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Bing Homepage Quiz: How to Play & Win Huge Rewards!

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Bing has always got new ways to keep the users engaged. Be it by displaying some stunning wallpapers or making users play a quick quiz. Yes, I am talking about your favorite Bing Homepage Quiz.

What is Bing Homepage Quiz?

Launched back in 2016, it has now become the best source to test your knowledge and improve your skills with respect to the interest. You being an adult or a kid, it doesn’t really matter because Bing Homepage Quiz has got something for everyone out there!

Be it a geography quiz, yoga quiz, sports quiz, education quiz or any other, Bing has got every category covered. It’s just that you need to explore a bit more in order to play various quizzes.

So are you ready to play the most popular Bing Home page quiz? So let’s see how you can play and win some huge rewards when you win the quizzes.

Here’s How to Play Bing Homepage Quiz!

Bing Homepage quiz

1. Firstly, visit this page.

2. Now under the Trivia & Quizzes section, click on Homepage quiz.

3. Next, click on start quiz by selecting your desired one.

4. You’ll now be asked with 3 questions.

5. Answer those quizzes and win the quiz!

Isn’t the process pretty simple? Well, if you feel the process is longer you can simply click this link to directly open Bing Homepage quiz.

Once you complete the quiz, it will now show you the score.

The overall quizzes from Bing doesn’t end here. It has more in the box for you. All you need to do is keep on exploring various quizzes in Trivia & Quizzes section as mentioned in the above procedure.

Who Can Play Bing Home Page Quiz?

Well, a student, a business man, a retired person or anyone who just wants to have fun and improve/test their knowledge can play this Homepage quiz from Bing.

The quiz is designed in a such a way that even a layman can answer few questions with some general knowledge. If you’re a student, you can play quizzes like geography, entertainment, science, sports, and a lot more.

And if you’re a fitness freak, you can take quizzes like fitness, yoga, healthy food, and a many more to follow. There are a plethora of options for everyone who’s willing to improve their knowledge with Bing Homepage quiz.

There are few quizzes that are occasional or seasonal such as Christmas quiz, Halloween quiz, world cup quiz, football quiz, etc. At the end, it completely depends on what type of quiz you want to play. Any one can play this Home page quiz because it consists of everything!

How to Win Microsoft Rewards with Bing Quiz?

Microsoft rewards which is also known as Bing rewards can be won by taking part in Bing quiz. If you’re an expert in movies, then it’s preferred to take quiz in movies related content only as it increases your chances of winning.

Here is How to Win Microsoft Rewards with Bing Quiz

How Does Rewards Work?

The more you play, the more points you will earn for the right answers. Keep playing Bing Homepage quiz and start improving your knowledge by answering correct quizzes. This will help you earn more points.

The points which you collect are directly stored in your Microsoft account and those points can be used to collect certain rewards that are available in Microsoft store. This is a golden chance to get paid apps for free!

Note: In order to get Microsoft rewards, make sure you first create your Microsoft account and then start playing the quiz. If you don’t sign-in, you can of course play the quiz, but all your hard work to collect points will go in vain!

Final Words on Bing Homepage Quiz

I hope that you have now got enough information how to play Bing homepage quiz and how you can easily win amazing rewards and redeem them in the Microsoft store. To play more, visit other sections of the Bing Homepage Quiz which has more interesting quizzes and also has the trending Bing News Quiz as well! Stay tuned to GeniusGeeks.com to get more such insightful tutorials and updates!

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