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GarageBand Alternatives for Windows

10 GarageBand Alternatives for Windows in 2021 [Free]

GarageBand is probably one of the best, if not “The Best”, digital music production apps out there. It has tons of powerful features and tools to carve out the exact tone you desire. The best part about GarageBand? It’s beginner-friendly, and it’s free to download. If you’re just planning to scratch the surface, it would not be intimidating for you. However, GarageBand is only available for Apple devices (Mac, iPhone, and iPad) only.  But if you don’t have an Apple device, say Mac, we have got you…

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FS 2018 Mods APK

Best Google Keep Alternatives: A Must Have List of Note Taking Apps

Just a while back, we covered a desktop client for Google Keep service, which also piqued my mind to look for the best Google Keep alternatives available in the market. Unenlightened or the people who are unaware of what we are talking about should check out the web version of Keep. Principally, it is a note taking app on the cloud that has few more functions which makes it worth your shot. Though many pundits consider it to be in an embryonic phase and a haste decision…

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Adobe Flash Player Alternatives

Best Adobe Flash Player Alternatives: Top 5 Replacement Options!

The world was in stands until we found out that Microsoft was discontinuing our beloved Adobe Flash Player. YES!!! Microsoft has given an official statement informing all users that it is going to discontinue its support to the Flash support. Adobe has dropped all support and has said that after December 2020 there will be no further updates and neither will Adobe Flash Reader be available on the website for download. What’s more is Google, Mozilla and Microsoft have said that they too will stop Flash Reader…

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DeepNude Alternatives

DeepNude Alternatives: Download 3 Apps Like DeepNude Here!

DeepNude Alternative Finding a similar app to Deepnude might not be possible as the app has got some amazing features that cannot be replicated. Of course, it’s an AI built app and the features can be replicated if you’re a developer yourself, but there are few apps that could be a perfect alternative to DeepNude if you’re just a normal user like us. So if you’re in search for DeepNude alternatives for Android, then we are here to provide you the best possible working apps. Read this…

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FirstOneTV Not Working? Try These 3 Firstone TV Alternatives!

FirstOne TV Edit: FirstOne TV has discontinued its service as of 28/09/2021 Are you a die-hard fan of FirstOne TV? Then probably, it’s a bad news for you that FirstOneTV no longer exists! Be it a user from UK, USA, France or any other country, no one is able to access the website anymore. The reason is still unknown but it must be a copyright issue from the original content creators. The same is happening for few app stores that get apps and games without permissions and…

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ListenToYouTube Alternative

10 Best ListenToYouTube Alternatives You Must Try Now!

Converting YouTube videos to MP3 audio files is never a daunting task when you have access to ListenToYouTube software. There are various reasons why people love to convert YouTube videos into MP3 files. It might be useful to set a ringtone of the latest released song or maybe you just want to listen to audio song rather than video. Doing this will surely save you data as videos consume more data. There are various websites available to convert videos to MP3 but not all are reliable as…

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System Restore Windows 10

6 Best System Restore Alternatives for Windows 10

Installed a program that messed up your system configuration in some way? No problem, you can revert it. Windows users can easily revert unwanted system and registry changes, and it’s called system restore. Change of one of the settings caused your device to malfunction? Fire it up once more to send your computer back through time to that exact state when everything was functional and continue from where you’ve left off. Simple and easy? Well, there might be a problem, though… Before We Begin: System Restore and…

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Best iPad Mini Alternatives

Best iPad Mini Alternatives in 2021!

Apple has finally decided to embrace a small form factor with new iPad mini tablet. Unlike the past record, where Steve Jobs and other consider small form factor as rejectamenta and dropped the whole idea of adopting it, this time around Apple has taken a u-turn. The success of Samsung and Nexus has forced, rather envied, Apple to follow the same path. The resultant is iPad mini. However, Apple has emphasized more on cosmetics and other aspect than the hardware beneath. The iPad mini is definitely not…

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Disney Plus Alternatives

Disney Plus Alternatives: 11 Sites Like Disney+ That are Worth!

Believe it or not, Disney+ is one of the best streaming services available at the moment. Netflix was the undisputed king of the streaming service but it has been dethroned by new entrant Disney Plus. Disney, Pixar, Marvel (did I hear Avengers?), Star Wars and National Geography are already a part of the on demand streaming service. If you are not in the country where Disney+ is supported, then you can look for Disney Plus alternatives as of now, or you can get a VPN to get…

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Google Chrome Alternative

Google Chrome Alternative To Enhance your Browsing Experience

Web browsers have become an integral part of our day to day life. For instance, if you check your daily online routine then you will realize that you are paralyzed without browser. Whether you want to check email, favorite sites (like geniusgeeks), connect to Facebook buddies or want to search something on the web, you have no other option but to rely on handy web browser. In yesteryear, Internet Explorer was (and still is) most dominant web browser, then Firfox came and quickly surpassed IE usage by…

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