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How To Convert PDF to Kindle Format With K2PDFOPT Converter

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Unlike the predictions and expectations, eBook reader managed to filch small market share. Kindle, and its all iterations, however, managed to grab some eyeballs. The reason for offering such dedicated device is to offer ease of access and use. The traditional PDF format is the most preferred format to publish the ebooks. However, the initial version of Kindle didn’t offer the comfort of reading PDF files on the go, which gave a birth to PDF to Kindle converter. They can easily convert PDF to Kindle format so you can read your favorite eBooks at leisure. Moreover, there is a surfeit of a good ebooks available at Amazon store, which you can enjoy on your device. Some of them are offered for free. We’ve covered some ways to grab free Kindle books in the past.

  1. What happens if you already have your favorite books in PDF format?
  2. How would you read them on your device?
  3. What will you do if your favorite title is not available at Amazon?

The answer to all above questions is K2PDFFOPT. The newest model like Kindle DX natively supports PDF format, so you no longer required to depend on such converter. However, the previous version requires your utmost attention, and you have no other option but to use K2PDFOPT. The full form of the tool is Kindle 2 PDF Optimizer, and as the name suggests it does the job very efficiently. Earlier version of Kindle supports AZW format, and K2PDFOPT helps in optimizing your PDF document by converting it to the appropriate format. It does not only converts the PDF document but enlarges the fonts for better viewing purpose. For example, you can try out this Windows 8 PDF book for dummies to read on your Kindle.

pdf to kindle format conversion

It achieves this by converting it into a bitmap and then scanning each bitmap for viewable areas. It then cuts and crop those areas for better viewing purpose without hampering the quality much. The embedded OCR text helps in quickly finding the desired text in the ebook. In case if you want to save the Web Page as PDF, then you can do so by following this guide and then use K2PDFOPT. Do not forget to optimize your PDF through online resources or use those resources to compress them.

Even, you can try out reFlower, which is based on the same K2pdfopt engine. Blogsdna has covered a nice guide over here. The conversion process is fast. It just converted the document with minimal fuss. Of course, the output format was not as clean as you might expect it to be, but it still serves the purpose pretty well. It says to preserve PDF fonts and graphics well.

convert pdf to kindle format

kindle format created

pdf to kindle conversion

It is really easy to convert your PDFs to Kindle format with it. All you are required to just drop your PDF file or folder to the k2pdfopt.exe icon and it will take care of the rest of the things. A new CMD prompt will be opened with a set of options for you. For default conversion, you just need to hit enter. It will automatically convert PDF file to Kindle format. The new file will be created in the same location with _k2opt name at the end of the original file name. To batch convert PDF files, you need to put them into a single folder and drop that folder on the icon.

Even, the multi-column documents are handled pretty well with it. This is an added bonus if you have a multiple columns in the document. In some cases, you will find that a file size is larger compared to the original file. It sometimes creates a more page compared to the original PDF depending on the number of columns are there in the document. Unfortunately, the header and footer are still there. In a worst case scenario, it did affect the graphics of the document as shown in the screenshot below. This is a price you pay for a better reading purpose.

k2pdfopt problem

Keeping these cons aside, K2pdfopt is probably the best way to convert PDF to Kindle format. The new version has many more features and support for more formats. Grab it from this link.

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