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List of Top 20 .IO Games to Play Online

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.IO Games

If you have noticed, there have been many full-screen web-based .IO games that are being released online in the past five years and many of these games feature multiplayer facility. These games usually belong to the domain extension .io; and therefore the link ends with .io referring them as the .IO Games. Today, I am going to show you top 20 .io games list and you are sure to love all of them.

About .IO Domains!

 io which is an Internet ccTLD (Country Code Top Level Domain) belongs to the British Territory (Indian Ocean). This domain is administered by ICB (the Internet Computer Bureau), a company based in the UK which registers domain names like the (com, org et.al). Currently, Google ads’ target the .io sites as generic top-level domains instead of ccTLDs because the domain is seen generic more than country coded frequently.

History of .IO Games

The genre of .IO games began with the release of Agar.io which has been the most addicted .io game till now. This .io game has been inspired by the Osmos which was a classic game. Agar.io grew fast within a limited period and took the internet by storm with thousands of players playing from different countries worldwide.

The .io game has been designed in a unique way to charm the users, and unlike most of the browser games, it offers full screen and multi-player feature. Later, many developers adopted the similar framework and have launched many .IO games.

IO Games

Popular .IO games List Ruling the Online Market at Present!

While there are many .IO Games available in the market today, few of them have become prominent with enormous membership & players connecting over countries during the game. The .io game list include Blockor.io, Snake Pit, Geoarena, Curvefever.io, Slither.io, Agar.io. Diep.io, Doblons.io, Narwhale.io, Sl4sh.io, Gunr.io, Wormax.io, Mope.io, Zlap.io, Braains.io, Warin.space, Limax.io, Driftin.io, Dogargame.io, Basher.io, etc.

Best IO Games List

So here’s the complete list of .IO Games released till 2017 second quarter!

         Game Name
1.     Blockor.io
2.     SnakePit.io
3.     GeoArena.Online
4.     CurveFever.io
5.     Slither.io
6.     Agar.io
7.     Diep.io
8.     Doblons.io
9.     Narwhale.io
10.    Sl4sh.io
11.     Gunr.io
12.     Wormax.io
13.     Mope.io
14.     Zlap.io
15.     Braains.io
16.     Warin.Space
17.      Limax.io
18.      Driftin.io
19.      Dogargame.io
20.      Basher.io

#1 Blockor.io

A combination of Agario and Tetris, it can be considered as the core agario based .io game that has been developed till now in the .io games list. Starting as a block, it fills the screen with the blocks just like the game in the 90’s video games, and if you touch a block, they will touch to your block and form a square making the blocks grow. You can make any shape you want with it, and by pressing the “Space,” you can fasten the game. “W” will give you the throwaway blocks back. This game is undoubtedly top in the list of .io games.

#2 Snakepit.io

With the same functionality as slither.io; the .io game is the clone of the snake game which pays you and allows you to play. Wondering how will those works? The screen turns into a map full of typical orbs that you have to eat. Also, you will have stars that can be brought on your body additionally and when you have 50 cars, you can get a 1$ Amazon Gift Card from the site unlike the other .IO games Amazing, Isn’t it?


#3 Geo Arena.online

It is a 1vsl game unlike the rest of the .IO games in the .io games list, but it shares all the features of the other games like Diep.io or Tankar.io. The menu is not similar to the .IO games, but it allows you to customize your ship and go on Geo arena with many options. When you’re done customizing, reach the bottom and press play to start the .io game. If you’re a One Piece fan, this game will most likely excite you.


#4 CurveFever.io

This is just a simple 2D game among all the .io games with snakes and fantastic UI. Your goal is just to be the only snake that lives in the last avoiding the bumps, crashes, and the collisions. Therefore, the important skill you require in this .io game is reflex unlike the other .IO games where you can only use the right and left arrows. Though it seems easy at the start, it gets eventually tough when you proceed.

CurveFever.io Game

#5 Slither.io

It is the most popular .io game after Agar.io. Slither.io is originally based on the old “Snake Game” that was installed on our first Nokia phones. However, it has been changed into the web game taking the browser gaming to another level with great functionality and high-quality graphics. The goal is to get bigger by eating more pellets and by avoiding other snakes that are larger than you. If you’re larger than a snake, consuming it will give you points. The “turbo” mode can be activated with the left mouse button.

Slither.io Games

People have been growing crazy about Slither.io game when compared to other games of the .io game list. If you want to download it on your Android devices, you must get the latest Slither.io APK on your Android smartphones or tablets 🙂 

#6 Agar.io

The game that started everything and the game that is the reason for the developed of the .IO games list  is very simple and sophisticated. The objective of the player is to act as a cell and eat the rest of the cells to grow. While getting bigger, one shouldn’t be eaten by the relatively bigger cells and one can use “W” key to give some mass away and “SpaceBar” to split into two halves to escape or eat.


#7 Diep.io

Diep allows you to play in the shape of round tank unlike agar.io or other .IO games and in fact you don’t have to get bigger in this game, unlike the other .IO games in the .io games list. You just have to destroy other players and NPCs for experience points to advance in the game by clearing levels. You can also choose upgrades like speed, tank, health, damage etc using the points and if you’re an RPG games fan, you are going to love this!


#8 Doblons.io

Just like Snakepit is to Slither, Doblons is a clone to Diep where you will rather play in the form of a ship with dual cannons on both sides. As you play, you will gain cash instead of experience and by using that cash you can try upgrading your ship with additionals and make it cool and even more functional among the .io games list.


#9 Narwhale.io

It is a game which is cute than all the .io games where you actually can play as an original Narwhale. Haha, imagine. Your goal is obviously to stab the other Narwhales (players) by cutting them half using your head. You can use the mouse to control your Narwhale and clicks to speed the movement of your Narwhale. In case if you hit the head of another Narwhale, both of you will go flying back without any deaths.


#10 Sl4sh.io

This .io game is an innovative amalgamation of both Diep.io and Tankar.io and includes both the upgrade systems as well which makes it technically superior in the list of .io games. The mechanics are similar to that of slither.io and here you will play as a slash (Arrow which is indicated by 4 in the name) in a map full of enemies, food and NPC blocks. Eat to grow, destroy for experience and level up to upgrade just like the other .IO games of the .io games list. Left mouse is important to destroy and speed up in this game.


#11 Gunr.io

This .io game is a shooting game designed in the space environment and which follows the 80’s arcade style. The game has been developed in several levels which can be passed only by passing each level by killing others. By each level, you will be given new weapons to use and the novelty of the game lies in the black holes. The map is filled with black holes which are not present in any other IO games of the .io game list that can teleport you to another side without flying. Well, that’s something technically savage, now!


#12 Wormax.io

This again is a clone of the popular Snake game, Slither.io. However, Wormax.io has few additional features that are added including the speed power and the invisibility period for a limited time. The UI of the .io game  is visually acute with high-quality graphics, and the skins are also advanced. The buttons that are used for further modifications are “Q,” “E” and “W” keys that are to be used to become the leader of the game.

Wormax.io APK

#13 Mope.io

An Agar.io like a game with similar mechanics, this .io game is an advanced update with many impeccable features. You will start the game as a mouse, and the map contains water drops (blue pellets) and berries (red pellets). One can eat the berries to increase their XP and turn into next animal and drink water using the left button to gain energy and immunity. Also, you can’t eat animals of same species, and you can only eat animals which are lower than you in the food chain. Different from other .IO games if the .io games list; right?

Mope.io Game

#14 Zlap.io

Unlike the IO games, zlap.io is indeed an MMO game where you will be a spiked ball. The spiked ball, however, is equipped with an enormous weapon, and you can control the ball as well as customize it using “W,” “S,” “A” and “D” keys. The weapon can be manipulated with the mouse. To get habituated to the .io game, one has to give multiple tries.


#15 Braains.io

A super original .io game, it is very co-operative and indeed innovative with a relatively new concept among the .io games list. As the name suggests, the game deals with brains and zombies which have great historical significance and different mods, skins. At the beginning of the game, you will start as a zombie and the rest of the players will be his/her prey trying to escape and survive for long.


If you’re a zombie, you have to touch all the humans to turn them into zombies or eat them, and if you are a human, you should be careful to not to touch zombies. You can also build barricades to protect yourself using the movable objects of the maps.

#16 Warin.space

Being the second space themed game on the list of .io games, the interface of this .io game shows two different teams with spaceships that fight each other. No, this is not Star Wars. Just like in Diep.io; these ships can evolve or can be upgraded with XP points that you gain. However, you have to play together, and it involves a lot of teamwork to kill the enemy ships as easily as possible. In case your base gets destroyed by enemies, you will become weak unlike other .IO games.


#17 Limax.io

Being the massive .io game on the .io games list, it contains cute cells. Starting as a cell, you have to eat the blobs or pellets on the map to grow, and you can also create a path by clicking and holding the mouse. Through this a path gets created and whoever touches the path dies. It is similar to the Slither.io where the snake is the path, but the gameplay is relatively different from all the io games.


#18 Driftin.io

Are you a fan of the racing games? This is a .io racing game with .IO games’ characteristics. Just like the regular racing game, you will be asked to choose a name and a car type (Buster, Racer, Flash, Bully, Hazard or Ambulamp). You then will be taken into a speedway along with other players to race. Every time you crash with a wall or other player, you will lose health and eventually you will die. This .io game depends on the car class as they have different abilities and health status.  One has to try every game to know their preferable car type.


#19 Dogargame.io

Again, this .io game follows the same dynamics and mechanics as the famous Agar.io or many .IO games but it has tons and tons of game modes that make the game even better than the Agar.io. If you’re a hardcore fan of Agar.io who wants to take the gaming experience to the next level, you will love this!


#20 Basher.io

Being the weirdest .io game on the .io game list, the name implies that you have to bash other players with the help of something. The .io game follows the same methodology where you have to take a hammer and spin it to bash the other players who are playing with you. This game is hilarious and weird because of the ability to dress up as a character.


For example, you have celebrities and famous politicians like Donald Trump. Each time you kill an enemy, you will get a coin to collect the coins in Super Mario to cross levels. This game is sure fun to play as compared to other .io games list in this post.

Conclusion of .IO Games List!

That being said, there are many other exciting .IO games list that one can play using the simple keyboard sees and full screen interface. Try playing these twenty .IO games and spend your weekend wisely with the quality gaming experience.

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