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Best Video Player for Android 2019: Biggest Collection of Free Video Players

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To unearth the true potential of android, we have enlisted some of the best video player for Android. This generation’s Android device have become an entertainment hub. With the support from millions of developers, Google Play store has become the ultimate place where media player apps are catered to the potential consumers. The default video player in android does offer an impressive set of features, but again they often do not support all possible video and audio formats. This often is the case with the video formats. On the other hand, music or audio support is somewhat copacetic.

Alas, we provided a comprehensive collection of music players for Android in the past that was compiled keeping audio formats in the mind. Of course, most of them also serves a wide variety of video formats as well and hence you might want to refer previous list as well. We will be extending that post further in this article, so you may not be able to find music players listed in our previous list over here. Moreover, the purpose of this list to cater different category of people.

best video player for Android

Best Video Player for Android 2019 [Updated]

The list of best video player for android listed here was pretty old (first list was published back in 2012).  A lot has been changed since then. The new list contains hd video players and few more. The aim is to provide free video players list along with the premium players but with more focus towards free apps. The apps displayed here not in any particular order.

mx hd video player for android

MX Player

MX Player is the oldest and most downloaded video player on Google Play store. The intuitive user interface and heaps of features will instantly draw your attention. It is an advanced player and unquestionably deserves a tag of best video player for Android app that comes with hardware acceleration and gesture controls. It comes with an innovative pinch to zoom in and out feature in the video. The gesture support will let you quickly scroll between files in playlist by simply swiping left to right or vice versa. Advanced support for subtitles make it the only player you would ever like to keep on your handset. Besides all, it offers kids locking, subtitle, multi-core decoding, hardware decoding and subtitle scroll features. It occasionally gives hiccups while playing MKV and AVI format, but overall it is a perfect video and audio media player for Android devices.

Download MX Player

mobo best video player for Android


Similar to MXPlayer, MoboPlayer has been around since a long time. MoboPlayer for android is another impressing video player for android that definitely deserves a huge round of applause. It supports tons of video formats and even HD videos. Streaming videos through different protocols like RTSP, HTTP is also supported. It smartly displays the thumbnails of all videos in the library which you can navigate through simple gesture motion. A smart display will display upcoming items at the bottom of the playing video without interrupting the current video. Of course, it lacks few features compared to competitor VLC media player or brethren MX Player. Support for subtitles and multi-subtitles is a nice little addition to it. The user interface is also decent and the developer has done a great work tweaking the UI to make it look modern. Easy navigation to the libraries and folders have been integrated smartly. There are different codecs sets available in Google Play store in case if you encounter any unsupported format. In essence, it supports almost all video formats and you rarely encounter unsupported video format until and unless you screwed up something.

vlc- android video player

VLC Player

Whether you talk about the best video player for Android, Windows, Mac or any other device, the one name you will often find common is “VLC player”. A good number of vlc alternatives for Windows and Mac has already been discussed. The open source project has become a darling of millions of users spread across multiple platforms, and is now available in the smaller device segment as well. Although, VLC player is in beta version, the player lives up to the bar set by its Windows and Mac counterparts. It supports a slew of media formats and streaming protocols. Unfortunately, the beta or NEON version works on ARMv7 devices only. The new version works with all the Android devices.

Having tried the beta player personally, I can see the tremendous amount of work poured into creating this version. That doesn’t mean you should ignore the warning in any case. It browses the folders and files from your device and supports most of them. It comes with a widget from where you can manage the device volume, audio headset control and library management.

Update: VLC for Android has come out of beta version since a long time. MKV, MP4, OGG, MPEG, AVI, FLAC and many other video formats are supported. You’d need to give it a proper permission to read the files on SD card. With smart gesture control, you’ll be easy able to quickly forward/rewind the video, up/down the volume, and increase/decrease the zoom effect of video. It can also run on Android TV. In short, VLC is a best video and audio media player for Android that you shouldn’t miss. The best part is it is free.

Download VLC

realplayer video for android


RealPlayer is no strange name in the music industry. It was the first player that changed the whole perspective of music. Within a short span, the RealPlayer has already been downloaded millions of times and is a best video player for android for a reason. In fact, if you are looking to play RMVB format videos then RealPlayer is the ideal choice for you. That apart, it supports gazillions of other music, video formats. The lastFM scrobbling is just an icing on the cake. All said, you can move application to SD card and operate from there, if you are struggling with the space on your Android device. Widget support, equalizers, metadata editing is also included in RealPlayer to ensure that you also get an advantage of editing your music or video library according to your need.

Additionally, you can search for videos on YouTube, Bing and other sites and play on your device. This is a pretty useful feature as you can easily play YouTube video without needing a dedicated YouTube player on your device.

Download RealPlayer


vplayer video player

VPlayer Video Player (Not Recommended)

Update: It seems the developer has screwed up everything. Back in 2012, VPlayer used to be a very good video player for Android but now ads are stuffed everywhere. Use it at your own peril

Yet again, a deserving candidate of crowned as a best video player for Android. The VPlayer goes one yard ahead of other media players by extending the support for video playing from DLNA, DVR, Dropbox, Facebook and Gmail attachment videos. In case, if you are a user of a cloud hosting service like Dropbox, then you are in for a treat. Let’s not forget the support for YouTube and Vimeo. Unfortunately, all such mesmerizing features come with a price tag. In order to keep using such awesome features you’re required to purchase, VPlayer Unlocker, a paid version of VPlayer Video Player. It supports Hardware acceleration and hence self-proclaims as a less battery hogger compared to competitors like MX Video Player and MoboPlayer. Tablet users can play full HD (1080p) MKV files with Hardware acceleration for best experience. Plethora of streaming protocols, audio-video formats, subtitles are supported as well. What else do you want from the best video player for Android? The downside is that the player hasn’t been updated for a while. Even, you can try the trial version from the below link. The trial version will expire in 7 days, but should give you enough idea about the player.

New Addition

kodi hd video player for android

Kodi Player

Kodi, formerly known as XBMC, is an advertisement free media player available on Google play store. It is quite different from the desktop edition. Kodi is designed to work with both small screen devices and tablets. Unfortunately, it is not as powerful as many of the aforementioned apps. However, if you are looking for a basic HD video player, then Kodi works just fine.

Download Kodi

download ac3 video player

AC3 Player

Ever faced issues with AC3 codecs? Although, it is not most common audio files used, but in case if you are struggling to open up the file in your favorite media player, then your best option is AC3 player. AC3 player can play AC3 audio format easily. Besides that it supports hardware acceleration, gesture control and has tons of other codes prebuilt. This will make is pretty easy for you to play almost any video file on your Android device. HD videos with memory optimization makes it pretty easy on the device to play HD videos. Overall, AC3 player is a pretty useful arsenal to add to your repository.

allcast for android


AllCast is a completely different from all the players mentioned above. As the name suggests it lets you cast your audio, video, photos to your Chromecast, Android TV, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon firetv, WDTV. Much to our disappointment, the app is not free. The free version lets you play 5 minutes of content. In order to use it to its full potential, you’d have to shed $4.99 from your pocket for the premium version.

Download AllCast

There are few deserving best video player for android which deserves our due mention. BSPlayer, QQ Player, Dice Player, Meridian media player revolute are worth checking out. Drop a comment below if we missed adding your favorite app in our collection of best video player for Android. In our view, VLC and MXPlayer serves the purpose. You probably do not need to look at the other players until and unless you’ve a special requirement like casting the videos to Android TV, Chromecast etc.

What is your favorite video player app?

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