Samsung TV Volume Not Working? Fix No Sound Issue Here

Nowadays, it has been increasingly observed that Samsung’s TV collection has gained tremendous popularity among the folks due to its extraordinary features, but, sometimes one question has been raised by the users that Samsung TV volume is not working – what to do now? It is a bit annoying to have no sound on Samsung TV.

Though innovative screens, a user-friendly interface, and other features such as Wi-Fi connectivity, Streaming Apps integration have made it the perfect TV, rarely users are noticing that Samsung TV loses sound.  If you have Samsung TV and you frequently notice this issue, we are here to solve your concern.

Samsung TV Volume Not Working

It seems to be quite unpleasant and aggravating that when you get home after a hectic schedule at work and want to do various entertaining things on TV, you switch it on and find that the Samsung TV volume control is not working. Well, there are multiple ways to resolve Samsung TV volume problems which include basic troubleshooting, advanced troubleshooting, and other fixes. Follow the below-mentioned methods.

Ways to Fix Samsung TV Volume Problems

There are multiple methods are evolved to solve the Samsung TV sound problems, as it has been found a common issue in Samsung TV. Follow the step-by-step procedure to solve this issue.

The sound problem is the most common problem in various devices but by troubleshooting, you can solve it to the large extent, whether you want to fix muffled sound in AirPods or volume problem in Samsung TV. Let’s take a look at this.

1. Make sure the Samsung TV is not Muted

This is the most basic thing to try is when facing no sound on Samsung smart TV. If you have a video on your TV but no sound, the issue might be as simple as the remote’s “Mute” feature being turned on. Unmute the TV by clicking the “Mute” button on your remote once more.

2. Check the ‘Source’ Setting

By pressing “Source” on the remote and going through the different inputs, you can see what your Samsung TV’s input setting is set up. There will be no audio coming through the speakers if the source on your Samsung TV is set to a component that you haven’t set up.

3. Check the Audio Output

Finally, check which sound output channel is selected? If your TV has external speakers, make sure the audio output is appropriately connected to them. If you don’t want to use external speakers, ensure that the TV’s internal speakers aren’t turned off. That information may be found in the audio section of your TV’s on-screen menu.

4. Check All Hardware Connections

Check all hardware connections between the Samsung TV and any connected devices if still, Samsung TV has no volume. Gaming consoles, satellite receivers, and cable TV boxes all fall under this category. Make sure that all of the connectors are firmly connected to the appropriate ports.

5. Power-cycling the Television

The Volume Control function might be hindered and stopped from operating correctly if the TV has difficulties in starting properly. As a result, Samsung TV volume controls not working. Thus, the most basic troubleshooting step is to power cycling the television, this is usually a good idea. For this follow the steps:

#1. Turn on the television and keep it on for five minutes. 

#2. Unplug the power directly from the socket and wait for at least 10 minutes.

Unplug the TV from the socket directly

#3. Then, again turn on the television to see whether the problem remains or not.

6. Perform Audio Diagnostics Test

In the Samsung TV’s support menu, you may run the built-in sound diagnostic test.

This test may be located in different places within the menu structure depending on the model of your Samsung TV. Select the “Support” menu from the “Menu” menu on the remote. Select “Self Diagnosis” and then “Sound Test“.

Select Self diagnosis from Support menu

The built-in speakers on the TV will play a tune. If you can hear the sound, the issue (whatever it is) isn’t with the TV’s components. If you don’t hear the tune, it’s most likely due to an issue with the TV’s sound circuitry or built-in speakers are broken.

Other Fix of Samsung TV No Volume Problem

Several other factors impact the sound on a Samsung Smart TV when both regular and advanced troubleshooting miss. The following are some other things to look into or try:

  • Other HDMI ports should be checked. Unplug everything and re-plug everything into various ports on your television. Also, make sure that all ports are clean and debris-free.
  • In the Settings menu, look for HDMI Input Audio Format. Toggling between different settings may help you to revive your audio. In this way, we can solve Samsung TV sound problems with HDMI.
  • Utilize a soundbar or an external speaker. Rerouting your sound to another device will often solve any problem your TV is experiencing. Furthermore, a soundbar may significantly improve your sound quality.
  • A Bluetooth-enabled device may have difficulties routing the audio appropriately. If you need help in deactivating Bluetooth features on your TV, call Samsung. Even though you may not utilize this function, there may be a bug in the television that has activated a Bluetooth frequency.

Even after performing every above-mentioned method, your Samsung TV sound is not working it can be estimated that the problem is with the TV itself. Now, you will have to repair this Samsung TV or replace it with a new TV. However, before performing any of the above two things you should contact Samsung Support, they may help you to save your Samsung TV.

Final Words

Though nowadays there are certain smart TV apps are available to watch your favorite shows on Smartphone, but the enjoyment of watching various shows on TV can never be replaced. Thus, it has become vital to fix if your Samsung TV loses sound. Hope this article has assisted you to a large extent to resolve this issue. Stay in touch with us, to keep yourself updated regarding the Technological world.

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