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5 Best Music Players for Android: Change The Way You Listen to Music on Your Device

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best music player android

With the advent of music players for Android devices available in Google Play store, finally, it comes down to personal choice to decide best music player for android amongst the quality bunch. The surfeit of features and niche specific apps really makes it strenuous, for anyone, to choose the right music player. Contrary to previous statement,  the plethora of options also makes it easy for end-users to pick music player of their choice by filtering the unnecessary app out. The fractious growth of android applications and custom ROMs on android front have brought immense options to choose from. Moreover, bustling member of XDA community developers have also helped a lot in developing better apps.

Music is an integral part of every person’s life and so is the medias that serves it. Today’s music player for android just doesn’t stop at playing music from the device, but it also streams music from abundance online sources. Then there are heaps of radio channels available which serves music from every genre or on demand. Google Music, Amazon Cloud Player, Grooveshark, Last.fm are some of the examples which has changed the whole music industry. In the past we have helped our android users to choose best android torrent clients, weather apps and 3D games from burgeoning list of apps.

Best Music Player for Android

Let’s take a quick look at some of the best music player for android out in Google Play store.

1. Poweramp

poweramp music player for androidPoweramp player is something you’ll always would like include in your favorite list of paid apps. There is literally nothing which this player couldn’t handle. It will play nearly any local file stored on your device or SD card. The app has an awesome UI and comes along with tons of customization options. Widget, configurable lock screen and themes makes it more than just a traditional music player. Unfortunately, streaming of music from online store and social sharing function is missing from the app, but that doesn’t make this app any less useful. For normal users who usually doesn’t rely upon streaming service Poweramp is an ideal music player. Desktop like features including tag editing, library management,  lyrics support and other customization settings will be extremely handy for power users.

Poweramp Features

  • 4 configurable widgets
  • Automatic resume and BT connection setting
  • Create library and scan it for latest songs
  • Tons of customization options
  • Supports almost all popular extensions
  • Visual themes

Without any doubt, Poweramp is worth every penny. There’s a trial version available which will give you a test drive of the application for 15 days.

2. Playerpro

playerproIf any music player that can come close to, in fact surpass, Poweramp player then it is Playerpro.Voice search option, heaps of audio effects, smart playlists, swipe gestures, playlist shortcuts and many other jaw-dropping endless list of features will only succumb you to death. An additional feature to import and export music history and rating from desktop will reduce the task needed to be performed on your android device. Shake feature will let you easily change the songs without physical intervention.

Features of Playerpro

  • Browse and play songs by album, artist, genre, playlist, folder etc.
  • Search and save lyrics to music using ID3 tag
  • 18 free themes available to customize the player
  • Plethora of audio effects
  • Import and export along with history and rating to and from desktop
  • Scrobblers support
  • Share songs with social network friends
  • Swipe gestures
  • Shake function to change songs

Arguably, Playerpro  is the only player out there which can really compete with Poweramp android app. 15 days trial version is available with all functionalities.

3. Winamp

winamp androidWhen it comes to free music player, Winamp is the first name that strikes in our mind. The popular desktop music player available on both Windows and Mac is also available on android marketplace, now Google Play. Desktop syncing, importing iTunes music library, winamp library import are some of the functions that sets winamp apart.Pro bundle adds graphics equalizer, crossfade, gapless playback, FLAC support and streaming audio URL support. Since winamp is a known name in music industry, you can expect it to offer a whole new level of functions.

Features of Winamp

  • Supports sync to Winamp Windows and Mac version (read our coverage of Mac apps)
  • Free streaming
  • Gesture support
  • iTunes library and playlist syncing
  • SHOUTcast featured radio stations
  • Free music download
  • Create and manage playlist
  • Lock-screen manager
  • Last.fm scrobbling

Winamp free version is sufficient for normal users. If you’re looking for free music player that can replace boring in-built player that ships with your device, then winamp is the obvious option.

4. Apollo (ICS only)

Apollo music player app which has now been integrated to famous CyanogenMod, is among one of the popular music player app amongst custom ROM users. It features automatic library integration, music control with swipe gesture. It automatically displays recently added songs. Users can browse song by artist, album names and recently added category. Like other music players, it has an stupendous user interface. The app itself is a major overhaul of the default app. The full-fledged version could appear on Google Play at any time (there’s already an appeared as Apollo music player but it is a different app).


Features of Apollo

  • Supports custom themes
  • Bass booster and 3D effects
  • Home screen widgets
  • Long press for party shuffle and queue
  • Custom notification
  • Drag and drop queue and playlist
  • Custom lock-screen
  • Swipe up to bring music controls

Apollo is a whole different music player supported by most active homebrew community. It wouldn’t take too long before it becomes everyone’s favorite app.

5. MixZing

mixzingMixZing claims to be the most advanced media player around. Having said that, it definitely is the best free music player available in marketplace. It lets you create custom lists according to your mood like Pandora. It could be considered as a replacement of likes of Poweramp and Playerpro paid apps. There’s also a paid version called ‘MixZing Upgrader’ available for those who would like to get rid of advertisements. The best part about MixZing is that it allows you to restore accidently/ intentionally deleted playlists.

Features of MixZing

  • Display lyrics of songs
  • Graphics equalizer for mp3, aac, m4a and OGG files
  • Automatically saves playlist
  • Folder browser
  • Tag editor
  • Lock-screen widgets
  • Batch playlist editing

MixZing offers some advanced editing options including batch editing of playlist. Apart from that automatic playlist creating and saving is one of the best features you would like to see in any good music player. Sleeper time setting will let you define the time when the music stops playing, which is extremely useful while listening to songs in the night. People like me often fell asleep while listening to songs in the night, for them this feature is an added bonus.

Of course, there are many other notable music players out there which needs our kind support. We’re listing them in no particular order of usability

  • Cubed
  • TuneWiki
  • Meridian
  • UberMusic
  • NRG Player
  • Neutron
  • n7player
  • musicXmatch

Do let us know if we have missed out including your favorite app in our collection of best music players for android.

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