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Get Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit Notification On Your Windows System

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chime chrome extensionThe apps like TweetDeck, Pokki, Seesmic and many more helps in managing multiple social media accounts with ease from a single interface. Pretty much each of the aforementioned applications provide custom notification on your system upon the arrival of new message, PM/DM etc. Unfortunately, they lack integration with many other popular services, for example TweetDeck works with Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn profiles at the moment.

How about an app that supports Gmail, Facebook, Reddit and a plethora of other services notification from a single interface? Instead of ending up installing bunch of apps or extensions, wouldn’t it be good to manage them from a single interface. A new Google chrome extension called Chime (not from the prominent social network chime.in) has integrated many other services to bring in the comfort to Google chrome users.

Supported services by Chime

  • Gmail
  • Twitter
  • Google Plus
  • Flickr
  • Reddit
  • Quora
  • Stack Over Flow
  • Facebook
  • Github
  • Foursquare

Not only does it provide a notification bubble at the bottom right corner of Google Chrome, but also provides centralized notification center from where you can access all of your notifications. The extension is pretty simple and intuitive. Upon installation, it will automatically signed you to the signed in services. Recent notification will pop up from the bottom right corner in real-time (well almost). There are few setting options available to play with.

bottom notification

Upon installation, you will see something like below. If you’ve logged into the accounts at the time of installation of the Chime extension, it will automatically log-in to those accounts, so you do not have to worry about that. That’s pretty good as you do not have to manually link them. Those who are skeptic should have noticed a warning before installing the extension. In Settings option, there is   an option to show/hide desktop notification as shown in the image below.

automatic login

Even, you can click on the square tiles (remember tiles of Windows 8 system) to enable or disable the notifications from the particular networks. It will remove the particular network from the main window. Also, it will consequently removed from the top right corner notification center.

all notifications

All notification center will club together the notification from all the network, but will display the notification from the active network only. Just click on the square tiles on the left panel to navigate tom all the notification from the particular system. This is extremely useful as you do not have to go through each social networking site to check them.

Alternatively, there is a quick navigation Chime icon next to browser address bar. Just click on that and it will display some of the most recent notifications. It’ll club together all the notifications so you can not check the notifications from a single network life mentioned before.

quick notifications

What happens when you are in a meeting?

Well, there is a quick option to quickly enter into “Do not disturb” mode. It will stop all notification until and unless it is revoked. This particular option is extremely useful for those who are in meeting or giving a presentation. When you enable the Do not disturb mode, Chime icon will become blur indicating that it will no longer display notification for you.

do not disturb mode

There are many other quick options like Clear All notifications. You can quickly go to your preferred profile by clicking the notification message. This will take you to the respective social network or website where the event has happened. Consequently, the notification will get deleted from the list. There is also a “right” mark option available if you do not wish to visit the website and also want to remove the notification from the list.

Our Experience

Wouldn’t you want to hear our personal opinion about the Chime chrome extension? First of all, the extension is pretty small and doesn’t hog much memory. Having said that, the extension comes in very handy to those who owns account on multiple social networking website (people like us). The options are easy to understand. Also the notification of almost at network is pretty fast. Unlike Pokki notifications, it doesn’t take much time which is good.  Ultimately, it removes the need of having multiple extensions installed just for the purpose of the notification. Do not expect it to do anything else for you. It is designed to function as an intuitive notification system, not a full-fledged system to manage your accounts too. Had it integrated notification sound, it would have been much more useful. Let’s hope that the developer looks at this post and enabled notification sound, too. It definitely saved a hell lot of trouble. Unfortunately, Chime is available on Google Chrome web store only (see Chrome alternatives), Firefox users would have to wait for the developer to develop something similar for them.

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