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10 Best ListenToYouTube Alternatives You Must Try Now!

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Converting YouTube videos to MP3 audio files is never a daunting task when you have access to ListenToYouTube software. There are various reasons why people love to convert YouTube videos into MP3 files. It might be useful to set a ringtone of the latest released song or maybe you just want to listen to audio song rather than video.

Doing this will surely save you data as videos consume more data. There are various websites available to convert videos to MP3 but not all are reliable as they might bundle malware or trojan with the audio file you download. This is a common practice these days.

That being said, there are a lot of users who are either not happy with Listen To YouTube or just looking for a similar app or website to get the job done. We’ve listed out some of the finest ListenToYouTube alternatives that you’ll love using it!

Best ListenToYouTube Alternatives

Without further ado, let’s have a glimpse at some of the best YouTube to MP3 converters available online!

#1. Dirpy

Dirpy is one of best alternatives of ListenToYouTube, it’s a web-based service that lets you convert YouTube videos to your favorite format. Dirpy is quite good as it lets you download the converted audio or video simply by pasting the link. Dirpy lets you convert your preferred YouTube videos to a wide range of formats, both audio and video.

Dipry YouTube to MP3 convervter

There are many more core features that make Dirpy quite a good alternative to ListenToYouTube. With only a website to use, it’s quite difficult to talk about the cross functionality across mobile devices.

#2. FetchMP3 (now VDownloader)

As the name suggests, this web-based application lets you convert all your YouTube videos into MP3 files with ease. FetchMP3 is accessible across the world, and the best part is that it’s free. You can convert as many videos as you want free of cost.

FetchMP3 is now VDownloader

FetchMP3 has a user-friendly interface that allows you easily navigate your way through the whole process. FetchMP3 is not the ListenToYouTube converter because it lets you convert videos into MP3 files, but it’s the best because it lets you convert mostly any video, as long as you have the right URL.

#3. MP3 Grabber

With a wide range of ListenToYouTube Alternatives in the market, it can be quite hard to choose the one that’s good for you. MP3 Grabber would definitely be on that list. MP3Grabber is a great website as everything is done on the cloud, and you’d only have to paste the link of the video to convert into your preferred audio format.

From MP3 to WAV, MP3 grabber covers almost all formats. The user interface is very friendly and let’s you download files without a hassle. After the download, you can also share your converted file to other platforms with ease. As of now, the website is not working anymore!

#4. OnlineVideoConverter

OnlineVideoConverter, as the name suggests converts videos into you preferred format. However, this website stands out among the rest of the alternatives to Listen To YouTube as it also lets you convert video into video and video into audio. You can upload the link of a video and convert it into a video format.

ListenToYouTube Alternative

The second way would be to paste the link and convert the video into an audio file. OnlineVideoConverter is lightweight, free, easy to use and is easily accessible. The option of converting video into both video and audio in one website, is quite pleasing.

#5. FLVto

While the name might not be as clear as we might like, FLVto gets the job done. Many times after you painstakingly convert a video into an audio, you realise the quality isn’t good. However, FLVto converts videos into high quality and rich audio files.

FLVTO the best alternative to ListenToYouTube

It can be used as many times as you’d like and it also is the fastest alternative to ListenToYouTube. There isn’t an app for this as many music lovers would’ve wanted, however, this website is fresh, easy and friendly to use and convert your videos into MP3 files. With FLVto, you can experience high quality audio files from your favourite videos.

#6. MP3Fiber

MP3Fiber is among the many best names in the segment of video converters. A famous alternative to ListenToYouTube, that lets you convert a video into your preferred quality of MP3. Many websites don’t let you choose the quality of audio you’d like. However, MP3Fiber lets you choose the quality.


The higher the quality, the higher the size of the file. Who knew that you could download rich MP3 files with a few simple clicks! All you’d need is the link of video, and voila, there you go!

#7. AVI YouTube converter

An online platform that lets you download MP4 and MP3 files from a YouTube link is on top of the charts. AVI YouTube converter is a great online web-based application that lets you convert almost any YouTube video into your preferred format, either MP4 or MP3.

There are two versions of this ListenToYouTube look-alike, the free and the premium. The only difference between the both is that the premium lets you download superior quality conversion that make it better than the others, and of course, the high download speed is a bonus.

#8. TheYouMP3

This generation is all about cross-functionality and multipurpose apps. Why have many when one app is enough, is the question on everyone’s mind. TheYouMP3 is claimed to be the fastest video converter in the market.


TheYouMP3 lets you convert almost all videos from the likes of YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and so on. It lets you have access to converted MP3 files with nothing but a simple URL. With no registration, payment or limitations, this is the best viable source to convert videos into MP3 files. With this web-based application, you can easily convert all your favourite videos with just a few clicks.

#9. Anything2MP3

The one thing about web-based applications is that while they all claim to be the fastest or the best, the results talk louder than claims. Anything2MP3 is the king of all video converters. It’s yet another web-based application that lets you convert your video from a simple URL into a high-quality MP3 file.

ListenToYouTube Alternative is Anything2MP3

It favours major audio formats like Mp3, WMA, AAC, and OGG. From 96K to 320k, Anything2MP3 gives you any bitrate you’d like. With such a wide range of formats and bitrates to choose from, this is undoubtedly the fastest solution. While many boast of being the best, Anything2MP3 is the most powerful video converter.

#10. Vixy.net

This is quite a unique app when compared to the other alternatives, especially with the name. Vixy.net is a trendy alternative of the ultra-famous ListenToYoutube app. It uses compressed domain transcoder technology that allows you to access high-speeds of download for your videos.

You can convert a YouTube video URL to any format of video and audio. They have a wide range of formats like AVI, MOV, MP4, MP3, and 3GP, etc. They also let you convert the videos without having to register, saving you the trouble. This alternative app is quite interesting as it has no limitations and let you use it as many times as you’d want.

Note: Vixy.net is not working anymore!

Final Thoughts!

We hope your search for a similar app of ListenToYouTube is successful. Let us know in the comments if you get more such apps that can easily convert YouTube videos to MP3 formats. We will be happy to add your suggestions in the above list.

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