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Unclutter Review: A Multitasking Mac App to Boost Productivity!

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Improve your experience with Mac by using it efficiently and effectively through, 3 in 1 multitasking app, Unclutter. It allows you to use your copied text frequently, organize your desktop, and make quick notes. All in all, we are going to review one of the best clipboard manager apps, aka, Unclutter.

Unclutter is a productivity beast with its multitasking abilities like organizing notes, clipboard, and files too.

It would save you time, helps you to keep your desktop tidy, and provide quick access to make notes. Eventually, it would increase your productivity without affecting your pocket much. What else anyone requires else than these services. Hence, we can say that Unclutter is the perfect app, which every Mac user should have.

Unclutter is a useful app that helps you organize your copied notes and clipboard. Please continue reading about the app and how it works.

UnClutter App Review

What is Unclutter App?

Unclutter is the best clipboard manager for Mac which is also a file manager and notes app. Using this Unclutter app, you can also arrange your desktop files because it allows users to be more productive, creative, and focused. Unclutter promises to assist users in keeping their desktops clutter-free while still having quick access to the tools they need. Unclutter will also take care of all of your files. You may reuse and see your paste history using Unclutter. To keep your desktop clean, you may even drag and drop files.

This Unclutter app allows users to organize their desktop space very efficiently and remove all the junk.

The first thing to consider is convenience. You can work with this program in any place that you like. It has a neat design, and you won’t bump into any problems when you use it. It also has many valuable features that will make you work faster and more efficiently.

Unclutter is very easy to use, and you will never get confused. It also has clean icons, and you don’t have to wonder what they are for.  It doesn’t have too many features, but it’s clean and looks very effective. Hence, it provides excellent performance. Moreover, the interface is very smooth and user-friendly. It will save you much time when you need to learn how to work with it.

How Does the Unclutter App for Mac work?

As we mentioned above, Unclutter is a 3 in 1 app. It includes clipboard manager, file manager, and notes app. You can get these three apps with Unclutter. The UI is straightforward, and you can access all three features with a single click.

Let’s explore Unclutter in detail.

UnClutter App Review

First, you have to download and install Unclutter from the official website – https://unclutterapp.com/

Once installed, open it from your application launcher on Mac and find a small icon in your menu bar.

To access Unclutter, you have to click on the icon in the menu bar. By default, it is hidden. When you click on the icon, it will appear on your screen.

Click on show window to enable unclutter

When you start it for the first time, it will show some guides and tricks. You can skip it if you want to. You will see three tabs with three different tools, clipboard manager, files manager, and notes.

UnClutter App screen

From the above screen, you can see that it will display all three options. You can see your copied content, your files, and also notes.

Let’s start with the first feature: Clipboard.

1. Clipboard Manager

As we mentioned earlier, Unclutter is one of the best clipboard managers for Mac. It shows the recent text that you have copied on your Mac. Not only that, but you can also check all your older copied texts.

Clipboard UI

From here, you can manage your clipboard history too. You can also delete clipboard items here.

Basically, it will show every text that you have copied and pasted on your Mac. So you have to be very careful while sharing your system with others because they can see all your copied and pasted passwords too. This is a bad side of the clipboard. Using Unclutter, you can delete all the sensitive information that you have copied from the clipboard.

Unclutter allows you to keep up to 50 clipboard history items and prevent the app from copying data from one or more apps. That’s a privacy feature that is all we want. You can choose which app can access the clipboard.

enable up to 50 clips in the clipboard history

2. Files

If you are frustrated with an unorganized desktop, then this Unclutter files feature will help you. You can move all your files and folders to this Unclutter files section. You can easily access all your files from Unclutter app. The advantage of using Unclutter files app is, it will make your desktop clean.

Files UI Unclutter Appp

To move your files to Unclutter files section, all you have to do is drag and drop. That’s it. Your files will be automatically moved to the Unclutter.

It offers all file features including, sort and arranges files.

You can favorite any important text that you want to use frequently as a clipboard. You can decide where you want to store your files on your Mac, and also you can move files to another location.

Set your own place on Mac for storing everything from Unclutter Files

3. Notes

Unclutter Notes are similar to sticky notes. Just start the app and start taking notes. Unclutter notes are easy to use and offer some excellent features. It has some cool features like quick excerpts, to-do, reminders, and full articles.

To access Unclutter Notes, click on the Unclutter icon in the menu bar > click on the + icon and start writing. Your old note will be saved automatically.

Notes UI Unclutter App

You can also access all your notes using the three lines button beside search.

You can also search your notes.

Few Notable Features of Unclutter app

Apart from the clipboard, file manager, and note features, you will also get many other options. Using the Unclutter app, you can increase your work performance and productivity by offering useful tools with a single click.

Not only that, but you can also customize Unclutter app according to your needs. You can enable dark mode in Unclutter.

1. Instantly Accessible

Unclutter allows you to open the app in 3 ways.

Instantly accessible toolset

Scroll from the screen top: You can use your trackpad and, using two fingers, scroll down from the top.

Key shortcut – You can also use the default key shortcut to access Unclutter.

Hold selected key – If you don’t want to use any key shortcut or trackpad, you can press and hold your custom-defined key to open Unclutter.

trackpad gestures for Unclutter App

2. Clean and Productive Desktop

Using Unclutter, you can manage all your files and folder in one place. It will clean your messy desktop and put all the data in one place from where you can easily access it with a single click. Just look at the before and after images.

3. Keyboard Shortcuts & Gestures to use Unclutter more productively

Here are few helpful keyboard shortcuts that will assist you to work with Unclutter more efficiently. These commands will save your time and increase productivity.


  • Option key – Press and hold while dragging any file. This command will move the file to Unclutter.
  • Cmd + Option – Press and hold while dragging the files to create a copy
  • Cmd + Down arrow key – open a selected file


  • Pinch-zoom – switch between a single clip and the list.
  • Left & Right arrow keys or swipe – switch between clipboard history and your favorites.
  • Enter – Open the selected clipboard entry.


  • Cmd + N – Create a new note.
  • Enter – Open the selected note in Unclutter app.

Things that Will Improve your Productivity

  • One place for all your files
  • Organized files and easy to access
  • A clean desktop and no distraction
  • Just one click away from your files, clipboard, and notes
  • You can perform tasks significantly faster
  • Drag and drop features

Affordable Price for Pro Features

Unclutter is a paid app but believe us, it is worth every penny. You can customize its options as your requirements. You can also use the different themes available within the app. There are many different options, and a program with too many themes is always a good one. It provides small but effective tools to help you with your day-to-day tasks like note-taking, copy-paste items, and managing your files. You can get Unclutter for your Mac for $23.59.

Should You Use Unclutter App on your Mac?

If you are Mac user and want something that can help you with a clipboard, files, and notes, then Unclutter is the app made for you. Unclutter is undoubtedly one of the best apps that will save you a lot of time and money as well! Before you make your mind to get it, you can even try the trail version to understand how the app works.

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