How to Change Twitch Offline Screen

It is very important to make sure that your appeal is good when you are streaming on Twitch. Also, you have to make sure your channel looks good when you are offline. It will make your channel professional and help you get more followers or subscribers. You can use an offline video banner or offline screen. In this article, we will share how you can change the offline screen on Twitch.

It is very important to have a professional-looking Twitch page for your channel’s success. Good looking streaming page with the best Twitch offline banner will grow your Twitch channel. For that, you will need a properly designed Twitch offline banner so that your followers get the necessary information and watch your stream.

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I’ve summarized everything you need to know about Twitch offline banner and how to change Twitch Offline Screen.

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What is Twitch Offline Screen?

When you are not online or not streaming, it will display the banner image you set. Make sure to include your streaming schedule information, Discord server name, and your social media handles in your Twitch banner image. It will help your followers to keep connected with you.

Recommended Size for an Offline Screen on Twitch

It is very important to use recommended banner size for your Twitch offline screen. According to Twitch, a banner should be 1920×1080 with an aspect ratio of 16:9. It should be less than 10MB in size.

How to Add an Offline Screen to your Twitch Channel

Once your offline screen is ready, follow these steps to add it to your Twitch channel.

Step 1: Log in to your Twitch account and go to Settings by clicking on your profile picture.

Login to Twitch and navigate to your account settings

Step 2: Now click on the channel and then go to the Videos tab in Settings.

Click the Channel and Videos

Step 3: Go to Brand tab > Find the Video Player Banner > click the Update button.

Click the Brand

Step 4: Now, drag-drop your banner image to the upload section or select the use browse button to select the banner image using file explorer.

Drag and drop your offline screen banner image

It will take some time to update your Twitch banner. Check after few hours. If you cannot see your new banner after some time, check your Twitch profile in incognito mode.

How to Make a Banner for Twitch

If you want to make or design a new Twitch banner, then use this website

This website allows you to design a free Twitch banner.

Step 1: Log in to the website and then select the Twitch offline banner template.

select the Twitch offline banner size template

Step 2: Now, select the right dimensions and select the template. You can also make a new banner from scratch.

Step 3: Once you finished, download the banner and upload it to Twitch.

Best Practices for Twitch Offline Screen

First, you have to understand that your offline banner is a critical component of your Twitch channel. Like your Twitch panels, you should be succinct and offer enough information for people who stumble across your profile while you aren’t streaming. The four major components that are generally included in a Twitch offline banner are as follows:

  • Your Twitch broadcasting schedule
  • Additional social channels (YouTube, Instagram, Twitter)
  • Events that you might attend (TwitchCon, VidCon)
  • Subscriptions and contributions

You have to make sure that your viewers will get all important information about your page or you while you are not streaming.

Sample of best Twitch Offline screen

Below is a banner of NickMercs. He is the most popular streamer. Check out his banner.


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While streaming on Twitch you do your best to capture the viewer’s attention at all times but particularly while you’re offline and not streaming. The appearance of your Twitch page is vitally important to your online streaming success and therefore you should strive to have a professional and interesting twitch page. We hope you liked this guide.

We have shared step by step guide to changing your Twitch Offline Screen for free. If you are still facing issues with our guide then comment below.

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