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How to Manually Update Windows 8 Apps!

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Windows 8 has finally hit the market and chances are there that you might be running the same on your computer. Windows has announced its official app store for Windows 8 and more than 40 million licenses have been sold out so far. Even the developers seem to be having great interest in Windows 8, which has resulted in the apps’ count to 20,000+ and counting.

With Windows 8 OS, Microsoft has approached a totally different way to handle the software or apps downloaded from Windows store. First of all, for those who are still new to Windows 8 ecosystem, Windows store is a concept similar to the iTunes store, Google play or Windows phone marketplace. In essence, it is a marketplace for Windows 8 related apps. Users can search, download and buy application from this store.

Windows store concept is an adopted one from the smartphone. Of course, there are ample of Windows 8 apps available from outside. However, Microsoft has restricted the access for Windows 8 RT version users. They cannot download or install applications from outside region. Windows 8 pro users, however, are in a better position compared to RT version users.

But our focus is not what works and what not.  We simply want to know how to update Windows 8 apps manually to ensure that we are running the latest and greatest version of the software. Windows store does not only allow you to download the apps for Windows 8, but also checks for the new updates for the installed app on your windows 8, from time to time.

Of course, you need to have Internet connection on your system. Although this feature of Windows store is awesome, as you need not to keep track of updates for installed apps, which becomes head aching task when you have too many apps installed on your Windows 8. Well, whatever, you also have the option to update your installed apps manually. The following portion of the article explains the process of manually updating Windows 8 apps.

Why to Update Manually, When Windows Store Does it Automatically ?

This question is common to rise that what’s the benefit of updating the apps manually. Well, although the Windows Store does it automatically, but sometimes it does not push the updates on time.

To clear your doubts regarding this, simply subscribe to any news blog or set the alert on Google for it and verify that if the Windows Store is doing its work on time or not. Oftentimes, people do not install software on a daily basis, so they might not be aware of new updates, as they are not checking Windows store regularly.

This is why it becomes extremely important to check out the app updates regularly, and that to manually.

Guides for Beginners

How to manually update apps you download from Windows Store

This is quite simple. Just follow these steps to manually update apps you download from Windows Store.

  • Firstly, open the Windows Store from start screen.
  • Now open the Charms Menu on Windows 8. How? You can do it in a simple manner by using the shortcut Windows + C . You can open it by moving your cursor to Charms Menu hotspot that you can find on the right edge of the screen. Of course, if you are using Windows 8 on the tablet, then just swipe your finger for the same task.
    windows 8 charm bar
  • Click on the ‘Settings’ button and then choose ‘App Updates’ from the options listed under the Settings.
    windows 8 app update settings
  • Once there, just click on Check for updates.
  • If the updates are found, you will be taken to the next page, which contains the name of apps for whom, the update(s) is available.
    manually updating windows 8 app
  • You are given with a number of actions to choose from. You can install all available updates or can select from the available updates. There you will see an option of ‘View Details’. It’s better to check the changes that update will bring, before actually installing the update.

That’s it!!! Now you can check for new updates manually, for the apps that you download from Windows Store. Simple!! Isn’t it? So go manual way and surprise your friends by updating your favorite apps, before they do. Want to say thanks for it? Don’t be shy, use the comment box below.

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Ricky Shah

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