issue. If you’re using the iOS 9.2 version, navigate to the settings.
  2. Then, go to General>Device Management. Now, tap on the profile of GBA4iOS Emulator that you’ve downloaded with the tag, “Xiamen..”, Hit the trust button.
  3. After doing this, you can use the GBA4iOS without any issues. You can use the same process to fix issues with any emulator.

GBA4iOS Roms

Download GBA4iOS Roms

Once you’ve installed GBA4iOS on your iOS device, the next thing is to get hold of the ROMS in order to play the games. Previously the downloading of these Roms has been hectic. Now, you can just download them and then sync them with your Dropbox account.

  1. Launch the GBA4iOS App on the iOS device and go to the top right corner for the search option.
  2. Click on it to go to the Google homepage. Search for the favorite Rom.
  3. Download the Roms and enable Dropbox sync in the app. It will save the Roms directly to your account so that you can use them on any other devices. For this, you need to install Dropbox on the device and make an account.
  4. To activate, go to Settings of the GBA4iOS. Scroll down to find the “Dropbox Sync.” Turn it on by granting permissions. You can sync the saved data of the game along with the Roms.

Conclusion of GBA4iOS Download

Therefore, get hold of GBA4iOS without any complications and download your favorite Game Boy Roms and start playing them on your iOS device. If you have any queries regarding the installation or if you’re facing any errors; comment below so that we can get back to you with appropriate help.

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