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Face Swap Live: 5 Best Face Swap Apps & Videos for Android, iOS!

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Face Swap Live

If you like exploring new apps on your phone and other digital boxes, Face Swap Live & Face Swap Apps are probably meant for you! 😀 While there are many entertainment-based apps out there on Play Store and Apple Store, Face Swap has become this one big thing that is driving people crazy. From kids to adults, all love it.

Face Swapping is so much fun, indeed. 😛 So, we will be discussing on some of the most trending Face Swap live and face swap apps in today’s post. But before we go ahead, let’s understand what is Face Swapping (if you don’t know already) and how does it work.

Introduction to Face Swap Live

For those who do not know what Face Swap live is; we have this section wherein we will tell you what is it and why is it getting so popular. This app basically allows you swap faces with your friends, family or anybody for that matter in real-time.

Face Swap Live

You might be thinking that you already know about this concept as many apps have been launched on the same notion in last few years. But the difference is Face Swap live does it in the moment. Apart from the standard method of uploading your pictures on the app and then getting the face looks exchanged, you can get it done instantly on this app. 🙂

Whether you want to record a video with someone or just click pictures on the Face Swap camera, you get your faces swapped live and can take a snap with the same or record a video with swapped faces. This feature makes it all the more fun for audiences who like entertaining themselves and others with such apps. And the best part is that it is available for both iOS and Android audience so that everyone can enjoy using it! 😀

Features of Face Swap Live

Ever wished to see your talking photo on your most favorite celebrity’s body? Well, yes you can now. The app lets you record your photos or videos live swapping faces with a friend, relative, celebrity or anybody in this world.It’s fun, it’s hilarious and it just can’t get any better than this. And this is not all.

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The best part is that you can record this in effects and filters of your choice. 3D filters are available on the app for making the experience way more funny and entertaining for you. You can even choose to turn the mask or costume mode on. It further provides you with options to put a hat, beard or glasses on the swapped faces, make it look all the more comical.

Face Swap Apps

Best Face Swap Apps for Android

Let’s explore the list of 5 best Face Swap apps for Android! Here you go!

#1. Photo Face Swap

It’s user-friendly and fun to use. This app lets you swap faces in pictures that you upload on the app while using it. Just make sure your face is properly aligned and the photo is well-lit. Also, it comes with a special ‘face bomb effect’ using which you can put the same face on all the people in the pictures. Sounds funky, right? Then why not get funky by trying Face Swap live now? Download it here!


#2. Mix Booth

This app doesn’t swap faces but blends two faces into one, which is pretty cool. You can add photos of yourself and of people you want to mix your face with and there you go. You can even mix your face with the celebrity faces or faces of absolute strangers just to see how you would look in somebody else’s skin. Now this is awesome when you get such features in Face Swap live and that too in an Android app. Isn’t it? So what keeps your waiting, download the app now.

MixBooth Face Swap Android App

#3. Face Swap Live 

Unlike other apps, which use the static images to interchange faces, this app does it in real-time. You and the other person should fit properly on the camera screen for the Face Swap live android to work well. That is all that is required and you’ll see hilarious results. It is unarguably the best Face Swap app available for android users. Download it from this link

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#4. Face Swap Booth

If you have storage of faces that you would want to swap, this is one good app for you.It lets you add faces, which either you can manually add or let the face Swap apps detect them and then interchanges those faces to get goofy results. You can even swap your face with the pre-loaded celebrity faces on the app. Other than this, the app also provides you with advanced editing tools including funny masks and many more things for extra fun. So trying it our Face Swap live using this app is a must! Download it by visiting this link.

Face Swap Android App

#5. MSQRD Face Swap App

Update: This appp is not available on Play Store any more!

Not really a Face Swap live Android app, but provides you with some brilliant options which make it up for you. If you are addicted to the Snapchat lenses, then this app is meant for you and in case you don’t know what Snapchat lenses are, you MUST explore this one great app. It allows you to add different animated features on your face while you’re clicking yourself. Facebook has recently acquired the app, due to its growing popularity, so use it while you can as you never know if it will be available in the coming future or not.

MSQRD Face Swap App for Android

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There you have it! This is the list of best Face Swap apps for Android to experiment with your faces by swapping them! Have fun by downloading any one of them now! Now let’s see how you can actually use Face Swap live online, if you don’t want to download any of the above given Face Swap apps! Here you go!

Face Swap Live Online- How To Use It?

Bring your and your friend’s face in front of the app camera and you’ll see the faces swapped on the screen. Just fit both the faces properly on the screen and you’re done. You can even choose to add filters and other animations to make it look even better. Face Swap online is available for all users. Try it while it’s still free from the official website or just search for Face Swap online on Google & you are all set to use it for free! 😀

Face Swap Online

Face Swap Video

Similar to taking a picture in the app, you and your friends need to just fit on the screen in front of the camera of Face Swap video and start recording the video in the way you want to with interchanged faces.

Adding filters and quirky props to the video are yet another features provided by the Face Swap video app makers solely for entertainment purpose.It’s cool to watch and exciting to make!

Face Swap App Download For iOS/iPhone Users

Face Swap app iPhone is the best app available on the Apple Store for all the IOS users. As we have discussed its features above, it’s interesting and fun to use with your friends, family, relatives and known ones. Once you capture the pictures or videos, you can share them on your social media handles and make others laugh too. It’s a good way of keeping yourself and your near-and-dear ones entertained.

Face Swap App iPhone

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Face Swap app iPhone is trending big time and people from different age groups are using it.However, it’s a paid app for the iOS users. You can download the app on your iPhone with the link mentioned here.

Review of Face Swap Online & Face Swap Live Apps

Created by the Laan labs, Face Swap app android lets you use faces that that are either loved by you or those you have always wanted to see on your body! While it’s interesting, funky and cool to use, it’s extremely easy and hassle-free to click pictures and record videos on this app, making it one of the best Face Swap app android. However, people have some issues for paying for the face swap app in iPhone as it’s exactly the same app that is available for free to the android users. Otherwise, Face Swap live one of the best entertainment apps available online.

Overall, the app has got exceedingly good to use and absorbing features which make you addicted to it once it’s installed on your digital boxes. The photo filters and custom animations make it so much more fascinating to use. Face Swap live is one of the best Face Swap apps out in the marketplace for now. The real-time feature has caught so much attention instantly and everyone loves to experiment with their faces on it. After all, it’s extremely enthralling and immensely engaging for users from every age group!

Conclusion of Face Swap Live & Apps for Android

Android users can enjoy the advantage of getting Face Swap online for free, which is a bonus point for them, while iOS users have to pay a small amount to install Face Swap live apps on their systems and mobile phones.

Enough has been said about the perks of using the app, now get your mobile devices and systems out and go grab it before it gets expensive. Android users must download the Face Swap live for free as you never know when the free installation services of it turn into a paid one. 😛 So, go get your hands on it now!!

Hope this information helped you and provided you with all the necessary perks that you needed regarding Face Swap apps and Face Swap videos. Face Swap live is undeniably the best Face Swap app obtainable online. You can post your reviews and suggestions regarding this in the comments section given below. 

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